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Hi ! After nearly a year of patrolling this site...

Hi ! After nearly a year of patrolling this site it's only right that I give back my experiences so here goes.

I'm a 21 year old from London UK and have always struggled with my belly and love handles. Even at my tiniest weighing in at 63kg I still had a pooch! I'm black African and genetically predisposed to be chunky so believe me keeping weight off is the hardest.
Currently I'm at 74kg and have had enough!
I need to get rid of the 1/2 (stay tuned for another review sometime this year or next!) things that bother me.
So I was SET on Dr. Beker.. Everything I had read about him I was absolutely loving & I had no doubt in my mind about him, my friend had work done with him and praised his work.. His work is so impeccably done.. Basically all was right with this man... Till I sent him a message.

I know these Dr's are busy but this was too much. He'd read my message but not reply.. Four days onwards I'd message saying "I'm still waiting".
I had also contacted his personal assistant Dina earlier on in the year and she was going to enquirer about something for me but never ever returned! Too many times this happened which crumbled my faith in him. The whole experience is meant to be welcoming and smooth from the get go.. And I'm sorry to say I didn't feel acknowledged. I tried to brush it off and keep pursuing but it didn't feel right. But everyone's experiences are different so please don't hesitate to contact him. His work is amazing and hopefully I can go back to him for the second procedure I'm set on.

So I gave up with Dr.Berker and went back to my shortlist.
*background* I originally wanted a BBL. I always thought what's the point of wasting good fat when you can recycle it? However! I go on holiday in the second week of September and I don't have the time for the recovery of a BBL and people.. I just didn't want to be on holiday again feeling self conscious. Not again :(
So lipo it is! To the full torso.
So patrolling sites at about 11:30pm I came across ELITE AFTERCARE again. I say again because I found this website a while ago and honestly it's all about the vibes you get.. I was SOO taken. However there weren't that many pictures of anything! So I put them aside and forgot all about them.
Anyway I took a chance, messaged them and the next morning this wonderful woman named Gina called me.
EVERYTHING about our conversations was positive and I was sold. From the above you can probably gather I'm a "vibes" person.. Gina has such good vibes. She listens and offers her opinion as well and it was just wonderful to organise everything so quickly.
I was worried about recovering in time before my holiday but she assured me I had enough time before departing.

My goal.. Isn't really a booty because I have projection anyway.. But to SCULPT.THIS.BAWDY. To sculpt like no other! I need a shape that'll blow my mind. I need an artist!
I need an invisible waist and chunky hips. I have these dents at the side of my bum which bothers me ever so much! I'm hoping I get to voice these concerns before the procedure for Dr. Ali to tell me what he can do!

And here I am. Flights booked. 8 days away from the procedure.
Pooping myself? Err yes?!
I have a medical background in surgery haha.... So I'm going to be more than interested in EVERYTHING happening. All my medications, watching how the health professionals undertake post-op care, infection control.. Loool basically everything. My eyes will be watching and reviewing!
Also, I'm a reviewer! So expect updates on this review.. I won't fall of the grid like others x)
Expect pictures and please please feel free to ask me absolutely anything.
I'm hoping to give what I needed when researching on here.

Will be uploading pictures soon

Pictures !

So first two are me at my smallest ???? and the last two is me now(apologies for sponegbob knicks).. About 10kg difference in them both. Last picture is at a different angle yet you'd think its a completely different body. Last three are wish pics of these hips & waist I'm looking for... As I said I need an artist!


I can only apologise for the delay to this update. I haven't disappeared! I've written my posts on my phone at intervals..
I guess there is a lot of pressure to turn out with fab results that when it goes a bit sideways we're almost embarrassed to share our story! But I've returned from holiday.. It was really good to feel a little more comfortable to wear things I normally would never buy. Still didn't put myself in the five bikinis (will explain in posts to follow)
I think I've done most of the healing..
And now I will begin the updates
Apologies once again !!

It's done

Written 24/08/16

thank you God

Surgery is an experience no one can prep you for I can say that much. No matter how much reading or research you undertake.. It'll catch you by surprise.
It really does take its toll but push through and you'll be fine. Let no one lie to you like I was led to believe, it is hella painful.
This post concerns the procedure day and my time in in the hospital

So arriving in Izmir was fine.. Met by Daniel drove an hour and a half to the hospital and my surgery was in the next hour.

Immediately at the reception I was met with some forms this lady told me to sign. What I didn't like was all the consent forms/information you had to read & sign were in all in Turkish, bloods were taken & 'twas after that I got to meet the lovely Dr. Ali.
He has a homely feel about him
Makes you extremely comfortable without even talking. He's so calm mannered and funny & honestly his whole aura is just so friendly and is very sweet and thorough as he can be.
He marked me up.. Asked me what I didn't like.. offered his opinion on what he thinks would be good, asked me what I want and said okay he'll see me in the operating room.

