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I am 50 and have wanted a butt all my life. I...

I am 50 and have wanted a butt all my life. I have been working out and trying to gain weight to build a booty.....gained 8 lbs I see a itty bitty change but if its not in your genes to have a booty your jeans will not have it either. I have been so despite before I went to Dirt Cheap Store and bought a sports bra size xxl and took the pads out and sewed them into my panties. My grown daughter helped me ( hate to think what she was thinking about me)....she did say it was a pretty good idea. Now I know they sell those booty panties.
Well I am wanting to have this surgery, im just thinking maybe im to old and maybe I should just keep wearing long shirts. I did have breast implants done 3 months ago and I do not regret that one bit.
At this point I dont even know what questions to ask. A few that come to mind are; 1. How long do you have to miss work
2. How long does it take to heal enough that you can sit down.
3. Can a slim person have enough fat to transfer.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Went for consultation

I went for my consultation back in Nov. Surprisingly my husband had a consult that day too, He was wanting to get rid of his love handles and having fat transfer to his laugh lines to fill them in. He had his procedure done almost two weeks ago. He has been like a lot of us on here not very patient with waiting on the end results. about my consult....I was told since I am slim 5'4 and around 100 lbs, I would need implants w/ fat transfer. He said as small as my muscle was it didn't matter how many squats I did it wasn't gunna get to where I wanted it. I have scheduled it for Jan. 23 rd. He told me I will have drains.. :~O... that is what scares me the most. The nurse talks like its not going to be a big thing other than the soreness of the implants but oh man the stuff I am reading.....Maybe im reading stories where the ladies are having a lot more things done. I was going to take 2 weeks off from work but from what im reading I might need more. Im a barber so I would be standing and not sitting. The nurse seem to think that 2 weeks might be long enough but I would need to take it slow and maybe only work half days for awhile and not book my self up because she said I would get tired easy. If anyone has any tips on before what to do before surgery and if you have any tips for after the surgery PLEASE shoot me a line on here so I can be preparing. Thanks ladies

Can anyone help me? I have a few questions

I have a few questions for you ladies. My surgery is coming up this next Friday :~O I am scheduled for Butt implants, Lipo w/ fat transfer and tightening of tummy muscle. I am very exited but scared too. Mostly worried about the drains. I have my mother and husband that will be here to help. I am worried about what I will need help the drains. Im not sure how much my mother and husband can take....Mama has a weak stomach and when I talk about the procedure with my husband he gets this funny look on his he is looking at something gross. My grown daughter might be able to come and help for a few days. Maybe some of you can answer my questions:
1. How many days will I need Help?
2. What will I need help with?
3. Do I have to empty the drains? How do you do it? Will I need help or can I do it myself.
4. How long do you have to keep the drains.
5. What are you able to wear after surgery?
If there is anything else you think I should know please tell me....I will appreciate any advice. Thanks

The a visit from the Booty Fairy

Had my butt implants w/ fat transfer and tightening of a stomach yesterday morning. Im feeling ok but it feels like I have a Charlie horse in both butt cheeks. I have 3 drains. Have to pee every 2 hrs. I will up date more when I can. I HATE THESE DRAINS!!!!!

Day 3

I HATE THE DRAINS!!!! I don't remember to much about the first day. Took a sponge bath Saturday and took a shower last night. That went pretty good.....made a necklace out of shoe string and clipped the drain bottles to it. Yesterday I did get a BAD headache and got sick....I did not have any coffee maybe that caused it or it could have been not eating enough while taking the meds. My neck is really sore....maybe from being tensed up or from having to lay on my side. I cant lay on my stomach because I had stomach muscle tighten up. The good thing is I can swap sides.

Drains are OUT!!!!!!

Went for my first follow up since surgery. I was worried that he would not take the drains because I was still losing fluid but not very much. He said everything looked good and yes the drains can come out. Yeah!!! When the nurse pulled the right butt check drain it hurt a little.....she said that one had a clot but she got it. I don't really know what that means. We went to a few stores and one was hardware store and I did a lot of walking....think I over did it yesterday. It felt like my legs were even swollen. Everything seems to be ok today except.....I haven't had a BM yet. I have been taken stool softener for about 4 days. Wondering if I should take more stool softener than the directions say. It says to take 1-3 daily I have been taking 2 daily. Any advice ladies?

185 cc's implants

The implants that my ps used was 185 cc's in each side and 75 cc's fat transfer in each side. Comparing that to everyone elses cc's that is almost nothing. But on me its a lot. I was happy
to hear it. Its kinda funny....I have 300 cc's in each breast. Looking forward to the end results.

Feeling better

I have felt pretty good for the last couple of days but, I might be over doing it. On my 5 th day after surgery I was washing clothes. I kepted in mind not to be bending over to far.....toes can help with the picking up..haha. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday but did not want to try vacuuming yet. My daughter was doing all of this for me but, she went home Wednesday. She knew that I could not rest if there were things around the house that needed to be done. I just cant stand to be laying when things are a mess. So she stayed on top of all that for me. She had her hands full plus taking care of me. I have always said she was like a mother hen. Thinking back now, I believe it would have been impossible for me to have taken care of myself. It would have different if I had not had the drains.
At this point now 1 week and a day the biggest problem for me is I still have not gone to the bathroom #2. I have been taking stool softener for about 5 days. Hope I will go today....wish me luck :~$ Have any of you ladies gone this long before?

