I've Made an Huge Mistake 4 Years Ago, Now I'm Trying to Fix It! - Italy, IT

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Hi everybody, sorry for my english but I'm italian...

Hi everybody, sorry for my english but I'm italian and I haven't write in english from a while!
Four years ago I've made this BIG mistake, I've got a tattoo on my leg.. It's SO big, I'm so ashamed of it, since I've got it I haven't show my leg in public.. can you imagine what it means? all summer with long trousers or long skirts.. a living hell..
When I got it I thought "well, I'm so shy, I would never show my leg in public, so it's ok to get tattooed.." WRONG! Now I'm 28 and I'm more self confident than ever, I know that I have beautiful legs and I want to show them so much, wear shorts and dresses.. so sad..
I've done it also because I want to impress my ex boyfriend, I feel so stupid.. I really hope that I can fix this mess with laser treatments.
I've already have my first session last monday with a Revlite Q-Switch laser with a experienced doctor, but I'm so confused about continue the treatment with him or try Picosure..
This doctor told me that in some spots the ink is very deep, and even if he couldn't tell me how much session I need, he thinks probably 8 or more..
The other doctor (who use Picosure) told me that I need only 4-6 treatments.. the price is the same, I don't know what to do..
For now I think that I'm going to do the second (and maybe also the third) session with this doctor and then decide what to do.. the problem is that for keep the price he offered me (250 euros for session) I have to pay the next session in advance.

I show you some picture of the tattoo before treatments, after 3 days and after 9 days from the treatment.

I'd like to ask you for two advices:
- the doctor has suggested me to take the second session after 4 weeks, so I've scheduled the next session on Aug 1st, but I'm so worried because on 13th I'm going abroad for my summer vacation (no sea or sunbath at all, I'm going to Iceland!) and maybe the second treatment will be more painful and the aftercare longer that this one (I'm on day 9 and even if I'm not in pain anymore, my tattoo isn't full healed as you can see!).. I want to resheduled the apointment in September, but he told me that is better for me if I take the first sessions after a month, and then wait more time between them (from the fourth session, for example).
- in your opinion, will my tattoo be removed? It's better for me if I use Picosure or Revlite?

thank you guys, I've read a lot of your experience and they help me a lot!


Almost healed!

Healing takes sooo long for me, maybe because it's summer, maybe because of the position.. I've been wearing a special sock to help circulation in the second and third week after the treatment, following my doctor's advice.
I'd like to wear it right after my next treatment and for a longer amount of days to see if it will speed up my healing.
I've seen wonderful results after only one treatment, lot of "cat's hair" (LOL) have turned brown, and seem lighter every day (I'm crossing my fingers so hard!). I've got some still some "shiny" spots where the blister was, but it seem to be dead skin.. you know, like when you get burned by the sun and then the dead skin slowly fall down.. sorry but I don't know if there is a word in english to describe properly this process!

I will post pictures when the cat is healed, my next tx is Sept. 5th.. can't wait!
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