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After all the stress of searching online for...

After all the stress of searching online for months and months for the right clinic to go to, reading different reviews for different clinics in europe hoping to find a clinic which would be affordable for the BBL I've finally decided to book my surgery with Elite Aftercare. There customer service so far have been amazing, I spoke to Gina the patient coordinator on the phone and on whatsapp and she seems so lovely and friendly and answered all my questions. I've seen so many positive reviews about the clinic and the staff. I'm soooo excited for the surgery and I hope it does go to plan!

A month to go :)

So I've literally got basically a month till I'll be flying out to izmir for my BBL surgery and I'm sooo excited! I feel like I'm obsessed, everyday I'm on the internet reading up different reviews and watching videos of other peoples experiences. Read up a lot of positive reviews on Dr Ali so I've got my faith on him that he'll do a great job. Can't wait!

I've got a question though. I am a smoker and I've seen advice online saying I should stop smoking weeks prior to surgery and for a month after surgery. However I did ask the coordinator and she just mentioned that I should not drink 1 week prior to surgery and that smoking is ok, it doesn't really effect the surgery.
So I'm not really too sure what to do stop smoking weeks prior to the surgery and after or listen to what I've been told.


A week today!

So next week I'll be on my way to turkey for my surgery with elite aftercare and I can't wait! Excited but nervous, can't believe how quick it's gone..
I've heard about these lymphatic massages that some people get after their bbl. Is it a must to get lymphatic massages after surgery? xx

Flight is tomorrow!

So tomorrow I'll be leaving London to go to izmir for my surgery. It's starting to sink in that I'm actually doing this lol, really starting to get nervous now..
All I've been doing is reading up reviews on elite, and looking for any negatives just in case :( I still haven't seen any bad reviews, however, I did see a few posts saying how a lot of people achieve their desired results with more than one round of surgery. But when I've seen videos and snapchats of Dr Miami doing his BBL surgery on other woman he seems to be able to achieve it with one round.. Honestly, I just hope elite aftercare doesn't let me down and I will just need one round. I have put on a lot of weight as well so I hope Dr Ali will be able to suck out all my fat on my belly, waist and love handles and put it in the right places lol
I will post some before and after pictures as soon as xx

Finally in Izmir! Elite aftercare

So I've finally reached Izmir few hours ago, around 10pm and was picked up by James and another guy who I can't remember his name lol they were both so lovely, took me and my friends suitcases and went in the car. I thought we were gonna go straight to the villa but we went straight to the hospital and the nurses took my blood and asked a few questions about my health etc. The nurses couldn't speak English but James and the other guy translated what she was asking me. I'm now at the hospital with my friend and I've gotta be up at 9 in the morning and I haven't slept properly in like 2 days :( I asked Gina when I first enquiried about the bbl with elite a few questions such as if I would need to stop smoking and drinking prior to surgery and if so how long, she told me that I would need to stop drinking 1 week prior to surgery and that smoking doesn't really affect the surgery but it's better to stop smoking for general health reasons.. But when I reached the hospital he told me I needed to stop smoking 2 days prior to surgery and he's not sure why Gina told me that.. This has kinda got me even more nervous :/ I'll be meeting dr Ali tomorrow so I'll just ask him all I need to ask tomorrow. I honestly feel so nervous. Lol. I'll upload some before and after pictures as soon as hopefully this goes well

Day 1 Surgery and after surgery

Surgery went well today.. I met Dr Ali Uckan in the morning, he answered all my questions and really made me feel at ease. He explained to me that he can't take out all the fat from my actual stomach and the fat wasn't the problem it was my skin.. if he took out all the fat from my belly my skin would be sagging because of the excess skin. So after I heal for the surgery I should just maintain the weight and do exercises on my stomach. He did however take some fat from my stomach just not all. He also took fat out of my waist, love handles and back fat, my rolls are goneeee! My bum looks much more bigger and perkier, He showed me my before and after pictures too which I'll post up soon.

This morning, I had to sign more paperwork, and Dr Ali marked me up and told me where he would be taking the fat from etc, then not too long after I had injections and I was sent in for surgery. Surgery was about 2-3 hours. I woke up back in my hotel room and was literally shivering for about 30mins. I was sooo cold, dr Ali came to my room told me the surgery went well and there was no complications and explained that the shivering after surgery was normal. I fell back asleep for a few hours, I woke up feeling really stiff and in pain. James brought me some drink and food I swear him and Daniel have been amazing. I feel so much better than this morning I've been walking around the room trying to get used to not sitting on my bum lol. Dr Ali came to check up on me and we spoke and he answered all my questions. I'll be meeting up with him again tomorrow. James and the nurses check up on me to make sure I'm ok the whole team here have been amazinggggg. Can't wait to see my body once the bruising has gone down. Just waiting for James to bring me and my friend some more food I'm starving. :)

Before pictures.. Eww lol

Some before pictures.. Ewww lol

Straight after surgery pictures

Straight after surgery pictures

Before and after - 2 Days Post Op

Hi girls,
Here's a before and after two days post op after surgery. I opted for the £3000 package and had my abdomen, full waist and upper to lower back to bra clasp area liposuctioned. It's too soon to say if I'm happy with the surgery; dr Ali did say that this isn't my final look and I do have a lot of swelling which will reduce in the next few weeks/months so hopefully once my swelling does reduce and I'm healed it would be the look I've been wanting and I'll have a more contoured look. But so far so good I guess. I'm currently staying at the villa with a friend and the villa is sooo beautiful!

