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Hi ! After nearly a year of patrolling this site...

Hi ! After nearly a year of patrolling this site it's only right that I give back my experiences so here goes.

I'm a 21 year old from London UK and have always struggled with my belly and love handles. Even at my tiniest weighing in at 63kg I still had a pooch! I'm black African and genetically predisposed to be chunky so believe me keeping weight off is the hardest.
Currently I'm at 74kg and have had enough!
I need to get rid of the 1/2 (stay tuned for another review sometime this year or next!) things that bother me.
So I was SET on Dr. Beker.. Everything I had read about him I was absolutely loving & I had no doubt in my mind about him, my friend had work done with him and praised his work.. His work is so impeccably done.. Basically all was right with this man... Till I sent him a message.

I know these Dr's are busy but this was too much. He'd read my message but not reply.. Four days onwards I'd message saying "I'm still waiting".
I had also contacted his personal assistant Dina earlier on in the year and she was going to enquirer about something for me but never ever returned! Too many times this happened which crumbled my faith in him. The whole experience is meant to be welcoming and smooth from the get go.. And I'm sorry to say I didn't feel acknowledged. I tried to brush it off and keep pursuing but it didn't feel right. But everyone's experiences are different so please don't hesitate to contact him. His work is amazing and hopefully I can go back to him for the second procedure I'm set on.

So I gave up with Dr.Berker and went back to my shortlist.
*background* I originally wanted a BBL. I always thought what's the point of wasting good fat when you can recycle it? However! I go on holiday in the second week of September and I don't have the time for the recovery of a BBL and people.. I just didn't want to be on holiday again feeling self conscious. Not again :(
So lipo it is! To the full torso.
So patrolling sites at about 11:30pm I came across ELITE AFTERCARE again. I say again because I found this website a while ago and honestly it's all about the vibes you get.. I was SOO taken. However there weren't that many pictures of anything! So I put them aside and forgot all about them.
Anyway I took a chance, messaged them and the next morning this wonderful woman named Gina called me.
EVERYTHING about our conversations was positive and I was sold. From the above you can probably gather I'm a "vibes" person.. Gina has such good vibes. She listens and offers her opinion as well and it was just wonderful to organise everything so quickly.
I was worried about recovering in time before my holiday but she assured me I had enough time before departing.

My goal.. Isn't really a booty because I have projection anyway.. But to SCULPT.THIS.BAWDY. To sculpt like no other! I need a shape that'll blow my mind. I need an artist!
I need an invisible waist and chunky hips. I have these dents at the side of my bum which bothers me ever so much! I'm hoping I get to voice these concerns before the procedure for Dr. Ali to tell me what he can do!

And here I am. Flights booked. 8 days away from the procedure.
Pooping myself? Err yes?!
I have a medical background in surgery haha.... So I'm going to be more than interested in EVERYTHING happening. All my medications, watching how the health professionals undertake post-op care, infection control.. Loool basically everything. My eyes will be watching and reviewing!
Also, I'm a reviewer! So expect updates on this review.. I won't fall of the grid like others x)
Expect pictures and please please feel free to ask me absolutely anything.
I'm hoping to give what I needed when researching on here.

Will be uploading pictures soon

Pictures !

So first two are me at my smallest ???? and the last two is me now(apologies for sponegbob knicks).. About 10kg difference in them both. Last picture is at a different angle yet you'd think its a completely different body. Last three are wish pics of these hips & waist I'm looking for... As I said I need an artist!
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