23 Year Old- Lipo with Elite Aftercare Izmir, Turkey

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Ok. So I've decided to write a review and keep you...

Ok. So I've decided to write a review and keep you all updated on my journey because this site has honestly been a massive help to me in my search. It's only right I help out too. I have always had some sort of interest in liposuction, even the idea of body sculpting before this sudden craze/ hype around bbl's etc. However I was quite young at the time (18/19) and simply couldn't afford the prices on London's Harley Street. Recently however, I have grown to dislike my horrible love handles that just won't go away! I wear a UK size 12 and look OK in the odd piece of clothing, but I'm always thrown off by the sight of my love handles bulging out of a bodycon dress! So I decided. That's it, Lipo it is. Anyway, don't want to bore you with all the waffle but after tedious searches (honestly I mean searching night and day for months) I decided to go with Elite Aftercare. Main reasons why: 1) the price is VERY reasonable 2) location- Turkey is much closer to London DR / Miami 3) the service.

On my third point- service, I had initially freaked out because everyone had spoken to a woman called Gina while I have been in communication with Caraline. Thankfully I came across another recent review on here (October 2016) where the lady stated that she had also been in communication with Caraline *phew! Relief*. Caraline has been soo helpful. Literally overly helpful. I sent through an enquiry via email, she responded within one day and answered my questions in detail. From then on I emailed her probably every two days for a month! Some of the questions were silly, repetitive, me being overly paranoid and wanting further clarification but not once did she respond with a change in tone. She was super helpful throughout and has given me an amazing package! Briefly, on the other companies, I found some of them were unwilling to compromise on prices and basically had a "Take it or leave it" attitude. I guess this is what you get with the popular sought after surgeries.

Ok so hitting the nail on Elite and my surgery... After constant back and forth with Caraline, I decided to go with Elite in mid October. I literally paid the deposit (25% of the full price) within two days of confirming my decision and I'm due to have the surgery in a little over two weeks. Return tickets from London Stansted to Izmir was £120. I opted for liposuction to the upper and lower abdomen and the upper back (bra strap area) and lower love handle/flank area. Dr Ali Uckan will operate on me. I want my waist completely snatched in so that I can have that natural curvy look. Caraline suggested a BBL instead of "wasting the fat" from the Lipo but I didn't want it. I have an alright ass and a small curve on the hip area. I trust that all will fit into place and look awesome once my waist disappears! Lol. Another thing I found with other surgeries is that they counted the above areas that I will be operating on as separate and charged accordingly. So for example the upper and lower abdomen was two areas and the upper and lower back were another two. Prices were like £800 per area which is insane as I came across an equal amount of surgeries that said the upper and lower abdomen would be classed as ONE area! This was the case with Elite. As for the price, I'm paying exactly what was quoted on their website. Liposuction on the the two areas is £2000. If I did a BBL it would be £3000. I think the prices and results vary depending on your current weight etc like if you have excessive fat around the stomach area, it might be more costly as a result of having to operate on more areas. My package includes airport pick up and drop off, accommodation, food, garments and medicine (this is standard for everyone). Caraline also offered me complimentary Botox or fillers! I told Caraline that I wasn't up for either and she offered me other alternatives like Lipo on a small area such as the under chin - How nice!

Anyway that's enough of the essay. I'll be in Izmir on the 27th November 2016. I cannot wait. I will keep you all posted xxx

P.s if you're undecided like I was and have been considering surgery for a while, go for it! Whether it's with Elite or elsewhere. Do what makes you happy.

Worried and nervous - Elite Aftercare Izmir, Turkey

I have my survey booked and ready to take place in exactly a weeks time but I cannot help but be worried! I've spoken to a few ladies via private messages and looked at some more reviews. To be honest, I just don't feel like the pictures or reviews have WOWed me... A LOT of woman from Elite Aftercare have said "I wish he took more fat from the abdomen area". This worries me because I see several before and afters, I watch doctors perform surgeries live on snap chat and they always manage to take out as much fat that is necessary. I will be very very angry if Dr Ali Uckan gives me some sort of worthless excuse as to why he can't take more fat out. I also feel like the majority of the European doctors that we have here simply do not understand the hour glass figure that we lust after. Instead they operate on you creating a very straight cardboard looking figure. I know I'm sounding very negative now but that's just it, I will be honest with my thoughts and feelings. I feel that not many ppl on here are and it's not helping the newbies that seek advise from our reviews. Finally what jars me the most are those who have posted such splendid reviews about Elite with no pictures whatsoever.... how am I to believe that the review is genuine? One lady on her who is quite experienced with this said that we should be very weary of doctors that only post laying down pics immediately after the surgery. She said that standing pics show a lot more but guess what... Dr Uckan does not do this.

