Burns from Laser Hair Removal

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I have had my first hair removal session almost 2...

I have had my first hair removal session almost 2 weeks ago in Italy ( centro evolution roma ) using the diode lightsheer . I am skin type III with little bit tan with dark hair , I saw the doctor set the frequency to 35 for my therapy ( she didn't do the patch test before the session , nor did she told me that my tan could result in skin burnts) . Within 24 hours blisters & burns had begun to form and were very uncomfortable . I am so worried that i have ruined my skin forever :(( . do you think that I will have permanent scarring and hyper-pigmentation from the treatment? Do you have any suggestions to help prevent permanent effects? Before my session I was under antibiotics for about 10 days , could it be the reason why I've got burns & if so why the doctor didn't warn me about this !!! please advise me what should I use know to heel better & most importantly don't get discoloration in this area :(((( the funny part is that I went back to the dr that did it and they said it was fine, but i know that can't be normal...

New pic

This is how my skin looks after 5 months, for those whom are having the same problem , i did the following procedures :
First i didn't pop my burns & blisters , I just applied cream to keep them moisturise in order to help them heeling , one advise please listen to me 'Do Not Touch Your Burns ' , let them heel on their own way , if you touch them you are gonna break your skin which result into more skin hyperpigmentation , Brown spots can last a long time , so be patient , after My burns looses their crust I used Vitiskin cream which is a depigmentation hydrogel and it stimulate your skin to produce more Melanin , I used this cream just for 5 weeks , after this period I have used Glycolic acid and hydroquinone ( in general they are bleaching cream ) in order to rid of hyperpigmentation , my deramtologist suggest me to stay out of the sun at least for 7 months (so no sun exposure till your skin produce melanin and get activated again) then at the end of July I can expose my skin to the sun , becuse the sun help your skin to produce more Melanin , I hope you feel better soon , I know how you feel now ...


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