My Hair Transplant with Dr. Cinik from Cosemdica, Istanbul with 3800 Grafts, Head, Beard and Chest Donor Areas

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I am a 25 years old guy from India. Initially,...

I am a 25 years old guy from India. Initially, they shaved off my hair, took my blood samples ( FOR PRP) and then Dr. Cinik discussed with me the region to transplant. The markings ( which gets washed off after the first wash) were made on my head, and then they sent me to the transplant operation room. The first few injections are very painful, but then once the Anesthesia sets in, you wont feel a thing. They first take off the hairs from the donor areas using the FUE method, and then you can have a break where they will give you lunch. After this, you will have the transplantation session. The surgery lasts for around 6-8 hours in general. They put bandages all over your donor area, and the next day they will remove it off. I am posting my before and immediately after pics for now. Will update them soon with progress pictures. All in all, the procedure was quick, fast and had rapid recovery.

1 week after the hair transplant

Hey guys!!

These are the pictures after the 1st week of completion after the hair transplant. The pain in the head has subsided and I feel more comfortable in doing daily activities. I still have to sleep on my back, but it is only for another one week I hope so. I have been using the hydration shampoo and hair foam given by Dr. Cinik ( in case I did not mention this, It is included in the price of the transplant) and it smells really good. It is a bit time consuming because first you have the apply the hair foam for about 30 minutes and then wash it off and use the shampoo next. But, it is just for a temporary period. After may be a few more days, I will stop and start using the anti hair loss shampoo from the brand Hair power along with the a multivitamin and biotin supplement. Also, I will be using finasteride.

This week I also wanted to suggest on how to cover your hair in case you are short of ideas. Firstly, you can purchase a round hat instead of a cap (since the patch would be visible) and also grow a beard alongside. If you have any other suggestions please let me know as well. And please keep the questions coming in.



2 weeks down, looking good!!

Hey Guys!!

So its been a while ( 15days) since I posted progress pictures of my hair transplant. Therefore, this post is for the previous week. I will post another post following this immediately. After the first week, the scabs started falling off and I could give a good scrub to the transplanted area to remove it all off. My scalp is still a bit itchy but I had to control myself from scratching it. It is difficult, but you get used to it in a while. The shampoo and foam I was using is now replaced by the anti- hair loss shampoo by the brand Hair Power (HP). I hope my posts are helping you to understand the processes you go through before, during and after the hair transplant.

Have a wonderful day ahead!!


3 weeks update

Hello wonderful people,
Sorry for the late update. I was caught up in academics the past few weeks. I did manage to get my pictures for week 3 and following this post is the 4 weeks (1 month update). My transplanted hair has not fallen off yet, but I think it shall soon fall, only to grow back again stronger and thicker. Apart from that, I am really happy that I will be able to start weight training and hitting the gym once 1 month is over. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to write to me. I will surely reply ASAP.

Have a beautiful day ahead!!

1 month down ( 4 weeks) , feeling positive

Hello again,

One month is down and I feel happy. Only 11 more months to go to see the 100% result!! Well, yes, by 5-7 months, more than 70% growth is covered up, but I am only looking for the final rep. It seems the transplanted hair has slowly started to fall off and now the other areas of the hair are growing rapidly. Also, from tomorrow, I can start weight training, so I am really excited about it. During the past one month I have put on a few kilos and now its time to shred. In the next post I will cover the effect of weight training and if there are any side effects or other problems due to it. I hope it should not be an issue, just have to start a bit lighter. Well, in terms of the transplant, I still feel good. I usually do not think about it, and that works best for me, because once its off my mind, I feel positive anyway. I hardly even look at the mirror. Also, important thing is to keep yourself busy at all times!! Hope this insight helps during your transplant, because as humans there are so many different doubts and frustrations we have to deal with when we are expecting something so badly.

Till then,
Ciao from Rome


Two more weeks down (6 weeks update)

So far, it has been going well, my itching is starting to drop a bit. And I started taking a high protein diet now along with my training. The first few days in the gym seemed a bit heavy, but somehow my body has adapted pretty well to this change in diet and exercise. The big bald spot at the crown is quite visible now and all the transplanted hair scabs have fallen off. I usually cover my hair in public with my hat, and I am attaching the image of that as well along with the post. What do you think of my new look? Do you think I should keep it or change my hat?

Apart from this, I think my medications are going well as planned. The anti hair loss shampoo should take effect soon enough. I already feel like I had a rebirth of some kind. Stay tuned for future updates and keep the questions coming through. You guys keep me motivated.


8 weeks Update

Hello amazing people!!

