Was seriously Considering Breast Fat Transfer in Istanbul Turkey but now going to Izmir for removal and uplift

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Hi there. I'm new to this so bare with me. I...

Hi there. I'm new to this so bare with me. I live in UK and had breast implants in 6 years ago. At the time they were like melons (way too big) so I had them done again 2 years later by the same surgeon. Unfortunately they are still too big and I really want to have them removed. I've sent lot of pics of my boobs to various surgeons in Turkey and most of them suggest either smaller implants with breast lift and a couple of them have suggested fat transfer with breast lift. As I'm not looking for big boobs the fat transfer option seems my preferred one. It would be great to hear from others who have gone down the same or similar route as me and who have had work done in Istanbul. I will update my journey as I go along but for now that's it.

Have booked to have breast implant removal and uplift in Izmir Turkey

After a lot of consideration and research, I've decided to go to Revitalize in Izmir. Dr Cenk is my surgeon. I've spoken with someone who's already had two surgeries there and is going back for another on in July. I did consider Istanbul but then with the recent explosions etc there I decided not to. I'm probably being too cautious but as I'm travelling on my own I want to be as safe and relaxed as poss. Other reasons for choosing here is that the package is for 7 days rather than the 5 offered in Istanbul. Also a lot of the surgeons wanted to put smaller implants in but I really want them out. So far the clinic has been very professional and on the ball. There's a woman called Jackie who you can speak with here in the UK who organises things. The total cost for the explants and uplift with transfers and accommodation is £2,700 which I think is really good. I travel next Wednesday 29th June. I will post before and after pics and keep you updated.

Here in Izmir for implant removal and breast uplift

Arrived today and was picked up at airport. So far everything is great I really feel like I'm being looked after. My surgery is scheduled for midday tomorrow and apart from normal amount of apprehension I feel good. The package includes accommodation and food. I am staying at a villa with 3 other women some of whom have had their surgery. The feed back is very positive with one woman a returnee. Will update after surgery
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