Looking Forward to my Rhinoplasty and Liplift - Istanbul, TR

--- (I will probably spell wrong and have mistakes...

--- (I will probably spell wrong and have mistakes since my english is not that good)---

Hi people out there, My name is Lidia, I live in Copenhagen-Denmark, and I decided to write a review to maybe help people like me, who wants to find a good clinic with good prices and good services, but also, to take out all the emotions inside me, about this jurney I am going to take very soon to Istanbul to get a rhinoplasty, a liplift and fat grafting to my lower lip.
I have never been in Istanbul or Turkey. My boyfriend is coming with me, and we are going to stay at a girls flat in the center of Istanbul, we are gonna rent a room from her.
I have been doing a lot of research about rhinoplasty and lip lift. In the beginning was all my attention in Polish Clinics and Doctors. I found some good doctors and clinics there. I can name some of them; I can recommend making a research on them. Coramed clinic and Clinic for you, both in Wroclaw.
my attention to these clinics fade away when I was contacted which is a page that also helps you to find a clinic for surgery abroad. They have reviews as well. Well they contacted me by telephone and asked me if I wanted to be contacted by Turkish clinics. In the beginning I said no, but they kind of insisted on that, and I said ok! let’s try it. Then immediately was I contacted from 2 or 3 clinics in Istanbul. One of them called me directly to my number, the others to my WhatsApp, and so on. I got to feel that I trusted the one that called me at my phone. Then slowly I got to feel that I had found a clinic, with better prices and with better service than in Poland. The contact person from the clinic I chose, his name Volkan.
Volkan is a nice person and answers all my questions all day long. In the beginning I was very skeptical with Volkan. With Turkey in general. I heard some stories from my boyfriend’s brother who was in Turkey with his girlfriend, and she was very discriminated from Turkish men, that scared me a lot. I also thought they will maybe cheat us, because Volkan asked me for a deposit before booking the date. I was too slow to pay the deposit so I lost my first appointment, it was the 20th July. Then I got scared of losing another date, so I paid only 50 Euros to book the 23th. But I also bought the tickets. So it is for sure I am going to Istanbul and get my operations.
I am aware that my nose does not need very badly a rhinoplasty. I can post some pictures of me so you can judge. Anyway I wished so much to get the rhinoplasty since I was a lot younger.
I have had upper eyelid correction and breast implants exchange in Poland, in April this year (2016) in Stettin Poland. All costed me 4.615 USD. 5 days in the hospital with all services was included. I am satisfied with the operations today.
Well I am looking forward to travel to Istanbul ?
I will keep you updated ?
With pictures and all ?

afraid to travel to Istanbul after the news from yesterday.

I saw yesterday night the news, there was a terrorist Attack in the Airport in Istanbul. Something similar happened last month. Me and my boyfriend kind of regret that we are flying to Istanbul the 22th. We are very nervous. But I am still looking forward my operations. I everything it's gonna be okay ????

3 days back to My Rhinoplasty in Istambul...

3 days left for flying to Istambul, 4 days left for my Rhinoplasty and lip lift
I am nervous, totally nervous beause now I am flying alone to Istambul, where I do not know anyone!!! I have never been there, and with the situation going on, the coup going on...

Please tell me if anyone is going there in this week!!!!!!! to hang out... I am gonna stay a whole week there. I will live in a room I rented.

Hours to my Rhinoplasty, Omg...

I am in Istanbul, I am eating like a pig, nervous, stressed, it is hot in here 29 C. its night... I am in this very beautiful room, very girly decorated. The balcony´s door is open, and I can hear all the poeple, the children playing outisde. The neighborhood is a little too poor, but I dont care. I chose to be in this place, rather that in a 4 or 5 stars hotel, to save money...
The Hospital is 5 kilometers from here. And I cant believe this is rally happening... Alone in Istanbul.
I am excited for tomorrow, but at the same time, afraid very afraid. As I wrote before, my boyfriend wasnt coming with me, So I am all alone... but Rabia, the sweet owner of the flat will come with me... now how sweet is that? she is so nice, she even brought me some delicious soup.
I am afraid of the operation tomorrow, I am trying to be positive and telling to my self that everything is gonna be fine. I miss my boyfriend so much. I am so dissapointed of him, he should be here with me, an operation is something serious... danes are so chicken!!! He didnt come because of the coup happening in this country... was he afraid to die?... well everything is fine in here at the moment.

bye guys, wish me luck please...

I did it, and I am fine ????????

