Horror through Flyhealth- Istanbul, TR

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I live in Sweden, from USA originally, and i've...

I live in Sweden, from USA originally, and i've reproduced twice now. I miss my banging body. (Hard to believe I ever had one... look like I use to before I moved to Sweden. Ugh.) I weigh about 185 lbs now days. I was my best at 165, and I was at my heaviest directly after birth at 230. I will submit before and after shots probably around the 11th to 12th.

I am going to Dr. Tulunay in Turkey via the Flyhealth service. I am hoping to acheive a more rectangular nose opposed to triangular (What I have now.) . I have also booked liposuction with the hope of fixing the fat deposits I developed from my second pregnancy. I will be using some of the fat to fix asymmetry in my breasts.

My expectations are minimal at best. I just need an appropriate body shape in order to wear a corset again. (Second child expanded my ribs to the point of muscular pain. Doctors were too stupid to find a solution, so I did. It also helped with my backpain. I'm a little strangely shaped since weightloss, so the back-butt hinders my wearing the corset.) I would just like for them to correctly remove the fat deposits to the point I can wear a corset again and reap the benefits from said corset. As for the nose- Just let it be a bit smaller. Please.

I do not have much faith in any plastic surgeon (Domestic or Abroad), but I am nervous to go to Turkey post coup. (The airline wouldn't let me cancel my tickets.) Wish me luck. If I don't update by the 12th... I would hold off on booking with these people. Haha.

The hotel is €180, driving service is €60, agency fee is €400, and the rest goes to the plastic surgeon for all three procedures.

A few days after hell...

No one ever tells you that surgery is still surgery. Let me paint a picture of what they don't tell you. Wake up with tampons up your nose, feel like something is laying in your throat (from the tube feeding you air), have chills, feel like a car crash victim and vomiting a liter of blood. That is what it feels like to have three procedures done at once. Also, didn't have a real consultation, just a brief one and then off to surgery. Imagine waking up in a random country and no one understanding/caring about what you say. That is surgery... That is surgery in Turkey.

The results from lipo are instant. 7 liters removed and 1 liter injected into each of my breasts. Arms are questionably wrapped, so no update there. Breasts and arms are now the only painful parts of my body. Still sore throat and uvula(?), nose congestion and fatigue.

Aside from this literally being three times worse than vaginal child birth and my kidneys failing, I at least have my body back and more. Would I do it again? Never.

Tulunay delivers results, but be pushy. Make sure you're heard, and remember their is a whole other culture here. Ozge was my only lifeline. If you use flyhealth, make sure to communicate well with her.

Will post adequate pictures when home as well as description.

Nose, breasts and arms

Let's start with the nose. It is evident at this point that I will have to get a revision job done in the future. The tip is still ball like, the angle of the tip seems to have been elevated and the arch of my nose is still no flatter. The most disgusting part is the angle of the tip. I wanted a healthy turn down and to see less of the inside of my nostrils. Pissed is the only adequate description of my feelings. This is what happens when you pay less. They don't consult you properly and you get screwed.

Breasts are now asymmetric in a new way. If you look at both from the side one is perfectly round where the other has a dent that leaves the breast looking pointed. I will have to revise this in the future if I want good results. The volume is nice, but no gaurantee it will stay. Been losing weight since being here because intense stress triggers my eating disorder.

Arms look no different. I am putting it down to the doctor wrapping them unevenly and not applying enough compression. Will need revision.

Worst part is doctors impatience and just trying to knock out as many surgeries as possible. Not to mention when removing old arm bandages he ripped my skin and stitches because he was to impatient to loosen them properly. Pissed.

Best part is my figure is pre pregnancy, my back-butt is gone and I can lay comfortably. I should be able to resume corseting comfortably to help with my ribcage.

My recommendation in regards to Dr. Selahattin Tulunay is to only request one thing at a time. That way you'll at least have 85% of your expectations met opposed to 40%. You get what you pay for. Remember that.

Breast Photos

Left breast is perfectly round, but my right is pointed because of a dent.

Arm wrappings

The wrapping before and after. Now the rippling is occurring on the right arm opposed to the left. The second wrapping was done well on the left arm, but for some reason not as many bandages were applied to the right arm. Pictures are bad, but rippling can be seen in before left arm and after right arm. These will likely sag because of careless compression.

Still alive...

The dent in breasts has diminished, my nose is slowly getting less swollen, the stomach is numb, my arms are lumpy/look saggy, and my backside is lovely.

