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From about the age of 18 I have wanted to get a...

From about the age of 18 I have wanted to get a nose job but have always worried what it will look like and If I will like the results. I don’t want it to completely change the way I look just want a subtle change. As time has gone on I have become more obsessed about my nose, I think about it every day, I will only have my pictures taken on one side as my bump looks bigger on one side than it does the other. I have also noticed that over time by bump on the bridge of my nose has got worse. I do not like my side profile at all (i dont think its awful) but think my nose is too big for my face and do not like how it dips down slightly. I think it is worse from front profile as my bump makes my face look un symmetrical. I just want a it to be straight / symmetrical and for the tip to be lifted ever so slightly.

After a lot of deliberation and research I have decided to go with Emre Ilhan in Istanbul. He has lots of good reviews and a lot of his previous patients seem to be happy with his results. However I am still a bit worried and hope I have made the right choice. He performs open rhinoplasty, however uses a cutting technique rather than breaking the nose to reduce swelling and bruising.

Anyone that has had any experiences with Dr Emre Ilhan please let me know as would love to hear of your experience.I will update again after op with photos please feel free to message me with any questions. Wish me luck!!!

Do you think the Photo Simulation is easily achievable?

I have uploaded my photo simulation to give a rough idea of what I would like to achieve. Do you think it suits my face? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
What im hoping for is for my hump shaved so my face is symmetrical and my tip lifted slightly (not too upturned though).
The only thing I worry about is I don’t want my nostrils to change shape and don’t want it to affect my top lip. Is this common during rhinoplasty?

7 days until Rhino Op!!!!

I have 7 days to go until i finally get my new nose :), does anyone have any last minute tips/advice?

Consultation day with Dr Emre Ilhan

So today I met with Dr Emre Ilhan for my consultation, he immediately put me at ease and answered any questions that I had. Dr Ilhan is a very popular surgeon in Istanbul due to specialising in Rhinoplasty. My consultation was a very detailed one which took around 3 hours. In the consultation he assessed my nose in detail and advised me of the changes he would like to make, I advised what I liked/didn't like about my nose, we took pictures of my nose and together designed a nose that was suited to my face through 3d computer imaging. Emre Ilhan is extremely knowledgable and specialises in rhinoplasty, he does around 28 nose surgeries per month. Unlike most surgeons he doesn't break the nose he uses a small electronic instrument, this is called 'ultra sonik rhinoplasty' and is a new technique, which involves cutting the cartilage. Ultrasonik rhinoplasty ensures a lot more accuracy and precision, minimal brusing and a faster recovery rate. I asked him the percentage of happy patients and he said 99%. The reason I have chosen to have my nose done in Istanbul rather in London is because rhinoplasty is extremely popular in Turkey, therefore I feel they have a much better expertise in this area and ultra sonik rhinoplasty also is not yet available in London. I have 3 days until surgery day so will update more soon. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Finally... Post op pictures

Soooo I am finally getting to update some pictures post op so you can all see my experience.. The first day after surgery I didn't experience much bruising or swelling, however Dr Emre Ilhan did assure me that I will experience some swelling the following day.. As you can see from my pictures at day 2 and 3 (they were definitely the worst) I look like a chipmunk / completely different person. I surprisingly experienced very little pain after surgery, apart from feeling dizzy when I walked too much. Dr Ilhan did assure me I would have no pain, I was sceptical about this, however proved correct. It is important to rest in the first few days after surgery and day 5/6 when the tubes are removed.. I rested and slept a lot in the first 1-3 days then after that would go out for lunch/ dinner and then go back to the apartment to rest..

More post op pictures

Day 1-3

Day 3 post op

I started to feel ALOT better by day 3 and decided to get my hair blow dried in the hotel to make myself feel a little bit more human.. This definitely helped :) and would advise this.. The swelling move down my face into my lower cheeks and used to wobble when I walked :) haha.. I knew it was only temporary so didn't get worried by this.. Just a weird seeing / feeling a different face to what you are used to!

4 days post op

Day 4 : I got the silicone tubes removed from my nose and my pink cast. It felt so much nicer without the cast on, however Dr Ilhan said when the cast is removed the nose swells an awful lot, which is why he doesn't let his patients see the nose at this stage. My nose was taped and I wasn't shown my nose until day 8/9.. (Can't remember exactly now). I also forgot to mention on my previous post that on days 1-3 I couldn't speak very well (sounded a bit like Frank Butcher from eastenders) this was due to the tube down my throat in surgery.. My throat was a bit sore during days 1-3. I thought I would mention that this is normal as this is something I didn't read about in any posts before my surgery.