This whole process took about 15 mins it was crazy how quick it went I don't think it sunk in that I was having surgery till I was being wheeled down to theatres.
It was then I started having a little panic attack. Lol. I was crying thinking how scary this was.. Dr Ali said not to worry.. He held my hand as the anaesthesia was being administered and I remember counting down with him and got to about six before my eyes closed.

I knew one of the side effects of general anaesthesia was feeling cold but it felt like I'd been in a freezer for 10 days.
My teeth were chattering and Dr Ali was in the room and asked me if I'd like a heater. After about half an hour of direct heat I started to feel normal.
Within an hour of being awake I was on my feet. I was a bit wobbly but nothing too bad.. I made it to the toilet on my own!! And back

HOWEVER, The first 12 hours are an absolute nightmare. I have never been so emotionally, physically and mentally unstable. I was leaking like a tap, I smelled of surgery, I was just a wreck!! IV Fluids, nurses who didn't speak English (although I could tell they were so lovely), injections in the bum, hospital gown change every 45mins, leaking blood stained fluids, pee'ing every hour;
I had the big breakdown 6hrs post op
I couldn't stop crying !

It was so hard.. James (another patient coordinator) was staying with me and he came in.. Stayed with me a while, brought me the spongebob square pants movie (I am a big child), I called my sister.. And calmed down a little.
(I now realise this super emotional mess was down to the period that arrived two days later.. I knew I wasn't that weak lol)

When the night passed I felt ten times better..
I could walk about two seconds faster. The body had stopped leaking as much. I was alert.
I thought the hard part was over.
Boy was I wrong LOL

So get through the first 12 hours and I promise it won't be so shite.
Okay so I will stop there.

1. Don't go crazy over supplies. I see the American posts with so many supplies when you legit need about ten things.
2. Mentally prepare your brain for the struggle. You will be icky. You will be so restricted in movement. And to those having a BBL your recovery is 10x harder! Not being able to sit is nothing like you can imagine.. I don't envy you at all!
3. Get up as soon as you can. Get your brain working immediately. If you don't feel like you need to pee after a while of being awake.. Get up and try and pee. It's like those senses have been dulled.. But you have to work at them.
4. whatever you do.. BUY THE WOMENS VAGINAL URINATION DEVICE.. I cannot stress this enough. I didn't buy it but wish wish wish wish someone had mentioned it to me before. You can't bend so sitting down for the toilet is the most painful thing in the world.. This would've made those 12hours so much more easier

Uhh.. If I remember any more I'll update !
Pictures are two days post op.

I'm yet to judge Dr Ali's work as I'm still swollen.. ^^ I like the shape he's created though currently unhappy with my belly as it doesn't seem flat( he did make a comment immediately post op about how "hard" it was to lipo? Forgot to ask what he meant I was still drugged up) however I'm always one to stand by whatever I say on a person's character and as far as pleasantries go, Dr Ali Üçkan is wonderful.

2 weeks into it

Hi!! I'm gonna try and cram the first two weeks into this post with some pictures as well.. Btw my updates contain the good bad and ugly.
So I was discharged at 12pm on Wednesday, Dr Ali came to check on me.. Checked the incision sites.. He didn't stitch them up so said expect a little leakage. Gave me meds and said I couldn't shower till SATURDAY.
I almost fell down.
Unheard of where I come from. I was so icky and it had only been 12hours. For someone who showers twice a day I was sooo unhappy loool. So we bartered and moved it up to Friday morning .
Everything, absolutely everything is slowed down after surgery. I'm normally a road runner so you can imagine how infuriating it was to be ever so slow!
We went back to the villa (legit five mins away) and ever so beautiful...
Spent four days being a bum basically loool
As I said I'm a road runner so I was up and at it and felt fine by Thursday. Surgery was Tuesday late afternoon

I would've appreciated either one of the three people in that villa to have some sort of medical background/knowledge. Being a woman especially there were some things I'd have liked to speak to someone about.. Eg. I developed Jocks Itch? (Diagnosed this myself a week & a half after getting it just in time before my holiday -__-) which may have been caused by the garment and on top of sitting in my bodily fluids for three days AND being on antibiotics. Which I didn't feel comfortable communicating with the two men (as lovely as they were) who were practically my age with no medical background whatsoever and the lady there was just a housekeeper. But little things like that if anyone's getting my drift?
boots also sell an antiseptic spray on plaster I bought that promotes healing and is really good for the incisions so try and buy that too
COMPRESSION socks. Please buy. Not provided

Oh crap forgot to summarise what he did;
So after the consultation with Dr Ali, he explained that those dents were where our pelvic bone is and as a result fat doesn't accumulate there. So he said he'd transfer a little fat to fill and create a shape. Upon returning to my room, Gina who was in the exact hospital at the time as a certain "celebrity" was there too called Daniel and asked me what Dr Ali said.. After explaining it to her she said okay. Daniel then asked me to transfer the remainder of the money and then went on to ask if Gina had informed me that because I was having a fat transfer (to my dents) I now had to pay the full £3000 like a BBL.. Thinking back I should've argued this but I didn't. However for me personally I thought it was very cheeky.
I was also a little disappointed that Gina didn't come to say hi at least.. Would've liked to put a face to the person I'd been talking to considering she was down the hall but oh well. We can't all be celebs ????