To be honest... I wish I could take this all back. I miss my old ugly body. I worked hard to lose weight; even if I was left with unwanted fat deposits. I miss my old hawk nose. I miss my tiny uneven breasts. I miss my identity. I was so naive. Not only did I almost die, but I feel so hollow. Why can't we accept ourselves for who we are? Results or no; it's not worth it.

Flyhealth Response

I sent an email requesting medical journals and telling them what happened directly after I left their "care". The response I got makes me want to fly back over and sue the people for negligence.

"Dear Kaitlyn,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

We will pass your comments to related parties and will inform you soon.

We wish you fast recovery.


Show some kind of humanity and feel free to add "we're so sorry". An apology actually does wonders. Not asking for money, definitely not asking for more surgery, but I am asking that those guilty of incompetence acknowledge said incompetence.

Before Pictures

These are the pictures of my tired post pregnancy body. I can honestly say that only good thing that came out of surgery was the back hump removal. Laying flat is a wonderful feeling.


I am back in the hospital with a 39.1 fever. They did a ultrasound of my chest and found that the red, hot lump on the side of my left breast was an abscess. I am hoping once it's removed I won't suffer from fever or chills anymore.

Doctors said my plastic surgeon likely used unsterilized equipment.

Abscess is luckily just 1cm under the skin and only 2.5cm wide/tall. It could be a lot worse, but a little confused how such a minor abscess could lead to near death.


The Swedish plastic surgeon cut open and is allowing the abscess to drain. My temp was last around 36. Before it was cut open my speech, motor functions and awareness were starting to suffer. I was starting to lose track of time and location. I have no clue what the hell was in that lump.

After having to feel a scalpel puncture my skin and a stitch being put in due to faulty anesthesia, I can honestly say that none of this hell was worth it. I only have minimal results and now a severe phobia of hospitals.

I hope to go home to my family, go back to losing weight through corset waist training again and just enjoying the fact I survived.

Vanity kills.... And you never believe it will happen to you.

Pics after a week of compression removal...

Forgot to mention the cheap compression garments came ripped and didn't last more than 3 1/2 weeks. This is the lack of rests after leaving the compression garments, and a picture of my stomach dent from uneven lipo.

Food for thought...

I thought it would never happen to me. I thought since everyone did it that it couldn't be that painful. I ignored red flags because the price was nice.

We all think we're invincible and special.

More Surprises!

Stitches from lipo were plastic and were embedding in my skin. I will have scars from my stitches, they are a bit infected from staying in over a month. Assholes told me they would dissolve. (My nose stitches did, but they were a different material.)

Saw the plastic surgeon who opened my abscess. He said my stomach would be permanently dented due to aggressive liposuction as well as my arms.

My abscess will be the worst scar I've ever had. 3 cm incision to a wound they told me would have to close unassisted.



My period was 18 days late because of the severe trauma, my hair has thinned substantially, my nails are breaking, the wound is still oozing, and I will need to go back to the Swedish plastic surgeon to likely get the other side drained. My right breast has started getting tender and a bit too firm.

Have the results gotten any better? The arms have tightened a little, but they're deformed looking from uneven fat removal. The dents and strange lines will require revision. (Still have fat and saggy arms.) My nose is still crooked and the tip is way too bulbous for the bridge shape. I will require revision. My stomach is the worst. The dents are noticeable and it's scary looking when I bend over. Everything requires revision! The only thing they did half right was my back. I don't have folds, but I still have back-butt.

Any good news? Yeppers. My double steel boned corset is correcting my ribs, shaping my waist and helping me lose weight.

Abscess Wound

Only now is the wound closing.

Wound and Nose

The wound has since reopened twice. First time it closed I ended up in the hospital with a swollen fluid filled breast that was so painful I could not sleep. Second time and I had to get a mammogram. The wound on the left side spilled out onto the floor during. They also ultrasounded both. They said the lump on the right breast should just be inflammation, but they said the left has a hollow cylinder through the entire breast. Both breasts had fluid and were drained. Both breasts have hollows and feel lumpy.

My nose is reswelling and suffers from polybeak deformity. A knot can be seen on the right side of my nose. The cartilage is putting excessive pressure on my nose tip. Also, nothing in my nose is smooth. It doesn't look natural. Also, it's just uncomfortable.

I will update again some time with pictures. Severely depressed, so hard to want to write about things.... and wishing I could take it back.

Sepsis twice, abscess, new lumps, dented stomach, dented arms, saggy skin, unnatural nose and ongoing infection.
Dr. Selahattin Tulunay

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