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Ok so, I am 32, Momma to 3, breastfed all, 95 lbs,...

Ok so, I am 32, Momma to 3, breastfed all, 95 lbs, 32aa. I have been thinking of having breast implants since I was about sixteen. In my twenties, I was more confident and still had ok boobs.then I hit thirty and breastfed my last baby for eighteen months.after that, girls, there is nothing left.I have always been a little insecure, but the older my children get, the worse it is.I dread bikini season every year and my hubby has decided I need to do it for me!! After following this site, I have decided I would like to have 375cc, under the muscle, silicone gel, gummy bears. My first consult is with Dr. Runnels in Jackson, MS on May 13th. I am super excited and nervous too. Unlike a lot of girls on here, everyone knows I am having them done, and everyone is supportive. supportive hubby has to run the business, so my mom will be going with me for the appointment. It is scheduled for that afternoon, so I will try to post after the appointment.

Well you guys, my appointment is tomorrow and I...

Well you guys, my appointment is tomorrow and I can hardly wait!! I posted a before pic even though it will be a while before surgery. I will let y'all know how it goes!! I am too excited to sleep!!

Alright girlies, what do I need to take with me to...

Alright girlies, what do I need to take with me to my pre op appointment? I am wearing a comfy Sun dress because I have to drive like three hours to get there and I want to be comfortable. I thought I might need to take like a sports bra and tank top or short sleeve shirt to try on sizes with. Anything else? Any questions you wish you had asked?! Thanks in advance!!

Ok so here is my update. Went to the consult...

Ok so here is my update. Went to the consult yesterday and did not find out good news. I am dealing with it, but really need some support right now. Apparently because of my fibromyalgia I may not be able to get gummy bears because they may be contraindicated for my condition. I really did not want saline because of my lack of tissue to cover them. Also, my PS says he does not think I can go as big as I wanted. He suggests more along the lines of 300cc to get me to a mid c cup which is the after size I would like to be. He says he will try to fit as much in as possible, but the size I wanted is not worth the complications that may come with it. I know in my head he is right, but my heart was set on that number, you know.... I think as long as I will be a c cup that's ok, what do y'all think? I honestly could have fallen off the bench when he said 280-300!! I know I don't have much skin, but I also know how it stretches. He is the surgeon and I know he does great work so I think I should trust him, but I am afraid of being disappointed. I looked at those sizes last night on here, and I liked what I saw. Maybe I am being paranoid... Btw pre op is July 6, surgery July 11, and post op July 16

Six weeks from today!!

Alright Girlies, here is my update....first I would like to thank all those people who have responded to questions and written their own stories!! Without y'all, I don't know what I would do!! I have been trying to stay busy so that time will pass faster. Last night I did the tally, and I am six weeks from today for my surgery!! Yay!! Cannot wait! you think I can wear a sports bra like bikini top at the end of July? When is it ok to swim? Thanks you guys!!

Got the go ahead for Surgery!!

Yay!! So excited today because I talked to my PS office this morning and he has given me the all clear for surgery with the gummy bear implants I wanted!!! Yay!!!! I go for my pre op July 3 and Shit just became real yall!! I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking that I would not be cleared for surgery and knew I did not want to have saline so I kept kinda thinking that I may not be able to go through with it. Fibromyalgia be damned!! Momma is gettin boobies!!!

Smokefree baybay!!

I am now about 18 days from surgery and have been smoke free for four days!!! Yeah!!! I did not use any meds because I have fibromyalgia and a lot of meds interfere with my fibro med. I went cold turkey! After seventeen years of smoking, I am finally smoke free and cannot believe it! I went from almost a pack a day to nothing at all! Bring on the boobies!!

Photo Update

This is my surgical bra that the doctors office, huh!! I wanted to post some more before pics. My surgery is twelve days from today and I am not through remodeling yet!! Going to paint now!! Much love!!

Last minute questions...

Ok you guys, I have to go for my pre op on Wednesday, July 3, so on that day I will meet with my anesthesiologist, and do my blood work. Does anyone know what blood work will be done?? I mean like what tests will be run that kind of thing? My sister has now completely freaked me out by reminding me that her mother in law almost died right after surgery from her boob job like she actually flat lined!! What the crap!!! Like seriously! Why would you tell someone that!!! I know she might be jealous, I mean, I get it, ok!! Don't try to scare me, jeez man!! I just think this is a very hard decision anyway, but to be intentionally freakdd out like that, just ugh!! I am kinda having a tough time knowing that my hubby will not be with me for surgery. I knew he could not shut down the business, but now that surgery is in a few days, it makes me a bit sad and anxious. Then with my sister going all non supportive psycho on me, I am kinda feeling like crap. Anyways, happy healing and keep your head up chickies!!

Paid in full!!

