37 y/o, from 36 G to 36 B - BEST DECISION EVER!

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Like many of you I've been wanting to have a...

Like many of you I've been wanting to have a breast reduction since college. But I was never brave enough to do it. By now my breasts are really on the way of normal existence. My posture is crap, not only from carrying all this extra weight on the front but also from trying to hide my huge boobs from dirty looks and comments. Backache is almost constant. Huge money spent on expensive bras. I'm tired to be a "tit-woman". I want people to see me, not them. I want to be able to walk with my back straight. And I want to wear normal clothes. Since my teenage years I look like a middle-aged woman because of my heavy front. So I basically never looked like a young girl. Too late for that now, I'm 37 haha. I'm sure that you understand all this, ladies. I have been following realself for a couple of months now and I want to share my story with you, because what I read here really helps me. I hope my story will help someone too. 6 days to go. Counting. Excited. Scared a bit. But very, very optimistic!

Pics before

Pics before

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

So here are the last two pictures of my big girls! I'm getting nervous and excited!!! I can't believe that my dream will come true. I hope everything goes well and I can say bye-bye to the back/neck pain, special expensive bras, bad posture, clothing difficulties and phycological issues!
And I am so grateful to all of you who post their experience on RealSelf! Thank you ladies

I made it!!!!!!

I'm so happy, it went so well! Update with pictures - tomorrow! Now - rest!

Before nand after: fight after the op!

RIGHT not fight ahaha

Still not quite awake :)

The morning after :)

Hello everybody! So here I am - woke up with these adorable little boobies! Yay!
I have NO PAIN. The only thing I feel is my tight bandage. It is restricting my movements to some extent. Upper arms feel as if I have overdone with the weights at the gym :)) The range of arm movement is almost 100% - I dressed myself, made a high ponytail, cleaned the iod that I had on my upper body - everything without problems. Ok, I did it slowly and carefully of course :)
I was preparing myself for such big pain and discomfort! And so far - none of it. I was also able to sleep on my back (I'm a side-sleeper). I woke up twice to go to the bathroom and felt very dizzy and nautious no doubt from anesthesia. Went back to sleep with no problem. I was well prepared - got two special pillows: a wedge to keep upper body elevated (no temptation to roll to the side during sleep) and a special pillow to elevate legs (to take the pressure of my lower back). I will have to sleep on my back for at least three weeks and this position with pillows is super comfortable - feels like zero gravity! I really recommend. They were not expensive either (both from Amazon).
Today I will visit my doctor, let's see what she says. Yesterday she mentioned that the right nipple is a bit problematic (too dark) and told me to massage (poke) it every hour. I have to be honest - I couldn't bring myself to do it - too afraid. It is so stupid of me. Because when I tried to poke it I felt very dizzy, almost blacked out! Not for pain (I feel nothing) but just for the fact that I'm poking my own freshly stitched nipple!!!!! I do hope that the nipple is alive... Otherwise it will be my fault! Maybe I try again right now. And then I eat - veeeeeeeeeeeery hungry!! :)
I will keep you informed how things go!

One day post op visit to my doctor

Everything seems to go as it should: some swelling, some bruising, some blood (no doubt from 40 min bumpy ride to the hospital). I'm amazed at their size!!!!! And how high they sit :) So far I took only one Ibuprofen600 after the car trip. Otherwise the pain is normal and it tells me that I'm healing :)

A new pic!

What? My boobs are smaller than my head??? Who is this person in the mirror?? I'm so happy!! And I got a go from my ps to take a shower, so I go now!

I'm starting to feel my nipples!

Wow, I didn't expect it so early on! Interesting thing is that I don't feel them when I poke them (as my ps directed), but I feel light tingles sometimes (unrelated to any movements)... Healing process is exciting - you can listen to your body. It doesn't feel nearly as bad as it looks! And my angel of a husband is on his way back home with new gauze, so I can cover up the mess! My ps has quite a sense of humor - I asked her if it's ok to have this yellow/red discharge all day and she said yes, it is happening because you are alive ahahaha, that really cracked me up!

Other thoughts...