I just had the 8 week pictures taken yesterday. My hair has started to get a bit thicker on the outer areas, the inner portion will still take sometime to fill up. The transplanted tiny hairs have started to sprout, but still not very visible. Hopefully, the next time I post some pictures, it should be more visible. I also had put on a lot of weight from the summers and post the transplant, I had put on even more due to no exercise for probably 3 months and living in Italy, its kind off difficult to avoid the different variety of dishes. But, for the past 4 weeks, as I mentioned before, I was on a low fat, medium carb and high protein diet. It help me to shed off 5-6 kgs, which I am really happy about. Although, I still need to reach my target weight, I feel lighter and stronger. This transformation along with the hair transplant seems to be working pretty good.

Till Next time,

Ciaoo e tutti!!:):)

10 weeks Update

Hey people!!

Firstly, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope you all had a wonderful time during the vacations. In the past 2 weeks I have seen lot of growth all over my scalp and I feel happy that the hair is finally taking its growth. The training has been going on very well apart from an incident that happened recently.

Few days back I had palpitations and I felt really dizzy, just as if I was going to fall. I think it was because my caffeine intake went really high, and since I am caffeine sensitive, it was even worse. Anyway, long story short, I ended up doing some research on finasteride (propecia) as I initially thought that was the reason for the palpitations.

I found at that there are some people who had palpitations from finasteride if the dose was higher than 2.5 mg per day, while they were working out. Now the tablet that I have been given is 5 mg, but I have 1/4th of it everyday, which is much lower than the amount to have palpitations. It may vary just a little bit depending on the individual and the intensity of the workout.

Finally, after consulting with the Doctor, it was clearly just caffeine that made me have palpitations, but in any case, I hope this information is helpful for others who are consuming finasteride on a daily basis, and in case you are suffering from the same, please lower your dosage by half or consult with your Doctor once again.


3 months (12 weeks) update

Hi again,

Recently, I crossed the 3 month mark and so far it has been a wonderful journey. I would like to thank this entire community for keeping me accountable during this period.

Today I would like to speak a bit about the HT results. When I started this journey, I did not know whether I would be able to sustain even so long. The frustrations that can come with this process can be stressful. There are some days where you think, is it going to work?? And self doubt starts to set in from within. I can say this happens to almost 100% of the people for sure, because as humans, it is our nature to expect and there is nothing wrong with that. What is more important is to acknowledge these expectations.

Some of the major causes for higher expectations is looking at others results. You put yourself in that person's shoes and then start expecting the same. A similar incident occurred a few weeks ago with me. I was looking at some videos on successful hair transplants, and consequently started looking at the results in my hair everyday. Before this, I never thought about the HT so much and just let the weeks pass through. It was the first time I was getting agitated because I was not seeing the same results as that guy in the video. This is when I realized how important it is to not get influenced by such things and only focus on the finish line. This works for me and somehow I stopped staring in the mirror as before. I hope this helps on the HT journey you have embarked.

Have a wonderful day ahead!!


14 weeks Update

Hello All,

These are the results after 14 weeks. I think that the bald areas have not yet been filled. But I feel very small hair growing at the crown area. Most people recommend to wait for 5 months to see 70% growth in the hair. So it will still take about two more months for the scalp to be filled. So far, there has been a good amount of hair in the front area, and it is getting thicker as days go by.

Another important thing I wanted to explain is about traveling. So, these days they do not allow liquids more than 200 ml, even if its shampoo. I travel a lot across Europe since there are so many different countries to see. Therefore, I usually just take my travel bag to save costs from high air prices. Firstly, if you are planning to travel, make sure you plan way ahead of your travel regarding your hair supplements, shampoo, and whatsoever. In my case, I am gonna be traveling for 15 days, so I need to have at least about 100 ml of shampoo. Since my shampoo bottle is 300 ml, I cant travel with it. Now the trick I use is to take a bottle or container that does not have the volume written. Also I bought this supplements box that is really cute. You can buy it from and it is just 5 $. I am putting all the images of the bottle, supplements box and the shampoo bottle as well. Also, this shampoo is really awesome.

Have a nice day ahead!!

16 weeks update

Hello Everyone,

Its nice to be back here again. Recently, I was traveling light across Europe so I was not able to upload the pictures and the progress of my Hair transplant. Although, I took the pictures and I can further describe my Hair Transplant in depth. These are the pictures after 16 weeks and the hair density and length as increased a lot during this period. I shall soon have my first hair cut in almost 4 months and I am super excited for that. It would also help me define the new look I am thinking of having. I took a close up for the first time just to see the density of the hair growth. These pictures might make me look older so I just am waiting to compare it after the hair cut. More updates following this post...

