25 years old, Gummy Bear Implants MF Natrelle 410 (255cc)

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Hi girls. I'm 25 years old from Italy and I'm...

Hi girls. I'm 25 years old from Italy and I'm getting my breast augmentation in one month. I'm so excited! I've always wanted bigger boobs since ten years ago. I'm very athletic and ex swimmer so I have very broad chest and big shoulder this is why I don't like my proportion! My stats are: height 167cm, weight 63kg, bust 92cm and bra size 34b (I think a small one though :D ). I'm getting Natrelle anatomical implants overs because as said before I do a lot of sport but I still have to decide my size. I'd like to end up with a full C cup (max D cup) and my surgeon suggested 255cc: he said 295cc will be even bigger than what I want. What do you think? I really like the 295cc implants but I'm worried they will be too big! Anyone with Gummy bear implants? How are they?
In general how long do you have to wait to go back to the gym and swimming?

Help: need suggestions on the size!

I've booked everything months and months ago and read a lot of reviews here in real self but I'm still not sure about the size. As said before now I wear a 34B (mainly due to my big chest) and measure 92cm (bust size). I'd like to reach a full C cup and my surgeon suggested 255cc moderate height full projection Natrelle anatomical implants (subglandular with inframammary incision). Anyways he said the larger I should go is 300cc. For the surgery he will order different sizes (I suggested to order 255cc and 295cc) and he will chose which one fits better but I'm more and more convinced about getting the 295cc. What do you think about these two sizes? I don't want to regret I went too small but the final choice it's not mine :) is there a big difference between 255cc and 295cc? Thank you ;)

The Big Day

Just a few hours left :) my surgery is in the afternoon and I'm so excited! Bye bye sad boobs and hope everything will go well. I will update as soon as possible with the first post-op photos.

1st day post-op

Surgery went well, I stayed for one night and one day in the hospital and now I'm back home with drains. I got Natrelle Anatomical implants 255cc moderate height full projection (295cc was too big for my chest and body). The pain is ok (except for the drains) and I'm keeping the ice for all the day. The left one seems to heal faster (slightly smaller but less swollen too). I'm happy with the results and let's see how they will become :)

2nd day post-op

Not many changes from yesterday, I just noticed that the left one has dropped a bit and it's less swollen. I will upload better pictures once drains are gone :)

4th day post-op

Today I had the first shower (actually it was a bath) and felt so good :) still a bit sore but in general I don't feel too much pain. I just have a lot of pain in my back ahahah I really don't like sleeping on my back :( here a few pictures after bath.

1 week post-op

I feel very good, I can move quite well without feeling pain but they are still hard. They dropped a bit but no big changes from my last update. Hope they will start soften soon :)

2 weeks PO :)

Last week I've started exercising a bit and felt pretty good. They're getting softer and dropped a bit more. My life is back to normal but I have to wait to go to the gym. A few days ago I measured my bust and now it's 99cm (I was 92-91cm), I tried some bras just for fun but didn't find the correct size: 34c too small. I've always wore 34-36b bras but I think mine was more a 36a ahahah now I should measure a 36d so asap I will try more bras :) I'm very happy with them, perfect size :D
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