Day 5-8 post op (see pictures)

Pictures 5-8 days post op

Days 9-13 post op

Day 9 - I got to see my nose without the tape on for the first time :) .. Was really pleased with the shape, although it was still very swollen I knew once the swelling subsided I would have a result which I was pleased with! Dr Emre Ihan told me to keep the tape on whilst I flew home (to stop it swelling any more) I was allowed to remove the tape the following day. Dr Ilhan informed me that I had thin skin, which in one way is a good thing as my healing was a lot quicker in comparison to someone that has thick skin, however it also shows more deviations / flaws, so have to ensure precision. I was informed that I should see my final result within 4-5 months.

Summary of Ultra Sonik Rhinoplasty Istanbul

Better late than never :) and sorry for the long post.
My surgery took place mid day at Liv Hospital, which was extremely modern and immaculate in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Surgery took just over 3 hours, this was the second time in my life i had been under general anesthetic, i felt fine when i woke up, apart from feeling very tired. Up until around midnight i had my blood pressure taken every couple of hours and my drip pads were changed when requested. After around midnight i fell asleep until around 7am and was able to sleep with ease. I experienced no nausea or pain and remember straight away realising that i could breathe through my nose.

I remember feeling very thirsty when i woke up from surgery, however was told i had to wait a few hours before i could have a drink to prevent being sick.

Breathing through my nose was not half as bad as i imagined, it just felt like i had a bad cold. My lips did get very chapped during the first week, i kept applying vasceline during this time as well as keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water. I had to change my drip pad every 2-3 hours for the first couple of days, not as frequently by the third day, by the forth day i no longer required the drip pad.

The first 1-3 days were the hardest part of the surgery because you feel like a bit of a freak and you get tired very quickly, i was advised to sleep as much as possible (elevated) - I used 2 pillows and a u shaped pillow to keep me upright and to help prevent my head from falling to the side, drank plenty of water and ate plenty of protein ie: chicken, fish (soft foods) to help speed up / aid healing.

Day 4: I started to feel a lot better, this was my second post op consultation where Dr Emre Ilhan removed the silicone tubes from my nose and removed my pink cast :).. I felt a little discomfort as the cast was removed. Once Mr Ilhan assessed the nose and cleaned the inside he taped my nose as he says he does not let any of his patients see the nose at this stage as it is still very swollen and doesn't look like the desired shape at this stage.

Day 5 - 7 : Swelling gradually started to subside and i saw improvements each day. I didn't experience a lot of bruising, mainly swelling, this was mainly down to the fact that my nose wasn't broken as Dr Ilhan uses a new modern cutting technique called ultra sonik rhinoplasty (quicker healing time, less bruising). My swelling started around my eyes than gradually moved down my face, i felt like a chipmunk at one stage as my face jiggled as i walked, i looked like a different person, however i knew it wasn't permanent, as my improvements were visible each day.

Day 8: I looked slightly more acceptable to society so went out for lunch, visited some of the sights in Istanbul: The blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar etc. This is a perk of having your surgery done in an amazing city such as Istanbul, you can combine it into a bit of a Holiday: much better than sitting at home for 2 weeks :).

Day 9: Last consultation (4th one post op) Dr Ilhan removed my tape and let me see my nose for the first time :).. i was very pleased and could immediately see the change and although it was still swollen i could see that once the swelling went down i would have the shape which i desired. Dr Ilhan then re taped my nose and told me to keep it on during the flight (which was the following day) to help prevent further swelling, he said that i could remove the tape once i was home, however i kept it on an additional night to be on the safe side.

Overall i was extremely pleased with my surgery, Dr Emre Ilhan is a very experienced doctor who cares for his patients. Any more questions please feel free to ask and i will help as much as i can :).

9 weeks post op

3 months post op

Just thought I would give you an update. The below pic is 3 months post op, my nose has definitely got more defined, swelling is subsiding more and more as time goes on.

3.5 months post op (front on)

Side profile

For those who have been asking for me to post a side profile.. This is 14 weeks post op

Another side profile pic (a bit clearer)

14 weeks post op.
Istanbul Facial Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't fault Dr Emre Ilhan as a surgeon.. He was extremely knowledgeable as a surgeon and did exactly what I asked for. His bed side manner was a*, he came to see me before surgery and put me completely at ease and asked if I had any questions/concerns, he also saw me after surgery to see how I was feeling and to let me know how the surgery went . The hospital was faultless in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Better than any private hospital I have been to in the UK! Mr Emre Ilhan said if I had any problems to contact him via what's app or text and wanted me to update him on my progress by sending some pictures, he always responded to any questions that I had. This is a doctor who is extremely professional and passionate about his job and it shows!

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