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After all the stress of searching online for...

After all the stress of searching online for months and months for the right clinic to go to, reading different reviews for different clinics in europe hoping to find a clinic which would be affordable for the BBL I've finally decided to book my surgery with Elite Aftercare. There customer service so far have been amazing, I spoke to Gina the patient coordinator on the phone and on whatsapp and she seems so lovely and friendly and answered all my questions. I've seen so many positive reviews about the clinic and the staff. I'm soooo excited for the surgery and I hope it does go to plan!

A month to go :)

So I've literally got basically a month till I'll be flying out to izmir for my BBL surgery and I'm sooo excited! I feel like I'm obsessed, everyday I'm on the internet reading up different reviews and watching videos of other peoples experiences. Read up a lot of positive reviews on Dr Ali so I've got my faith on him that he'll do a great job. Can't wait!

I've got a question though. I am a smoker and I've seen advice online saying I should stop smoking weeks prior to surgery and for a month after surgery. However I did ask the coordinator and she just mentioned that I should not drink 1 week prior to surgery and that smoking is ok, it doesn't really effect the surgery.
So I'm not really too sure what to do stop smoking weeks prior to the surgery and after or listen to what I've been told.

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