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Hello, I've been considering a hair transplant...


I've been considering a hair transplant for about four years now. Started looking into it seriously about two years ago and Dr. Koray Erdogan's results seem to be the most consistent and his hair lines look amazing compared to the hundreds of doctors before and after photos I've seen. I wanted to go with FUT first since most doctors said more can be harvested in a lifetime and that graft survival tends to be higher with FUT, but Dr. Erdogan's results with FUE don't compare with too many I've seen for about $2.5. I'm planning on getting it done in March. Some doctors in Thailand, Spain, Germany, Belgium, India, and Mexico seemed fairly good but his results seemed most consistent and detailed.

I started losing my hair around age 16 and minoxidil 5% liquid once daily has drastically cut down on the number of hairs I lose. The hair line is very pretty far back now and the overall top portion of the head is quite thin compared to how it use to be before having a break from liquid minoxidil. The liquid, once dried, also helps to give the appearance of thicker hair ( I'm assuming from the left over residue). I tried going off it for two months and lost massive amounts. I also tried the foam for 8 months and lost massive amounts. I wish I had continued to only use the liquid and never stopped. It's a little bit of a pain but it helps for me. I also tried finasteride for 6 months (1.25 mg 3x/week) and developed watery semen and less morning erections. Libido did not seem to be affected though.

I've also made a spreadsheet with all the doctors I've contacted over the past 6 months with pros, cons, links, prices, and the extras they provide. If anyone wants a copy I'll be happy to share.

Dr Koray Erdogan

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