Natrelle Inspira 325gr round silicone. Italy, IT

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I have finally decided to go through with the...

I have finally decided to go through with the procedure after thinking about it for over a year and a half. If all goes according to plans my Op date is for 14th Jan 2016.

I have Always wanted "boobs" and after having two daughters and breastfed both (the glory of getting boobs lasted only for that period!) my small breasts became even smaller. My husband never complained and I dismissed the thought of getting an augmeentation until he left me over a year ago. Since then I lost over 8 kg, my self esteem and the little boobs I had left. Now i've put some weight back but obviously it is going on my thighs and not my chest, so after thinking about pros and cons, I have decided that I want to look and feel good with myself and get on with my life. Not for another man but first of all for myself.
I am quite pretty and everyone tells me I look much younger than my age, I am tired of stuffing my bra and feeling like a 12 year old , so I'm going ahead with the op.
I am thinking of natural looking breasts, not too big as I have a petite frame and on top have no fat at all.
went for sizing and we have decided for 275 to 310cc maximum, natrelle Inspira round textured silicone.
There are two types of gel in the natrelle implants and we are going for the more solid type as there is less ripling effect. The textured finish should keep the implants in place and reduce risk of capsular contraction. I am opting for dual plane as I have little to cover the implant on the top.

wish boobs

wish boobs

this are my ideal...

more wish boobs

more wish boobs

three days to go!

feeling a little nervous now! can't believe i'm actually going through with this!!
Any last minute suggestions??

On the other side!!!

Had my surgery yesterday, afraid of the result as I am a perfectionist! I'm still bandaged so I still haven't seen what my new boobs look like. I' m in discomfort and a little pain but still bareable. My doctor gave me a 'free' knee lipo so have a little pain there too. I stayed in the clinic overnight and had the nurses look After me.
Around ten the doctor should come and take the drainage and bandages away and do the medication, so I'll be able to see what they look like! In the end he had two sets of three volumes, both moderate and full profile. I had asked for moderate max 310gr (allergan gas grammes instead of cc) but he decided on 325gr full profile as he said they looked much better! I really hope they look good but more so like I wished!
Will post some pictures as soon as I can

One day post op

Day of treatment

Day three post op

Three days post op photos

3weeks post

One month review

In this past month things have gone OK. Pain has been bearable, and I like the new look of my breasts. Maybe the doctor has decided on a larger size then I would've chosen myself, but still I do like it. I am all in all satisfied.
At one month the breasts are still hard. Some mornings I wake up and they are pulling or I feel like they have cramps, but I hope this will change soon. I have started massaging them. Only downside is that I got Mondor chords !

Before and after -2months

Five months photo update

One year update

I am still really happy I did this. A year has gone by but from day one I felt better with my body and so I would reccomend this to anyone who felt like I did.
The implants are softer and have dropped. I will post a photo asap.
There is no rippling, I can just barely see a little of the implant if I am facing downwards and just to the side as I have thin skin there.
Maybe I could have gon e a little bigger ( or wider for my size but starting out with practically no breasts whatsoever this was already a BIG improvement for me and I didn't want to let the world know about it. Noone can tell they are fake, even when I am in a bikini. So all in all very happy with the result.

One year update photos

Dr Stefano Veneroso

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