So I went to my pre op on Wednesday. I met with the anesthesiologist and my doctors nurse to get my final blood work then met with the money lady. Surprisingly, I was actually in there f for about two hours! Everyone was super relaxed since it was a surgery day and I got to get more insight into my doctor and why he does the things he does. That is Awesome! If you want to know the down and dirty on your doctor, talk to the ladies he works with!! Turns out my doc is a super perfectionist! Not in a bad way, though!! He just wants everything to be as perfect as he can make it! He pays special attention to minor details. I don't think I could ask for better in my plastic surgeon. In the surgery instructions they give the family, they tell the family sometimes surgery takes longer than expected due to his driving need for perfection and not to be upset if it takes a while longer because you would want the same courtesy if you were in the OR! I think that is Awesome!! His bedside manner is more clinical than fuzzy, warm and that is fine with me because I have worked with doctors in the past and can understand that sometimes they are actually more introverts than extroverts. It is extremely gratifying to know I chose properly and the ladies he works with have nothing but high praise for his work!

Stats one more time: 5'4, 95 lbs, 32aa, will be getting between 250-300cc and have changed from gummy bears to round silicon gels, don't know if HP or MP yet.

Surgery date: July 11th

My Heart is Heavy....

I am two days from surgery. I cannot find the pillow with arms! Can anyone tell me where they got theirs?

My whole body hurts with the trauma of losing a family member...He was not even thirty yet, one beautiful little girl left behind not to mention a tight knit family that is devastated. He was an addict. I don't know any more helpless feeling than to know someone is slowly killing themselves in front of you and there is nothing you can do but watch. He was a wonderful person and great to be around, but would not get help or let us help. He kept insisting there was no problem. He was found dead Monday morning. Funeral is tomorrow. I feel alternately numb and then too much. I cannot stop crying. I cannot find a happy place. This man was like my little brother and my husband's best friend. I am completely undone....prayers requested please. Thank you in advance...

I finally made it girls!!

Hello everyone! Had surgery yesterday. Pain is not intolerable, but trying to get out of bed is really funny. I will post new pics in just a minute...more later.

Post op

Everything is going well. Healing is just fine though my left scar is a bit raised, the PS says it will lay down in time. Went shopping after my post op appointment yesterday and I overdid it! Today I am paying the price for sure!! Very sore and swollen today. I keep forgetting I am only a few days out of surgery! I should actually make it to a d cup when I can be sized!! Yay!

Day five photo

New pics!!

Loving my new boobs! Trying on clothes is so much fun!

Bring out the Sun!

Heya girls! I am still having lots of fun with my new twins! I had to go buy a new swim suit because the old triangle tips looked like stickers and only covered my nipples! Lol! I do not have one top I can wear! I could never wear the bandeau tops before because I did not have anything to put in them, and now I am falling out! Ha! I got three different tops to go with some bottoms I already had. They are perfect. Just fyi wear your sunscreen! It kinda hurts when the new girls get too much Sun! That's ok cuz these babies have a tan now! Yay!!I no longer have morning boob at all and just a little tightness in the muscles leading to my arms. The incisions are a bit sore still so no underwire bras yet, but that's ok! I am loving the hot colors of bandinis and bandeau from Wal-Mart! They are cheap and comfy and go great under tanks with shorts! I live in Mississippi and y'all, it is HOT! Like 115 with heat index in the shade! We are having a really cool spell right now so highs are only in the mid 90's which is totally great because you can still look cute and your make up stays put instead of landing in a puddle somewhere around your neck! Will post more pics later! Love y'all!

Almost one month...

Hey ladies! Sorry, it has been awhile! I have been getting the kids ready to go back to school and trying to get back in a routine. I am still loving my new girls! They are getting softer as time goes on. My nipples are super extremely sensitive, though!! Like to the point of feeling bruised all the time! I almost feel like it is the first week of breast feeding a new born, but it's like that all the time!! Does anyone else have this going on?? That is my only complaint so far and this week, my incisions have started burning. I am going to post new pics too! Please ask questions if you got em!!

No more Pain!

Hello all!!I have sincerely missed you guys! So the painful nipple sensation is finally gone! I have no problems lifting or doing any of my daily chores. I can safely lift 50lbs. I know because that's how much my youngest child weighs! My boobies are now super soft and squishy. I have an appointment tomorrow for a follow-up. Just to recap my stats
32years old, approximately 97 lbs, 32aa-32d bra size, 350cc Natrelle high profile silicone gel implants, under the muscle
I can fit in some 34c bras, but they are not supportive because the band width is too large for my small frame. I actually only measure 28 inches around my rib cage so if I could find a 30dd bra I think it would fit better.
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

He is wonderful! Very intelligent, great surgeon! I could not be more pleased!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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