African American Female Rhinoplasty Mount Sinai, NYC residents program

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So I've been wanting a rhinoplasty for YEARS. I...

So I've been wanting a rhinoplasty for YEARS. I hate the way my nose spreads so wide when I smile and my bulbous tip is just thick and crazy. I went to the Mount Sinai Hospital and the residents were willing to do my rhinoplasty in May for about $2,900 but he told me they would have to use my rib. I then went to another prominent surgeon for a consultation but he insisted on using an implant. I wasn't happy with the computer imaging/after picture and the price was not right. I'm not trying to pay your Park Av rent, Dr. So I was back to square one when I found Edwin Moreano in Queens. I went there on Thursday. The consultation fee is $100 and it's applied to your surgery. Let me tell you, this man is DA BOMB. He doesn't advertise his noses much on the internet. I don't know why, but I was impressed with his work. He didn't do computer imagining either but he knew what I wanted. You also have to meet with I'm a second time before surgery to go over again. His office is nice and clean and I didn't feel rushed or pushed. He told me I would need a medical clearance letter, EKG, and blood work. He sent me next door to do it and I went straight there to get everything done. I haven't met with him a second time yet so I don't have a date yet.

I'm at a standstill

So I decided to update on my review although I said I would wait until I chose a doctor but..... I really wanted to stay in NY so I called back Mount Sinai but I'm wondering if I really want residents working on my face. I've heard great things but I was just leery. The resident called back but he called my husband's phone instead of mine, which made zero sense. My husband was my emergency contact when I went for the consultation. Trying to call and get him back on the phone has been a nightmare. Maybe it's a sign not to go with them. When I went back to Dr Moreano last Tuesday I felt that he said something different from the previous week so that turned me completely OFF. I get turned off very quick. Anyway thanks to @carttt for keeping updates on her post I'm considering Dr Tanveer Janjua. He gets such great reviews but people barely post pictures. What's up with that??? @carttt keeps it real and although I will black my eyes out I feel that seeing a picture is very important and not just saying the MD is great/bad. I emailed him my nose pictures yesterday and I hope to get a response soon because I really want to get this done before the holidays. I hope he takes credit cards because I already paid down on a card for this procedure. I'm ready!!!

Before Picture. No bridge. Just bulbous. No tip definition.


I had chin lipo in NY.........a TT and BBL done in Dominican Republic with Yily DeloSantos In 2014. It was a great experience but the recovery was torture. She was just liking to do my rhino but my hemoglobin was too low because I had my period on the day of the surgery. Yily is DA BOMB. The surgery changed my life for the better!!! Surgery doesn't scare me.....RECOVERY DOES!!!

African American Female Rhinoplasty Mount Sinai, NYC residents program 1/26/2017

RealSelf isn't letting me put 1/26 for the procedure date. What's up with that?
---------I paid $3,515 for a rhinoplasty with RIB GRAFTING today with Dr. Peter Taub and Chief Resident, Eric Jablonkam at Mount Sinai Hospital on Madison Ave in Manhattan, NY. I'm not sure who did what but I would assume it was the resident so he could get his experience . I'll know more on Tuesday when I get the cast removed. I just took Amoxicillin and Arnica and I'm eating pineapples at this very moment while typing this before going to bed.
------------After much research and going to three other places for consultations I chose this hospital's residency program because I did my nurse training at Mount Sinai and love how they operate.
-----------I'm exhausted because I had my surgery this morning and the anesthesia is on of course. Goodnight dolls and Kens.

19 Days Post operation and my tip is sooooo hard.

It's 19 days after my surgery and let me tell you this has been rough. First of all, under my eyes still have black areas which has distorted the way I look and feel. I didn't have a bridge and I didn't want a big one. Dr Jablonka cut under my left breast to get my rib. That cut has closed very nice and I'm putting scar cream on it. I've been putting scar cream on the sides of my nose although you really can't see any scars. I can't even see the one on the middle part of my nose. The tip of my nose is super swollen and although one side has taken its shape the other side has not. It's HARD. I see a major difference and I'm hoping once the tip drops and the swelling goes down it will be even better. Dr Jablonka told me to come back in three weeks for steroid injections if I'm still super swollen ----------I don't so snap chat filters because I want you guys to see the REAL DEAL. I can't deal with the SC filters pictures!!! However, I have makeup around my eyes due to the dark bruising spots. I'm not a makeup person at all!!! Happy Valentines Day! I was trying to at least feel like a person today because it's been a rough and emotional road since January 26th.

Nostrils are getting soft.

I won't be uploading any facial pictures tonight. I've never really been a picture person and my tip is still sooooo hard. I'm still happy with my decision because I know my nose Had a weird shape and I see a major difference. This is a wait game guys and not everyone will feel comfortable have a resident work on their face. I've gotten messages from people interested in Mount Sinai RESIDENTS CLINIC. Using a teaching clinic didn't bother me because I'm an RN n I know that these teaching schools are big on patient satisfaction. Dr Jablonka was so cute, sincere, nice, and honest. He worried about me scarring. He said He was concerned about that due to my thick skin. But I've been putting scar cream on my nose (tube is in the picture) and on my left breast. No pain in my breast rib area at this time. It did hurt for the first 2 weeks though.
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Peter Taub, MD overseeing Chief Resident Eric Jablonka at Mount Sinai Residency Program on Madison Av, NYC

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