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Here we go then, a trip into the unknown, here's...

Here we go then, a trip into the unknown, here's my little story about having my hair ripped out the back of my head and then stuck back on the top, weird when you think of it like that but that's basically the procedure.
(Very clever though!)

I'll start with the basics, I'm 45 years old now and my hair has slowly been getting worse since I was about 30, although the last couple of years it's got particularly bad which prompted me getting this procedure done.

I think going bald has crept up on me and I also think I've been in some sort of self denial too, for instance, I'd look in the mirror at home and think "yeah my hair looks ok" passable at best, then I'd go out in the daylight have a photo taken or catch a glimpse in a shop window and think SHIT! I'M BALD! How did that happen!
The one that really done it for me was catching a glimpse directly on top of my head on a security camera, that wasn't a good day I can tell you! My hair was thinner than a size 0 supermodel.
So here I am, getting it done.

I've done a lot of research regarding hair transplants, price, reviews, pictures, clinic background etc, finally deciding on Transest in Turkey.
Booking it was easy, I contacted Transest via email and Dr. Ahmed Altan got back to me straight away, I sent some pictures and booked a flight to confirm the day and that was it! Bingo! I'm in.

I have often thought whilst reading other peoples reviews on the realself website, is this real? are these people real? are these reviews real? (Maybe it's just my sceptical untrusting mind!)
Well I can definitely say this review is a real one because I'm doing it. (If that makes sense)

Im writing this on the day of the procedure Thurs 6th October.
I must say I am a bit nervous but I suppose that's normal.

Quick mention to peterhoward1, thanks for the tips and advice, All very helpful.

I'll do some updates over the next few days and hopefully post some pictures too.

Day three, back at home

Not a great nights sleep, but ok. i have found that those sleep cushions for airplanes are great, that has helped a lot in regards to getting comfortable at night. good for helping you sleep a little more upright. would recommend buying one if your going to have the procedure.

First wash tomorrow, looking forward to that as it still looks a bit bloody!

14 days after!

14 days after my op and its all going OK so far!
Really itchy irritated back of the head in the first week, trying not to scratch is a challenge but that is all gone now.
Everything seems to be healing up nicely.
Washing hair normally now too.
All is good.

Week 7!

That's gone quick!
I've been enjoying the full head of hair look for the last few weeks, it's been great!
Sadly though it looks like my hair days are numbered, well...for now anyway.

Noticed it getting a lot thinner this week but I'm still happy because I know what's hopefully coming. Everything seems to be right on track.

I've had a fair bit of tingling and have been wanting to scratch, but trying to itch something when you have no feeling is a weird experience! (Parts of my head still feel very numb) it's coming back to life slowly, so I'm not worried.

I've posted some photos from week 3-7 but as you can see they all look pretty much the same as I've been cutting it and keeping it all short, think I'll wait until after xmas to let it grow a bit. That should be 3 months then..

I'll keep you posted.

New year..New hair!

Quick update on the progress.

I've reached three months this week and have really noticed a difference in the last week or so!
Maybe it was all those Mince pies & Turkey over Christmas ;)
Well whatever it was it seems to be working! loads of new hairs spouting and definitely getting thicker.
I am very happy at the moment.

I was waiting for the dreaded shock loss to happen over the last few weeks but it didn't really materialize? maybe I've just been very lucky.
One thing that i can say is that i have kept it clean by washing it everyday and I eat really well all the time (no processed foods) has that helped? who knows? it certainly hasn't done it any harm.

Think i might stop cutting it now and let it grow a little bit and see how we get on with that. More pictures soon.

4 month update

4 month update:

So we are up to 4 months now and the last month I've really noticed a big difference in growth and thickness.
Loads of little tiny curly hairs still coming through. (Like little cork screws...weird but funny ????)
I have stopped trimming my hair on the top since Christmas (just back and sides now)
Decided to let it grow see what happens.

It's funny? But for the first few months your almost frightened to touch your head in case anything falls out!
Completely different now, I'm very relaxed about it and just treating it like normal hair. Which it is of course!

Still finding it strange to look in the mirror at my reflection and see hair at the front of my head!
Good feeling though ????????

Very very happy with the progress so far and I'm sure you've heard this before...I wish I got it done ages ago!

If your thinking about it? just do it!
I've no regrets.

I'm not using any special shampoo's, Sprays, medication or fibres. I'm just going Au naturel.

Recent pictures including an updated before and after.

March up date

Looking much better over the last couple of weeks. really noticed a difference.
It's gone from looking a bit wiry and patchy to looking quite normal! Which is fine by me!

Still haven't cut the top since Christmas just the sides every couple of weeks (sides grow really fast) I'm actually styling my hair which I haven't done for a long time! Life is indeed good! Very happy

I'm going to get the top cut in a couple of weeks just before I go on holiday ;)

Quick update (6 months and 2 weeks)

A quick holiday snap.

Its all going very well! seems like its getting thicker each week at the moment!
Hair looks good and I'm feeling good!

Very happy with the results so far.

Photos as requested

Here are some extra angles. Taken today.

Outdoor photos

Hi, here are some outdoor photos that some people have requested. There has also been some requests for dr Altan's details, so here they are too.
Email: tel: +90 552 224 61 26

9 months review

Hi everyone. A quick update on the progress.
All going very well indeed I think it's filled out a bit more but I can't really tell? It's hard to notice when you see it everyday.
I normally go by what other people say now. I saw some family members that I haven't seen since Christmas and they were quite shocked with the progress.
I've stopped obsessing over it now, I think when you first have it done you look at it in the mirror at least 50 times a day thinking has it grown? Has it fallen out? Is it thinner is it thicker? My advice would be just let it grow and don't worry so much about it. Hard to do I know. But just got to let it take its course.

Anyway... it's all good, I'm happy, very pleased with the results.

Dr. Ahmed ALTAN

The Dr was great, explained everything well, very nice man, spoke good English, would definitely recommend.

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