Sighs. I've paid my deposit and booked flights so it is what it is. I pray to God I like my results. If not, the whole world will know.

I've attached some wish pics. I find that these docs tend to not give you that upside down heart shape but. Instead they pump so much fat into the top part of the but which does not give a nice curved shape! This happened to my friend who visited a clinic is Istanbul. Though I'm not doing a bbl, I'm just showing that it is very much possible to look like this straight after surgery. I think it just depends on the Dr's skill and experience.

A few days to go! Liposuction at Elite Aftercare

Hey all! I'm finally jetting off for my surgery in a few days!! Not sure how I'm feeling overall. I received a call from Elite a few days ago about an apparent fake profile on real self that posted a negative review. They were calling round clients who have up coming bookings to offer reassurance and inform us that it's a fake profile. How they are so sure of this, I don't know.... I felt a little uneasy because it made me think that they must be lurking on RS reading our reviews because how else would they have known. I also used that opportunity to express some of my concerns. Whilst they did try to re assure me, I just feel a little on edge now. I emailed today asking a question about payment. And I can't really explain but it feels like there's been a change in tone. It's quite disappointing considering I had such great things to say about Caraline in my first post:(. It may just all be in my head so I won't dwell on it too much.

Anyway, abit of info about my flights and stay. I'll only be spending two nights in Izmir. I was told a while back that it should be ok as I'm having lipo to the torso area only. I land at 9am in the morning on the 27th November and will be collected at the airport by a driver who will take me to the clinic. As I am only there for two days I will be operated on straight away! So I'll have the medical checks etc meet with Dr Ali and proceed with the surgery... provided everything is fine. I'll stay over night till the 28th then move to the villa from the 28th-29th.

On the 29th I'll be collected again and dropped off at the airport. I'll keep you all updated and try to be as detailed as possible with my review. If there's any specific questions you want me to answer or to ask Dr Ali for you I'm more than happy to do so. Just post them below!


UPDATE 1 day post opp- Elite Aftercare

Hi all! I had the surgery yesterday so I'm now 1 day post up. As previously mentioned, I had opted for lipo to the abdomen and back areas. Dr Ali was kind enough to throw in lipo to my inner thigh/ knee and arms! I was his only client yesterday so he had time :) boy can I tell you, the pain is very real!!! I am in so much pain I haven't even looked at my results or taken any pics yet (I will soon don't worry!). I can't seem to eat either (everyone's different this may not be the case for you). Yesterday evening I had an apple, threw it right up, had some chips threw it up too. In total, I puked 5 times. So I'm not even going to bother attempting to eat today :(. The team here are sooo lovely omg. I got on well with everyone. It's been so accommodating and welcoming. I was picked up at the airport by Daniel and another lovely guy (forgot his name oh no) in a lovely Mercedes that had wifi. They speak perfect English as both have previously lived in London. We spoke throughout the entire journey. We then arrived at the hospital where I met dr Ali Uckan. He is well spoken and has a sense of humour. After a brief discussion the nurse took my blood samples for some tests and Dr Ali asked me to take off my bottoms and top so that he can assess and draw on me. I did and at that moment he confirmed that all I wanted could be done as my skin was fine. He said he could take out a lot of fat from my abdomen and back areas which was music to my ears! I felt very reassured. After all that, I was taken downstairs into my overnight room to change into the gowns. I then hoped into the bed and was wheeled to the room where the surgery took place. I met another 5 people or so we had some jokes again and before you know it, the anaesthesia kicked in and I was out! Woke up in so much pain and was back in my over night room. The part that no one has ever mentioned in any review I've read is the shivering!!! Basically when you have a fat transfer, bbl or lipo, in order for them to suck our your fat cells, they put in some kind of fluid which will break down the fat cells and make it easy to extract. This fluid however is COLD. Plus they operate on you in a cold room to reduce infections. So when you wake up, oh dear, you are shivering aggressively for like an hour. I had two huge beaming hot heaters facing me and the main room heater on and I was still shivering. The others said it was like a sauna in there. lol anyway I slept off and woke up all fine. Just in pain but no shivering. Was given painkillers and food to eat but it came right back out. Dr Ali will has just come to visit me for a chat and check up. He told me that his safely limit of fat to take out is 6L. Mine was 5!! They took it 5100 cc's. he said the fat in my stomach and love handle was very stubborn! (lol I knew this).

Over night Daniel's brother James was with me. I just had to ring a bell and he was in the room within no time. Dr Ali has explained to me that it's actually due to Turkish laws that they can't post pics/ videos of clients. What a shame. Anyway, so far I am SOO HAPPY and confident in Dr Ali. The experience has been soo good. I'm off to the villa tonight. You guys have to come here!