Thank you so much guys for your support... I love this website... I don't feel lonely with my rhinoplasty.
I can't see my new nose shape because of the cast and bandages, but the Doctor told me it was a Success. I also got a lip lift, but I can see my lip in the same position as before the operation. I hope it would take shape in some days...
I am bored. The Tv. doesn't work, food was boring., only soup with bread. Rabia, the owner of the flat where I am staying at, is bringing me some good food tonight, and she is picking me up from this hospital tomorrow. I will never forget her help. She is so kind.
Well I will now put some pictures, I look like a mess, but you guys know how it is after an operation ????

second day a swollen face

I forgot to tell the dictum before the operation, that I wanted him to take 5 millimeters of skin for my liplift. But stupid me forgot. So when I asked him.hoe much did he cut, he said only 3. I am not satisfied with that. But I guess that's not that bad.

feeling fatal. this affects me so much.

I did not know that I will suffer so much as I do. I regret the operation only for the great pain I am in. I can't walk more than 4 minutes, my nose is bleeding, this hurts so much. I am abusing my painkillers.
I am gonna download a couple of pictures to remember my old profile dough. I am getting so bored inside this room all day.

3th day feeling so bad.

my old profile

I know it wasn't that bad. But I wanted a beautiful curved profile with a nosetip slightly elevated.

5 day post op.

Hi guys :) I an actually for the first time after the operation feeling well :)
It is do nice to breath again. The Doctor's assistent took the tampons out of my nostrils. Such a huge difference without them. My face is still swollen.
Today is Wednesday, on Friday evening I get removed the cast,and I will finally see my new nose. I am a bit worry that my nostrils looks a little to open for my taste,I guess it is because still very swollen.
I will go to the mall and bye sine make up????????

finally the doctor took the cast off :)

I am happy nose so fat. .. although it is still swollen in the tip and bridge and around the nostrils. I think it suits me :)
I am dough dissapointed with my liplift. The doctor took only 3 milímeters of skin. My lip looks very much like before the operation.
I am gonna take more pictures later on. I am about to sleep now... I am flying early in the morning home...

day 8 post op.

Yesterday the doctor took the cast off. It was incredible to see my new nose:) I was first silent looking my self at the morrow the doctor gave me. I was trying to find mistakes. In the very beginning I did not like my nose, because I was scared about the change in my face. But then, I was happy, I am very happy for my nose :)
I home now to cold Denmark. I miss Istanbul and specially Rabia,my Turkish sister ????

some comparing before after.

Some comparing

updated pictures 3 weeks post op.

Feeling beautiful with my nose. I still have pain once in a while in my nose and in my upper lip area under my nose. The stitches for my liplift doesn't dissolve yet so I touch them every day when I wash my face, which hurts.

comparing before and after 3 weeks post op.

Comparing with my mist latest pictures, actually from yesterday august 10th. August.

1 month update

I am having some upside downs with my nose. I am still happy to see a nicer nose every morning in the mirror. But, I have realized that my nose is changing. Looking from below, my nose turns to the right side, and I got really disappointed when I realized. I know it is put of my hands to change this, and I hope that it is not going to get worse. I guess I will have to fix that later. Looking straight at me is not possible to see this problem, and neither looking from profile. I get sad when I renebdr this problem... I try to be positive...
About my liplift,there is no difference between the before and after, and that sucks too.

1 1/2 Month Post Op

Hi people. I thought it was time for som update. I have been reading so nice comments that has given me strength. Thank you very much.
I am still satisfied with my nose, dough a bit concern about the slightly deviation of my nose. It is not visible if looking me straight ahead or on profile, but only from below.
I blame a little my self, because I started working out at the gym already 1 1/2 weeks after the operation, bit I did it softly abs slow. But, I wasn't supposed to do that first until one month later or so.
Well, anyways, I am happy with my profile as I never have been. That should be enough to love my nose.
If someone wants to follow me on instagram, my name is pocahontas_peruaba
It could be nice.

update. Today 1, 3 months post op

I am still very satisfied with my nose.
I was contacted in my instagram from.some girls who liked my nose operation. Well all of you who would like to get am operation like mine, just contact me and I will try to answer your questions about the rhinoplasty or if you wish to get in contact with the clinic center. It would be my pleasure????
Gokhan Haytoglu

The doctor I've had is very good. He makes beautiful noses. You can get to the Doctor through Clinic center. They are very kind people and help you through out everything. Their number is: +905435400800 You can tell them you are my friend (my name is Lidia Valenzuela) since I had two procedures there and they know me. I am very satisfied with his job done on me. I am dough not satisfied with the consultation, which happened so fast. The doctor has not sense of humor so all the talk is a little too serious for me to feel very comfortable. But he did a great job with my nose and rhat is the most important. My nose is a great job!!!. So ja i would recommend him he is really good. Clinic center is the name of the beauty agency who works with Doctor Gokhan, and they were really kind and answered all my questions always. You can follow me on instagram: Pocahontas_peruana and I could try to help you if you have doubts.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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