Vaser Lipo and Fat Transfer into Buttocks Surgery Comfort Zone - Istanbul, Turkey

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Hi dolls, me and my friend decided to get vaser...

Hi dolls, me and my friend decided to get vaser lipo and BBL done at Comfort zone in Istanbul Turkey. We flew from the UK to Istanbul last night and we just arrived at the clinic. Dr Engin organised everything for us and my friend is about to go to the theatre. I'm next.. All im thinking about is how I would look with my new body , I'm so excited

Vaser lipo and bbl today post op update

Hello dolls,

Me and my friend had vaser lipo and fat transfer into buttocks done today. First of all I want to thank God that we made it to the other side!!
I've been reading reviews on since a few months but I only joined this site at the beginning of this month. I find it a bit annoying that alotta people don't write any reviews once they had their surgery done. My plan is to keep you guys updated on everything.

Anyway me and my friends surgery today went well. My friend is in alotta pain. She is complaining that her back hurts a lot. I feel so sorry for Her she's been crying a lot :-( and she also took a lotta pain killers today. Me on the other hand I'm not in much pain. I only feel a little bit of pain in my bum and stomach when I lie down. It's quite difficult to find a comfortable position. But the pain is bareable. I had vaser lipo on my stomach, love handles and my back (back rolls). I haven't seen my body yet as I'm wearing a garmet. I saw my friends bum when she used the restroom
And I think it looks amazing ????. My bum looks the same to me but i haven't seen it properly yet so I don't want to complain. It's too early to judge. I will upload a pic that we both took this afternoon when we woke up. We will take more pics tomorrow.

One day post op Brazilian butt lift

Hi dolls,

Me and my friend had vaser lipo and fat transfer into buttocks done yesterday. We are feeling much much better today. We still in pain but it's not as bad as yesterday. We only feel much discomfort when we lay down or try to get up. We left the hospital this morning and came to the recovery house. The recovery house is so beautiful, very clean and very comfortable. The staff and the girls in the house are super feels like home here. We didn't want to stay home all day and lay around so me and my friend decided to go shopping at the Turkish bazar. But to be honest it wasn't such a great idea .. We weren't in much pain cuz we walked quite slow. But the pain kicked in after walking around for an hour and a half. But we felt ok once we sat down in the car.
I must say tho that I feel alotta pain when I laugh, cough or sneeze. It's really painful :-( we are flying back to the UK tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the journey back to London

Brazilian butt lift 3 days post op

Hi dolls,

Me and my friend flew back home to London yesterday. It was a 4 hours flight and it wasn't as bad as I expected it.
Sleeping is very difficult for me.
I wake up very stiff every morning...every position is uncomfortable. I wake up very stiff and it's so painful to get out of bed. But once I'm up I feel ok.

I removed the garment today and I took a shower for the first time. I nearly fainted in the shower. Make sure you have someone around you when you remove your bandages and garment.
Today was the first time I saw my body after the procedure. I'm still very much swollen so I can't see a big difference yet.
I had 4.5 litres of fat removed and 750 cc injected in each butt cheek.
Maybe he should have used more but It's still early. I will upload some pics later

One week post op bbl

Hi dolls,

I'm exactly one week today!
I have to admit that the first 4 days have been awful and challenging .

I went for a lymphatic massage yesterday and oh my God it was amazing. It was a little bit painful tho.
But I would defo recommend it!

So far I'm still much swollen all over and my skin is still numb in my belly, lower back and upper booty. Other than that the pain is getting less. I can't wait for all the swelling to go down :-(

One week post op

Two weeks post up quick update

Hello dolls, it's been a while. I'm 17 days post op. I just wanted to post a quick update. Everything is turning up great so far. I'm still swollen but I'm shrinking daily. The swelling has gone done a lot. I am massaging myself with Shea butter every morning and every evening. I also started wearing a waist clincher on top of my garment and I drink water with lemon juice squeezed inside. It helps a lot with the swelling. My stomach keeps on shrinking. I'm now walking and moving normal. I'm even back at work. My butt looks cute not huge but it's the perfect size. I just hope that my butt is not gonna shrink. Well that's it for now xxx
Dr Mete Aktsu

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