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Hello Everyone, I'm about to travel to Istanbul...

Hello Everyone,

I'm about to travel to Istanbul for my consulation with Imed Istanbul.

The procedure I'm after is full body liposuction.
I previously had rhinoplasty in New York and that went well. Dr Filstein MD.

Regarding my body I've been eating clean and excercising consistently but for some reason my stomach area and arms are not reducing at all.

I found the 'Imed Istanbul' clinic on Google and thought I would check them out.
They offer an email consulation however I just don't think thats the best choice for such a major procedure.

Has anyone else been to this clinic for any procedures?

I'm super excited to see what is possible and will document my journey on here and maybe on Youtube.

Arrived in Istanbul

Today is day 1 in Istanbul.
I'm heading to my consultation after having the location.

The procedure will be done in a hospital as opposed to a clinic.

I'm hopefully that my questions will be answered during my visit.

Slightly nervous but excited.

Day 2 in Beautiful Turkey

First I must write this country is very beautiful so rich with history, the people are very pleasant and the food is amazeballs.

So today is day 2 after my consultation and i'm 100% confident that I have found and picked the right practice. The Dr and his secretary are very nice and answered all of my questions. The hospital where the operation is completed, looks just like the Wellington in London because it's clean and modern.

I have decided to also operate on my nose which has slightly dropped.

I will take before and after pictures on the day and post them also I will be documenting my nutrition journey pre and post surgery because I think its interrelated to how the body heals itself.

Dr Gokhan Beyhan

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