Pics day 1. Very swollen

Some more pics

Day of surgery and Day 2

*Update* 2 weeks post opp. Liposuction only at Elite Aftercare

Hi all, I'm now 18 days post opp and boy has it been an experience. I'm pretty tough and my pain tolerance is high but the first few days were a struggle. I was sore and could barely move. Simple things like getting in the car and bending to grab something was so hard. Despite this, I went back to work 4 days after the surgery and was back to doing my daily functionalities within no time (my friends think I'm insane lol). I was still very sluggish in the first week but I'd say from day 8 things got a little better. I have been wearing my garment religiously 24 hours a day (I was given two garments :). I have read some reviews where women have expressed how uncomfortable it is for them and they stop wearing it completely. For me it's the opposite. The garment makes me feel very comfortable. I'm very fragile and scared to even put clothes on without it. I intend on wearing it far longer than the 4-6 weeks suggested as I have been advised that this also gives better lasting results. Medication- I have also taken this religiously twice a day until they finished (over two weeks supply). I think the medication helped massively! I have now moved onto ibuprofen due to the stinging/ itchy sensation I've had as of day 12. I've recently had a really annoying electric shock/ pins and needles feeling across my back, waist and abdomen. Thanks to real self I have since learnt that this is very normal and is simply the nerve cells in the operated areas (that were damaged due to the liposuction cannula) re forming or something like that. I will experience this feeling for some time (ibuprofen helps alot with this). Anyway I've been active and not stagnant, probably too active... however I think it's definitely helped with my recovery. My friend was still bed bound two weeks after her surgery whereas I'm back at the gym and living as normal! I have been eating VERY Very clean and light exercising. Liposuction is not a weight loss fix, I understand that my lifestyle has to change too. I had over 5 litres of fat removed. I am therefore very swollen. Dr Ali advised that based on what he had taken out, I should loose over ten pounds once swelling reduces.

I've attached some pictures. Once swelling goes down, my tummy should be as flat and in line with that lower area. My waist and love handle areas are hard as rock hence still very swollen. Final liposuction results is a long process as swelling in the areas will persist for a long time. Those considering liposuction need to know that it is not a quick body contouring fix. Annoyingly, everywhere you search will tell you that final results are not seen until 6-12 months later. They say that 70% or so of your final shape should be seen after 6 weeks once swelling has reduced. I am very aware of this, hence very patient and in no hurry to see results. Having said that, I am pleased with what i see so far. The team have been super helpful. I have Daniel on whatsapp and literally send him any questions I want directed at Dr Ali Uckan. He replies within ten minutes, always!

My posts going forward will be pictures only as I think that I have waffled on enough lol. The money spent was definitely worth it and I see myself looking great in a few months time (fingers crossed)!!!

Elite Aftercare- Disappointed. Round 2 in DR!

Sad times. Change of tone people...
4months post opp and I'm basically not happy with my results. Dr ali did not lipo my love handle area properly. You can see this in the very first pic I posted immediately after the surgery. One side is bigger than the other. I admit that I can definitely see my waist has gone in a LITTLE but that is literally it :( The roll on my upper back is gradually reappearing. I had lipo on my inner thighs and arms yet they have not reduced by a centre meter let alone an inch. They're literally the same! I have been gyming and eating fairly good. Definitely better than I was pre surgery. Yet no change. Overall I'm unhappy. I've seen several reviews from women who aren't happy and having to go for a round 2 elsewhere. This is not ideal. I haven't bothered contacting elite. I don't want a revision or round 2 with them. Sadly I think I have to agree with something a doll mentioned on RealSelf last year... If you are after the whole hour glass, bbl look that the US video vixens have DONT BOTHER DOING IT IN EUROPE. It's as if these doctors just shuv a tube in you and suck away. They have no clue whatsoever about contouring to that particular look. Its little things like I have bulges above my bum cheeks and below the love handle area. My ass looks squared. Why was fat from these areas not removed!? My upper back was not touched at all so it almost cancels out the little work he did do on my mid waist area. I am frustrated when I look in the mirror. I don't even want to continue with the nagging. I'm so over it now.

It's sad because dr ali and his team were lovely. I cannot dispute that at all. I refrained from coming on here and providing an update because I didn't want to leave a negative review. He is very nice, and the aftercare was amazing. Even after I'd left them and returned home to the UK, they were helpful. I'm just not happy with the results 4 months after.

On a lighter note. I'm booked in with Dr Mallol in Dominican Republic for aggressive lipo on all relevant areas and a bbl. My surgery is on the 19th April 2017. It's really upsetting as I have to pay another $3800 having spent £2000 at Elite Aftercare. I will review dr mallol on here once the surgery is done and I am positive I will love the results. Another girl on here (who has been amazing) also visited elite only one week before I did and was not satisfied. It was through her that I learnt about dr mallol as she too, had to go for a round 2 with him.

Izmir Plastic Surgeon

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