Day 11

Today Is day 11 for me. Scars are healing and things seem to be going ok. After the drains were taken out I felt a lot better and was almost energized but the past couple of days my energy level has really gone down. Today I have no energy at all....I feel weak. I have been working in the house so maybe I have been doing a little to much. I think I will just rest today.

5 days

11 days

I have a question for you ladies w/ butt implants

I just took my first bath and soaked a little while....its cold in this old house so that warm bath felt good. I was wondering how I am going to be able to sit in the tub. I did have to sit kinda leaning forward. When I leaned back it felt like I was sitting on two balloons. Please tell me I will get use to this. Will they eventually feel like they are apart of my body. This is my 11 th day and this is the first time I have questioned what I have done. I really do not want to regret this.

No energy

This is not a conversation I would normally have but, I know you ladies can help with anything. So here it goes. Have any of you had a few days of not having any energy at all? I was thinking after I got over being constipated I would feel better. The past couple of days I have been having 3 BM;s a day. I was thinking that that was my bodies way of getting rid of those toxins and I would feel better soon but, today is day 3 and I'm still exhausted. only one bm so far.
I have to say this was a tough surgery.

All I wanted was a little bubble butt and got it!!!

Im very happy with my results. I was not one that wanted a bigggg booty. I am a small 50 yr old 5'4 and 101 lbs and did not think my muscle could handle a implant any bigger than I got. My husband only had one request...he still wanted me to be able to wear my jeans....He already loved my body and wanted me to love it to but, did not want me to regret having the surgery. Sitting, sleeping and working ...... no problems. Was given the ok to start back exercising. Im a little scared.... I don't want to mess up my little bubble butt I have now.

Few more pics

I cant seem to be able to wear a thong but everyone else has pics of their bum in one so I thought I would try it. Nope, can not wear it all day.

Feels like my bum has dropped a little

I hope it is just me but if feels like my implants have dropped a little and maybe it has gotten smaller. I don't want to have a droopy little bubble butt. I am working out 5 days a week. Wanting to build even more and get my abs in shape.

Sorry its has been so long since a update

I have talked to a few ladies on here and realized I needed to be updating so the rest of you would see it. It has been all good and I have been happy with my little bubble butt. may I did have a little mishap. I was cleaning in between and behind the washer and dryer and got in a position with one leg straight out to the side and bent down on one knee....hard to explain. When I stood up the left implant had folded or turned on its side......I do not know but it scared the crap out of me. I laid down on the floor and tried to relax the muscle as much as I could and worked on flipping it back. I wish I had thought about taking a picture but, I was so scared and was out of town at my daughters house 6 1/2 hrs away from my doctor and on a Friday. After working with it a few mins. It felt ok and looked ok. After that I contacted a few other ladies on here and it has happened to them too, one was in the gym ( she had pear shaped) I have round. I did make an appt. with my doctor after I got back to town and he said everything looked and felt fine to him. I went last week for my 3rd check up since then and I thought I could see a little difference with my left side and feel it when I contract that muscle. My doctor said it was still in the pocket and everything was ok with it. I think with me having that mishap has caused me to look for something to be wrong or different. He seem to think because I am thin I can see and feel a difference that most ladies have a little more padding back there and that makes it harder to notice a difference. He also said he was creating a pockets and there could be a centimeter or 2 of difference. I keep telling myself no 2 breast are the same so, your butt cheeks probably will not be either. I have not had any more trouble with the implant moving. I go to the gym and workout with weights at least 4-5 days a week and do a lot of walking on Saturday....but I do not do any yoga or stretching. Im very careful now. As for me being happy with my booty .....I am...its a small bubble butt but, I do feel it fits the rest of my body. No one knows I have had this done but my mother, daughter and of course my husband. Everyone else just knows I have really been working hard with my trainer and I have been building muscles. If any of you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and I will try not to wait so long to check in and answer them. My pics aren't very good was trying to hurry. Later if you would like to see a full body shot I can do that so you can see how it fits me. I am now 103 lbs 5'4 and 51 yrs old :~/

Implant seems to have dropped to low

Have any of you ladies had this problem? My implants seem to have dropped even lower. It has been a year and a half since i got the implants. You can see in the earlier photos the implants are in a good spot. I like my bum then. I know gravity works on us but the implants were put under the muscle. I can put my fingers under the implants. I can even flex my muscle and can still hold my fingers under them. Its like they are not under the muscle at the bottom.
I am slim and would like more of a butt or at least I would like the implants to be higher....more of a bubble butt. My muscle was only able to hold 185ccs w/ 70ccs fat transfer. I am going to the dr this coming Monday 15th. I really do not want to go through another total butt implant surgery but, I do not want my implants at the top of my legs either.
Sorry after I loaded pics i did not know how to rotate them.

Talked to Dr. on Monday

Went to Dr Monday and he said the implants were where they should be and I need to stop being so critical of myself. He said I look good......there is nothing I should do to the implants.
I appreciate the fact he did not want to cut on me just to make money like some will do. I really like him and trust him but.......I still feel like I need more of a butt. Maybe I need to quit looking at all these ladies that are in their 20s, 30s & 40s and stop comparing. Do we ever stop wanting more than we have? I wish all of you the best and hope yall are happy.
Dr. Shelby Brantley

Love him! He did a great job! Very honest with you about your body and what you should or shouldn't do.

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