Standing up photos

Some standing up photos from the back. No arching..


Well.. Like I said I was going to keep it real on here and to be honest so far, I'm not happy with my results at all, I went to have my bbl surgery with elite aftercare to aim to have a small snatched waist, back fat to be sucked out and a bigger booty. My waist there's barely a difference from before and after the surgery, it's still wide and my stomach looks like no fat was taken out at all! You wouldn't even tell that I've had surgery! I've complained to elite about this already and they said it's because I've got a lot of fluid and a lot of swelling and in a month it should reduce my waist should go in smaller and if I'm not happy then we can discuss options - coming back for a free revision/topup, It's just annoying, I only wanted to have this done once then to maintain the weight with the gym not having to go back for another round. I dunno if I got sucked in because I saw Lateysha Grace's results with elite forgetting she went there for her 3rd round or what..
I've seen all these doctors in america, and dominican republic perform bbl's and theres actually a difference straight away even if the person is swelled up.. I don't get it do elite use different equipment or something that the results take months to show? I literally look the exact same I'm fuming honestly.

One thing I can say is that my bum is defintely bigger.. Not as big as I thought it would be as I did think it would be as I do have a lot of fat on my body but it is defo bigger. I can't help but think it could of been more perkier though.. You know a more peachy shape?

Sighsss I guess I'll just have to give it another month and see if there is any difference. Gina said I should get a waist trainer too to keep my waist/stomach area super compressed. Hmmm.

I really do I don't end up regretting going to elite but I'm just impatient.. When I'm seeing other girls go to have bbl's and there getting instant results even whilst having swelling then I'm having the same surgery and I'm being told I have to wait weeks/months to see a difference in my waist and stomach.. I just don't get it. Honestly.


So everything that I was scared to happen happened lol I literally don't even look like I've had anything done I look the exact same. Disappointed isn't even the word. My back fat/rolls are still there, my waist still looks wide, my stomach no difference at all and my bum I'm pretty sure it's shrunk to its original size. I'm sooo angry. It's like I've gone through all this pain from the surgery for nothing. I don't look any different at all. I've complained to Gina and she said that elite would like to offer me a free revision bbl and that I'll need to wait a minimum of 3 months for my 2nd round and that dr ali will aggressively liposuction my abdomen and remove all the fat and re-inject it to my bum and the 2nd round will definitely give me what I'm looking for. Hmmm. I just don't know what to think..

2 Weeks post op - Very disappointed

Second thoughts about going back to elite aftercare for bbl revision.

I'm really having second thoughts whether I want to even go back to elite aftercare for the bbl revision. Yes it is free but just thinking about how I would have to go through all that pain and stress all over again for them to not even get my body the way I want and it being a waste of time again.. I've been looking at Dr Mallol from the Dominican Republic and his results look amazinggggg his results are exactly what I want and what I expected with elite. Even some girls I've seen on here who has gone to dr mallol they look great. I wish I found him sooner honestly. Ah I dunno what to do!


So Elite are 100% not looking to give me a refund lol but they are still willing to give me a bbl revision for free.. I know it's free and really I should go back and get what I paid for, But I just can't help thinking maybe elite just isn't for me and me going back there is gonna be a waste of time and I won't get the exact results that I want. I've spoken to Dr Mallol from the Dominican Republic sent him my pictures and he's given me a quote. I know it would be cheaper to go back to elite since I've already paid but I just can't help thinking that Dr Mallol will do a better job. Hmmmm.

Terrible results from Dr Ali Uckan

Dr Ali Uckan is very polite and he does make you feel at ease before and after surgery and his staff are very welcoming. However my results from my bbl were terrible. I look the exact same as I did before the surgery. I look as if I had no fat taken from my body at all. I noticed this few days after the surgery and dr ali and his staff kept telling me it's because of swelling and in about a month my body will go much smaller my waist and stomach. I am now 7 weeks post op and this did not happen. My waist is still wide and my stomach doesn't look any different as it did from before. I even still have the back fat which dr ali said he removed.. I have been eating healthy and drinking a lot of water still no difference. I even lost most of the gains on my bum even though I didn't sit on my bum for weeks as recommended. I asked for a refund and his team are refusing to give me a refund. Caraline - one of his patient coordinators who I have been emailing since my surgery has even stopped replying me. Lol. My aftercare in elite was lovely though I said in a beautiful villa for 5 days, the food was ok. Nothing special. I didn't get any smoothies like the girls on realself were going on about that they received. When I went back home they didn't really check up on me unless I messaged them first. I'm sure if I never messaged Gina (one of the other patient coordinators) on whatsapp first she wouldn't of even bothered checking up on me. Elite aftercare really did sell me dreams. Very disappointed with my results. Waste of my money and time. They did however offer me a free revision bbl but I've lost all faith with elite and I have decided to go to another doctor for my round 2.
Izmir Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ali Uckan and his staff was very friendly and the villa I stayed at to recover was beautiful. However I did not get the results I wanted, I looked the exact same as I did before the surgery, I literally looked like I had no fat taken out from me at all, and my bum went back to its original size. Elite aftercare offered me a free revision but I didn't feel it was right going back there as I felt dr ali wasn't going to give me the results I wanted. So I ended up going to Dr Mallol from the Dominican Republic for my BBL Revision.

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