I begged my ps to make me really small. Because I didn't want to end up feeling/looking big EVER AGAIN - had enough of that *$^%*$. She did a great job and I'm really really small - as small as I could be! BUT omg, my stomach!?! IS HUGE!!! It used to hide under the big boobs and now it looks and feels completely foreign in respect to the rest of me. I have small arms and shoulders too.. So. Apart from good recovery and healing I gave myself a very serious task to be strict with what I'm eating and get rid of this unwelcome feature that is sticking out in front! Big stomach - I declare a war! :)

Day 3

Wow, I say! Slept on my side(s) again all night, without problems. Took a shower, washed my hair! Bruises are getting yellow - means I'm healing. The right one has decided to be a bit bigger or just more swollen, which I don't care much about - I didn't have symmetry before anyway, no one really has it 100%. But OMG I'm in love with my new boobies!!!! The swelling is coming down and I'm starting to notice a tiny bounce - not an earthquake like before :))) Ah they are so cute! I had boobs like that when I was 12. Now I feel yeeeeeears younger and super sexy, even with all the steri-strips! Pain level today - zero. I massage them as my ps directed. The arms movement is almost 100%. On top of that I had a first BM since the surgery - what a relief. Can't feel the nipples yet, but it is way to early to be concerned. Yay! I do hope that the whole process will be as smooth as the beginning... Greetings and best wishes to all!

Day 5

Hello ladies,
So the healing is going well - slowly but steadily :) Boobies are getting softer and they are less numb. I continue sleeping on my sides, each night better. Yesterday and today I have been active as normal - went out for lunch, for shopping, for family gathering for walks and even to a small rock-concert last night! I don't get tired suddenly like before. My bruises are getting yellow. I find it very fascinating to see day by day how my body is healing itself. I even see a small difference between their appearance in the morning and in the following evening. Next time I will see my ps will be on Friday. She said that she will remove/change the steri-strips then. I'm very curious to see how the scars are doing underneath the strips and all this dried blood!
Also the fight with my big stomach is going well - I stick to a very healthy diet :) Because big stomach looks really out of place with these youthful perky little new boobies of mine! :)
Happy healing to everybody!

Strappy top - NO BRA!!!! :)

I wanted to share they joy with you! :)
I think that my surgeon did a FANTASTIC JOB with the shape!

A great bra!

Got lucky - ordered this one online, without trying on. Based my choice on feedback and research :) What an amazing bra! Can't recommend highly enough. First of all (I don't know how they did it) it doesn't roll up and disturb the horizontal scars! Then it really adopts to the size of the breasts and stays reasonably tight without being too tight. However it is tighter than my other sports bras - I feel more safe to walk, I slept better - you name it! See the pic!
PS - feeling better and better every day. Going to see my ps this afternoon.

Words fail me!!! I'm so happy!!

My life has changed completely!! Leave all your doubts and do it!!

Fantastic silicone tape for scars!!!

Hello Ladies,
I would like recommend Mepitac Silicone Tape to you! It is so comfortable to wear, to stays on after showers, it doesn't move anywhere during sleep, the edges don't catch on bras and clothes, it is breathable and it stays on when I'm sweating! It is simply brilliant.
Also aesthetically it looks extremely neat, in fact you can't see the scars from two steps away!
And it is inexpensive (about 12 euro), providing that it come in a package of 3 metres!
Of course it is for the stage of recovery when all the woulds are completely closed. My doctor recommended to keep taping for several month to control the scar (minimise the pulling) that may result in widening of the scar tissue. At first I was like, OMG, uncomfortable tape for months! But now since I'm wearing this tape, I'm even more pleased - I feel secure and protected and the boobies look super!
Here's the link to Amazon (just an example):
Great healing to everyone!

Yet another happy update! :-)

My first time at the pool! Not only I had a time of my life choosing a new bikini (OMG, it was amazing!!), but for the first time in I guess 25 years, when I came OUT of water the weight of my gigantic breasts did NOT crush back on me!!!!! I came out, I simply came out! And didn't feel any pain or burden! I am beyond happy. And of course no more embarrassment trying to hide my huge breasts from people around the pool! Walking proudly with my back straight!! Why oh why did I not do the operation before..? But I guess there is the right time for everything in this life. Other than my first pool experience after the op, there is nothing much to report.. I'm enjoying my new "light version" of life and it is amazing in all aspects, nothing hurts, I don't even have any discomfort. I just put scar recovery gel every night/morning (depending on my activities).. Good luck to everyone who is scheduled and no second thoughts to those who are undecided!
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