41 Years Old, Finally I Found Something That Worked on Melasma

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Ive made other posts, but had trouble getting my...

Ive made other posts, but had trouble getting my pics to show up si I'm posting again...I've used everything in the past 20 years...retinol, tazorac, hydroquinone, kojoic acid..ugh..oh and grapeseed extract...I've also done countless peels and nothing really worked on the ugly melasma. Then I found a product called nucelle. It is made with mandelic acid...which somes from bitter almonds...don't worry I don't sell this product..I just wanted to share this with everyone suffering with this gross, premature aging that melasma caused for me. I only had it on my cheeks, but after a long summer in houston..it looked like I had lamb chop side burns..I hated it! I use the nucelle 15% mandelic acid along with the rest of the regiment and my melasma is completely peeled off in 3 weeks...I am going to keep using it for the rest of my life! That's why I'm trying to spread the word so the company continues to make it. I get worried that I won't be able to get it anymore when I find something I love....neurotic! The people at nucelle can help you if you have questions, they were very helpful. I went with the oily/acne prone line, because it contains the highest mandelic acid...it gets dark and crusty before it peels..it scared me but when it started to peel I could see my peach skin underneath again! I'm hooked for life..I just wanted to share..don't be skeptical..just try it I promise you will see results once and for all!

New photo peeling melasma

Just wanted to show the spot that peeled originally how wide it was underneath

Update melasma 98% gone and staying gone

I am really happy with my results I'll post some pictures so that you can see what my skin is like today it seems as though this is how it's going to stay unless I want to go through another 4 to 5 week peel but I probably will just live with this and then do another peel after next summer.
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I used nucelle mandelic acid. It's from Canada

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