It Was a Disaster

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I am in my mid 50's and signed up for pixel laser...

I am in my mid 50's and signed up for pixel laser to improve the condition of my skin - pretty much what it's supposed to be for.  I bought a package for face neck and upper chest. I started with the upper chest because I was unsure about the downtime (which was described as "a few days") and wanted to have something I could cover. 

The procedure went fine.  There was pain but it was tolerable.  However, the aftermath was grim.   I was unprepared for the level of damage of the skin.   At the end of two weeks, the pealing had gone but I was left with an inflammation that is extremely unsightlly (red bumpy skin) and far worse than the smooth skn I started with .  It has now been four full weeks and I am left with a result that is very ugly and depressing.

I have been to the dermatologist who prescribed some antibiotic cream and a brief course of over the counter cortisone cream.  She indicates that it may never resolve and could possibly end up being worse. At best, this will resolve very slowly -over a period of a year  if it resolves at all.  During this time-zero sun exposure -not even with sunscreen. So I'll need to wear high necked shirts -- not that I'd want to show this mess.

In sum --absolutely no benefit, long term unsightly damage and possibly permanent damage. This may or may not be a rare side effect but I suspect it is not rare since the clinic where I had it done recognized it immediately. 

I would say to anyone who wants to try this- do not do it. it is definitely not worth the risk and if I had known in advance, I would not have done this. I regret it deeply.


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See review above-- they did not apprise me of all the risks involved. Very poor outcome

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