Flight back home wasn't too difficult as I could sit however my body just wanted to lie down so I slept for most of it.
Being home wasn't as bad.. I wore my compression garment 23/7 for the first two weeks. Bruising went completely after two weeks HOWEVER.
The ache everywhere that was lipo'd. I can't explain it..
Also.. Dr Ali did something to my lower back. I don't know what it was maybe some type of laser treatment to create that slope/curve.. But that area itched like a bitch. And because it's painful (worst pain of all areas) itching isn't practical so go to boots. And buy some anti itch cream.. I luckily bought some at the airport otherwise that flight would've been hell.

However I kept watching my tummy.. Because it wasn't flat!
I have seen miracles, absolute miracles performed on women with bodies far complicated than mine on this website so I was a little disappointed with my results at the time but thought with time and waiting for swelling to go down I will be able to eat my words and post my amazing real self review telling the world how perfecrt I am!!!
Big lol -.-
Will update soon...

The after.. Pictures & a vid to follow as soon as I can.

So I still went on holiday and had such a good time.
Although the body contouring wasn't to my standard, the operation was an improvement in the sense that sucking my tummy in wasn't hard. I wore my clothes with loads of confidence! The operation improved how I looked with clothes on but not naked.. And I'm tryna look good naked like my man Gok Wan has been preaching.
My belly was still a problem so no bikinis. I went all inclusive and had about seven cocktails during my two weeks away.. Ate so well.. Even went to the gym!
Got back home.. And decided to send Gina a message as I remembered Dr Ali's comment about it being hard to liposuction. It was after my message to them; there was a post on the gram from their page about having "realistic expectations" which I'm sure was triggered by me but I don't care. £3000 - I have all reason to say if I'm unhappy about something.

Side note I was 6 weeks post op upon messaging Elite and since I left Izmir I'd received not a single message asking if I'm alive. Granted they don't have to, but that's the image portrayed. That they're an elite brand so I had all these expectations and half of them were not met.

Anyway Dr Ali said he removed 1.6trs of fat :| which until now I didn't realise was quite small but then went on to say I had very very thick skin which made lipo'ing hard. Which he said is something a lot of black women have apparently. He also informed me that my unhappiness with my tummy area was due to excess skin in which I'd need a tummy tuck to fix. I was taken aback by this as I didn't expect anything of the sort.
As I said I have seen MIRACLES performed on women so I thought I was an easy case..
He said it was still early for me to assess and I should give it three weeks, get some massages and try not to gain any weight.

I said okay however Gina sent me a voice note saying that I'm a customer with elite for life and if I'm unhappy about anything they'd fix it for free.. So I did just that
Exercised right, got these massages and I currently weigh in at 69Kg! Still unchanged in the tummy area so I sent her a message and she said she'll get back to me and it's nearly two weeks since that message and I haven't heard a word back. Disappointing but you live and you learn.. Will be pursuing them again one more time to see what response I get.

These are also all my personal experiences. We're all built differently, what may not work for me might work for others. I think they have good intentions.. I stumbled through the day after their biggest promotional campaign so they may have been preoccupied with their new poster child and the influx of customers..

For me with Elite, several areas need work.. If you're going to campaign that you're the elite of them all then do exactly that.
Do I regret it? No.. It served its purpose for the time I needed it for this holiday of mine.
Dr Ali is wonderful, Daniel and James were a pleasure, I was fed, I was housed.. It was a smooth journey. The nurses were lovely as can be.. People of turkey kept staring but I'm black, big haired and big bootied.. Hell I'd stare too :D
Also just to get this off my chest I keep reading bout these smoothies other girls had.. I didn't get a smoothie.... But I digress.
Will I use them for any other procedure? No
I'm a perfectionist.. Looking for someone with vision, attention to detail and most importantly good results.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind me mentioning her but DuranDuranDoll on here has the realist post I've seen so far on real self. You need facts when choosing to spend money like this.. Thankfully I'm young with no responsibilities so can spend my money and not feel so bad but yeah.

I'm going to Dr Berker for another procedure in a couple of months & if elite don't respond I will get his opinion on what he can do for me.
This is my journey thanks for reading.
Please ask away..

Will post a video and pictures of my current state when I get a chance xx


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