20 Years Old Vaser-Lipo (Thighs, Hips, Back, Calves and Buttocks) - Not Had the Operation Yet

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I am a 20 year old University student. I used to...

I am a 20 year old University student. I used to be 42 kilos 2 years ago. When I started university, I got the implant and because I wasn't living at home, I ate so much junk food that I gained 17 kilos in the last 2 years. When I gained weight I started hating myself and how I looked, my old clothes didn't fit anymore and I was completely disgusted of myself. I got a small amount of inheritance from a family member who passed away and decided I could use a third of this money to actually improve my body and what I thought about myself. Getting an operation in Oxford was very very expensive (costing over 4000 pounds), being a quarter turkish, I decided to have the operation in Turkey where I have a few family members just in case something happens and also I thought I would be a good holiday (Who doesn't want to get a tan, ae?).

I contacted many turkish surgeons and well decided on a clinic called Aesthetic Journey, this was not the cheapest clinic in Istanbul there were many who said £1500-1800, I chose this clinic because it was very central and a 10 minute walk from my cousins house. Their price is 2800 euros which is just under 2200 pounds, the price includes everything, so all hospital bills, garments etc. which I thought as very reasonable. This clinic wasn't the most expensive either, one of the clinics quoted 6000 euros for this operation, so I understand in Istanbul there are a large variety of prices. The difference between a 1500 pound operation and 5200 pound operation is beyond my expertise to question, but I imagine it would not be drastically big.

It was a struggle to decide what type of lipo should I go for, Classic lipo was a lot cheaper although I had some health concerns. Smart lip/Laser lipo was second cheapest in Istanbul although I am concerned about saggy skin afterwards so I decided to go for Vaser-Lipo after reading over 30 reviews here.

So here I am exactly 7 days before my operation, 12 days after my finals, writing a blog about this. I will update everything on a daily basis after my operation so anyone else feeling the way I do can be inspired or not inspired depending on how the operation goes. Please feel free to comment on my blog about your experience and your opinions as I am very nervous and am seeking for a bit of relief and comfort.

Thank you very much.
Aesthetic Journey

So far, so good.

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