58 Years Old 3 Weeks Post Op - Italy, IT

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All I can say now is the usual question.. why...

All I can say now is the usual question.. why didn't I do it 10 years ago??....
Well I guess I was not fed up enough and my boobs did grow a lot during menopause in the last 5/6 years. Plus I always tend to do things when time is almost up..
I believe if you are younger healing is easier so if you are convinced to do it don't wait! Gravity keeps working while we sit and ponder..and they don't shrink but just go down...
Insurance covered but I had to advance surgeon cost and will be reimbursed.
I did it in Rome Italy and have found this website very helpful since there is nothing like it in Italy.
It can be very lonely in the post op time especially because I did it at the end of May and now everyone's going to the beach while I have to stay in cool shady place.
The downside is that a stitch came off a few days after surgery and the surgeon said he could not put a new one so the wound would have to heal by "second intention". This means I have a hole at the base of the anchor in the mid line which seems to be a very crucial difficult spot where 3 elements meet.
Stitching along the base is a continuos line while in the middle there are 3 stitches in a T position and that's where it came off. It could be that I raised my arm during sleep or somewhat strained it during daily activities. All I know is that it's delaying the healing process and I have not been able to take a shower yet. I hope scar will be ok but it's possible it could end up being enlarged.
Also on the downside 6 days post op I developed a horribly itchy dermatitis under and on the side of the breast. It lasted a good week and I had to use antibiotic cortisone cream. It was probably due to glue in the bandages as well as over sensitive skin after years of bra elastics rubbing and irritating.
I am posting photos from post op on and hopefully in a week or 2 I will be able to say I'm over the annoying part and finally can enjoy freedom. At the moment there is still a lot of tension under.
Now that I mentioned all the down side I can say I love the size and not feeling the weight on my shoulders. My posture has been better and more open from day one.

4 weeks post op hole slowly healing

After 8 visits to the surgeon who patiently changes the bandage twice a week he said today that in a week time the hole should be closed. The skin over it will be very delicate but I will be able to finally shower after 5 weeks!!! Of course I have been washing but the sensation of being under a water is a different thing.
I am happy about the shape and size and the boobs are getting softer daily with less tension under.
There is also something that bothers me but surgeon said it will fix itself. Not sure about that.
The incision in the middle on the right is longer than the left and it has created a fold with extra skin and puffy in the middle. I guess it's good enough and perfection is not to be expected.
Today I bought a biking that is made of a simple band across the chest and covers the wounds with no strap on shoulders or around the neck. Boobs stay up there with no need for that awful strap I've hated for so many years. A dream come true...
Jorge D'antueno

Surgeon has been very kind and he's seen me twice a week now already 6 times. I thought after 4 times it would be over but because of the stitch that came off he has to clean and protect the hole over and over again.

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