53 Year Old Female, Healthy Eater with Huge Stomach That Wouldn't Go Away. - Izmir, TR

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I hated my stomach as it would stick out. if I had...

I hated my stomach as it would stick out. if I had a 'normal' sized meal in a restaurant I would come out looking 5 months pregnant.
None of my clothes felt nice and it seemed to rule my thoughts and depress me at times. (I am a positive person)
When I went to Dr Tolgahan (who was lovely) in Izmir, Turkey, he asked me to bend forward and he held various parts of my stomach and then looked at me and said 'Fat" which made me laugh.
I went to him as I have a lot of friends and people I know who have gone to him. My friend had a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo the year before and the results are amazing as there was no way she could exercise away the hanging stomach she had after 3 kids.
I have 1 child and to obtain a flat stomach I have to cut my food intake so much to get to 9 stone 4lbs (130lbs) which by that weight I lose all of my chest as I'm 5ft 6 inches tall. Plus I feel I have to be very controlling on my food intake which stopped me from wanting to socialise as even at that weight my stomach would balloon.

The Results

As you can see in the photo my stomach is much reduced. I still have a bit that sticks out a little but I'm hoping with exercise it may go down. Also all the reviews say wait at least 3/4 months and it can take up to a year for final results.
I still have some hard bits around my sides and I don't think it is perfectly even but it is a massive improvement on before. My sides are slimmer than they have ever been.
I think in hindsight I may have stressed please take away as much as you can from my tummy area.
That said I may ask for a top up if I go ahead with having a chin implant in the future. As there is not so much fat to wade through I can point out exactly where I may want some more removed. Again it is early days.

After The Op

I was black and blue and had a swollen purple ''who ha'' which was weird ! I also had swollen ankles which as I'd planned to do light exercise of walking afterwards was scuppered as they kept getting really large.
I was so hot in the lycra compression suit they gave me, I described it as wearing a fur coat and corset in 30 degrees heat, at times in Turkey it felt unbearable and my friends air con wasn't working.
I would advise to go in April or October. I thought at least I can tan my shoulders and lower legs but I was far too hot to stay out for long.
I had some reflexology which really helped to reduce the swelling. I didn't expect this as I don't swell up. I felt sorry for myself at times and weepy.
Everywhere else swelled up too and I was 10 stone on the scales (140lbs) and it didn't go below that until I came home which caused concern in my overactive mind. I stayed in Turkey for 2 weeks.

Home Care

Once home I decided to do a juice week with some steamed vegetables and an of day and small treats at the weekend. The weight came of slowly and 6 weeks on I'm now 9 stone 8lbs (134lbs) and I still have a chest ( not a big one but I can wear a padded bra if I want more up there)
I also have had 3 treatments of MLD and the practitioner assured me that my body would absorb and process out the hard bits ( they have gone down a lot)

The Costs

The cost was about £2400 English pounds and he did my stomach, my sides and a bit up my back (sides of waist) as well as some of my inner thighs as well as taking out some fat under my chin in preparation for a chin implant as I havnt got much of one.
He said the chin implant will make it look like Ive had a face lift as it will stretch the jowls to accommodate the implant. He showed me a computer generated image on his screen of what I could look like. ( I havnt got those photos unfortunately) I thought I needed a neck lift so I liked the idea of the chin implant doing 2 positive changes for me. I may wait 1-2 years to have that done.

My Opinion Now

With hindsight I think I would have said please take more out of my stomach as I think it still sticks out a bit but I know I didn't over emphasise that as I've seen some photos where people have had too much out and they have ridges which I havnt got. Also I think I would have asked for more of my inner thighs as there is a difference but not much.
My friend's friend had over 5 big bottles of fat taken out where I only had 2
My friend said that was because her other friend was at least 20lbs bigger than me to start.
My husband says it's a massive difference and I can see that. It feels lovely to feel my sides and them be so slim.I look and feel fantastic in clothes. I havnt gone out for a meal yet though.

I chose Turkey as over here I was quoted £1900 for just one area and Dr Tolgahan did so many areas. He also gave me botox in the ridges between my eyebrows in the follow up session. He wanted to do the rest of my forehead but after 2 needles I wouldn't let him do anymore as I hate needles.
He was just so nice, caring and his English was excellent. I felt comfortable as he made you feel special and his desire to do a really good job came across in the initial appointment which built my trust in him.

He answers emails promptly and has offered to FaceTime if I needed to talk to him about anything.
I think that vaser lipo is a bigger procedure than you think and that if you want body perfection you may be disappointed as you have to wait so long for the final results.

It worked for me and I will continue to make it work by eating healthily and having treats only as treats. If you have vaser lipo and carry on eating excessively I think you can undo good results as another friend did as 18 months on she has put weight on and she says lipo didn't work for her.
I see how she eats and I don't think she helps herself ( or rather she helps herself a bit too much to food )
I think of the procedure as a boost to help me to be the best me I can be and I feel like I want to be kinder to myself now as after lipo I was so bruised I felt sorry for myself and had days where I though "What have I done?"
Its given me the motivation and determination to stay even more healthy and have regular MLD / reflexology and massage to help with the healing process.

Also I noticed in revues that some say you can't sunbath for 12 months which alarmed me. Dr Tolgahan knew I was going on holiday 8 weeks on and said wear a high factor on those areas and don't overdo it and you will be fine. I was much relieved and have bought swimsuits to wear some days rather than bikinis.
Hope this helps you if you make the decision to go for it.
Dr H Tolgahan

He was lovely, very caring, accomodating and sometimes unintentionally funny. Very professional and made me feel safe in his hands.

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