From London to Istanbul for Vaser Lipo with Dr Metin Kerem - Istanbul, TR

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Hi, RealSelf has really been an eye opener for me...

RealSelf has really been an eye opener for me the last couple of months in making decisions and knowing what to expect with Vaser Liposuction. I've never really considered cosmetic surgery and i've only just decided to do this to improve my stubborn areas such as by belly and achieve a more feminine silhouette.
I am 26year old and a mother of one. I was exercising 5 times a week from Feb to May but i stopped as i started to lose weight everywhere else except my stomach. That really discouraged me. I've NEVER had a flat belly and even when I lose weight? my belly still sticks out. I am now determined to get that sorted and move on with life :)
I have done loads of research on surgeons here in the UK and abroad but the only doctor I was actually happy with his work here in the UK and the price was Dr Bassi from Selston Cosmetic Clinic - he gives ladies a more natural and toned look which I liked.
However? I decided to travel to Turkey as I was also looking to have a hair transplant done and Turkey is well known for that and it's just a 3hrs flight too (will post another review for this).
I was in Turkey a couple of months back on holiday so going there for a surgery made me feel comfortable - it wasn't unknown territory to me.
I chose Dr Metin Kerem after many consultations from other clinics in istanbul? some offering me good deals with price as i was having 2 procedures done. I chose Dr Metin as he has great reviews online (not many pictures) but his patients often talk about how caring and realistic he is about the expected outcome and not one single complaint or negative review on him . He is a board certified plastic surgeon and has appeared on a couple of tv shows talking about cosmetic surgery.
I have been in contact with his International patient coordinator Ferve and she has sent me before and after pictures and the results are fantastic.
I will be travelling to Istanbul alone on the 21st of June and my consultation and surgery will be on the 22nd of June. My partner was going to come with me but I told him to stay behind to look after our kid. I only told one friend and kept it secret from other family members (These things are sort of private.. Lol). At the moment i'm feeling more excited than scared and I just really want to get it done and over with. I have started packing my bag and got a nice high quality compression garment from Leonisa. I got a few baby wipes and pads. The patient coordinator said everything i need is included in the price so i just need to bring myself :)
I plan to have my abdomen, waist, back and maybe thighs done. After the procedure, i will be staying one night at the hospital and the rest of my days in istanbul will be at the hotel and i'll be having my post op checks before flying back to the UK.
So wish me the best ladies, the countdown to my sexiness begins :)

About 6 days to go, feeling deflated, Excited etc...

Ok....deep breaths!

I have about 6 days to go and my emotions are all over the place. Feeling excited as I can't wait to actually get a flat stomach (it's really a big deal to me.. No jokes), feeling emotional as I will be away from my child for a week :( and I'm beginning to stress about the little irrelevant things and also how I'll cope going alone.
A lot of ladies on realself have written about how you need that physical and emotional support during the first few days, well.. I'm not going to have any of that so I'll just have to suck it up and hope for the best.
I've ordered Arnica gel, bed pads and Arnica tablets from boots that I need to pick up in store and need to pick up my painkillers prescription from the GP.
A lot of people are currently considering having their procedure done with Dr Metin so I guess the pressure is on for me to give back to realself and keep everyone updated on how it goes.
Not too happy at the moment but I'm hoping I can wake up tomorrow and feel better within myself.
Ladies, if you ever travelled by yourself for surgery, how did you cope?

Surgery Day: Fingers crossed

So I arrived at Istanbul late last night. Got to my hotel which is about 45mins drive from the airport but I arranged a transfer with the hotel so that went smoothly. I didn't have the best sleep as I kept twisting and turning and having weird dreams? got up this morning for my pre op consultation with Dr Kerem. He is as good as they come? didn't promise me the world? told me the risks associated especially as I suffer from Sickle Cell Disease and he would cut any corners as my life is more important than cosmetic surgery. I'm now at the hospital, i've met the Anaesthetist, had my bloods taken (if my haemoglobin level is less than 9? surgery cancelled) - well? 9 is pretty generous given the normal level for sickle cell patients is 8. So pray for me guys. I'm waiting for my results to come back and to see Dr Kerem. Also my blood group is B negative - very rare, so i'm not the luckiest girl in the world right now. Even if i have the surgery, i'm worried i won't like my results because he'll be too “delicate” with me. I was going to have my back done but as soon as he was contemplating doing my abdomen and flanks? i really couldn't mention my back.. Lol I'll be lucky at this stage to even get anything done. Wish me the best xx

Surgery cancelled but not the end...

So my surgery was cancelled as my blood result came back and the blood level was low.
Although honestly speaking that is my usual range due to the fact that I have SC. Dr Metin didn't feel comfortable doing the surgery on me as he feared there might be complications - I respect his decision.
I was really disappointed but it doesn't change the fact that I still highly recommend him. He is such a nice man and he definitely knows his stuff.
I mentioned my medical condition in the medical questionnaire form emailed to me but they didn't request a blood test from me. I would suggest that anyone travelling abroad for surgery should have their blood tests done in their home country and make sure your surgeon is happy with the results before travelling all the way. It'll save you time and money and the disappointment I feel right now.
Ever since my last blood test I've been taking iron tablets, folic acid and eating really good to improve my blood count.
I plan to take another blood test before leaving Istanbul and if it looks better, I'll seek a second opinion. I'm not the type to give up easily but I won't risk my health either.
I'm still looking forward to my hair transplant procedure with Longevita tomorrow so my trip hasn't been a total waste.
Thanks everyone for the support, I'll keep you all updated.
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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