19 weeks Update

Hello Everyone,

These are the pictures from the 19 weeks update. I had my first hair cut recently and started defining a hair style that I used to have previously. I did some research on how the hair appears is different lighting in the front view. As you could observe, the one in which there is less lighting, the hair seems to be dense enough, whereas in proper lighting, there are a lot of areas that are still not covered. Another observation is that from the front view it does not seem I am bald anymore are the hair has become thick and the grafts have sprouted very neatly. The middle area is still quite bald, and a few grafts have sprouted in the crown area. Overall, I do see results, but I want the gaps to be filled up soon so that I can put my hand across my hair and not worry. Lastly, my hair is a bit curly once is grows a certain length, so I dont know if I would be able to see the length really increase. But, I hope for the best.

Positivity always helps to keep you going...

20 weeks Update

Hey Guys!!

Hope everyone is staying positive. I am delayed once again due to my recent shift of residence. But I was able to still take the pictures through the time. My hair follicles have been sprouting rapidly and slowly the areas are getting better as the days go by. Still needs a lot to happen and I hope it happens soon enough. Recently I had my 2nd Prp session after the Hair transplant. This was in Czech Republic and it was really expensive. I got it done because I was the only place where I could get it done easily in Europe, but for the next one I will surely go back to Turkey. I hope to see some more progress to share in the coming weeks.


22 weeks Update

Hello once again,

Here are the results from my 22 weeks Update. I think we you look from the front, it seems like I the hair is completely thick and no bald spots anymore, but still the middle portion is lacking the density. I am just hoping that it grows soon enough to see the difference.

22 weeks update

Hello once again,

Here are the results from my 22 weeks Update. I think we you look from the front, it seems like I the hair is completely thick and no bald spots anymore, but still the middle portion is lacking the density. I am just hoping that it grows soon enough to see the difference.

22 weeks update

Hello once again,

Here are the results from my 22 weeks Update. I think we you look from the front, it seems like I the hair is completely thick and no bald spots anymore, but still the middle portion is lacking the density. I am just hoping that it grows soon enough to see the difference.

24 weeks Update

Hello again,

Sorry to be late with the updates.. Here are the pictures after 24 weeks. As you see, the middle areas need lot of patience and it is difficult to make peace with it after going through a hair transplant.

The only way to actually not worry about it is to forget about everything. In turn this helps to reduce stressing over the issue. Hope to see more progress month by month.



26 weeks Update

This is the 26 weeks Update.

I recently noticed that I had some red blisters in the crown area. It is the first time I have experienced it since the hair transplant. I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a not, but it sure does pain a lot. But apart from that, it seems to be going well.

Middle areas are still really scanty!! Hope that they heal soon enough!!



30 weeks Update

Hello again,

Today I would like to make a comparison with the pictures just before the hair transplant and till today when it is 30 weeks, and the difference is quite visible in the frontal portion. All these weeks I was a bit stressed as to not see any results, but when I saw this, it really made my day. Before the transplant, I looked 5 years older than I do after the transplant. Now, my hair is quite in a good condition but long as well, but I shall soon have my third haircut as the summer is coming. I still want the density in the middle areas to come up so the next two months are gonna be the crucial decider to see how much can I get from the transplant. All in all, it has been a long journey so far, and I dont think I am dissapointed over all.


32+34 weeks Update

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time once again since I shared some progress pictures. This update combines both my 32 and 34 weeks Update. It also shows the journey I have covered regarding my transplant from the beginning.

Also, I have included pictures from the chest and beard regions since so many of you have asked me about it repeatedly. I am now in a shape to share the pictures so thats what I was waiting for.

I see the density increase day in and day out. I dont really think about my transplant anymore. It keeps me calm and that feels good. Has been the best 8 months of my life I would say.

Everyone has some lows and highs, its important to keep moving forward. Dont get stuck about your failures, just keep going ahead!!


Dr. Cinik is really cool and calm. Initially, I was a bit afraid about the transplant, but due to his attitude and confidence I felt comfortable to go ahead with the procedure. In fact, he responds quite quickly to whatever queries I had and assured me that things would be fine and kept up to his word. Since I workout in the gym quite often, he even instructed me on what supplements I could use and provided scientific justification for each. I can't appreciate him enough for all the support he is providing even after having 100's of patients. I sincerely thank him for his commitment towards the patients. I strongly believe, while getting a cosmetic surgery it is very important for having the right mindset, and Dr. Cinik gets you in that aura.

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