28 year old Canadian, 3300 graft FUE, $2,900CAD, Dr. Turgul Maral - Istanbul

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Hi, im a 28 year old male and ive always been...

Hi, im a 28 year old male and ive always been concerned about losing my hair, as both my father and mothers father lost their hair by their early to mid 30's. My receding hairline has always been at the forefront of my insecurities. Despite not being completely bald, I feel that inevitable baldness is just around the corner for myself. I have had physicians here in Canada call me a "hairwatcher", which I am guilty of, as I do admire the hair of other men, as I have always felt a bit of a inferiority complex in that sense. I personally believe that our insecurities hinder us from living the happy confident lives we deserve. I feel that our insecurities weigh heavily on our day-to-day lives, and it is our responsibility to ourselves to either make peace with them or change them, in an effort to better ourselves. Thanks to Dr. Turgul Maral and his team, im hoping finally deal with my insecurities, as I haven't been able to simply let nature run its course. With respect to the procedure, I am hoping to improve my hairline and to add some density to my thinning areas.

pre op

Currently boarding from YYZ, have no idea what to expect... but I'll figure it out once I get there :)

arrived and completed surgery!

Came in Thursday afternoon and I was scheduled in, for Friday 9am. I wanted to postpone so that I could have a Friday night to roam around istanbul without a bandage on my head but I went with their scheduling anyway. I did however grab dinner with a couple I met and it was excellent, nice view, great foos walked around the bosphorus a little... anyway more details

The doctor: for personable, honest, and we'll educated
The staff: absolutely amazing, they will be performing your surgery and each has a minimum of 5+ years experience, the head technician 'nur' I believe has 10 years exp and is the only 1 who opens up the channels where the hair will be inserted... Daria, douygu and Arkan did the bulk of the work for me, very good vibe they have and it's nice to see a happy staff.

Apparently there are 250 clinics in istanbul who do this particular surgery, it has become so common that I could confidently say this is global HT central... maral does 4-6 HT Per day... I've met people from ages 25-55, from France, Germany, UK, America, and hong kong China. And everyone has great feedback

3300 fue, 6hrs, 1 lunch break, 4 technicians

I had the recommended hairline in mind, so it was easy for me to agree with the Dr... some people may want more or less depending on their preferences, it's about compromise!

healed and going sightseeing! 24hrs after surgery

Met some great people along the way, and we all look like team Frankenstein, but that's okay! I'm going to enjoy the rest of my stay here in istanbul and go see some of the beautiful city... HTs here are common practice, so I'm going to go out with my red skull and enjoy the city with some of the people I've met

6 days post op

First wash was yesterday. Scalp is itchy and just letting nature run its course. I'm just trying to eat well, rest, follow post op care regimen, and let the healing process do its thing.

10 days post op

Most of my crust has fallen out, ive seen bits come out with a couple hairs here-and-there, but nothing to be concerned about. It seems to be growing alongside my existing hairs, and I'm happy with the way things are looking

3 weeks post op

I think im entering The "ugly duckling" phase. I've noticed some grafts beginning to fall out and some areas looking slightly thinner than last week. so, I imagine this will continue until week 8 and unfortunately a good portion of my grafts will probably fall out :( ... I also bumped my head a little doing a hand stand, just after week 2. I'm not worried as there was no bleeding and I'm passed the 10 day mark, but we'll see in time how the trauma effected the recipient are :/


week 6 plus a few days

I was going to post on week 8, but some people asked to see progress... this is still ugly duckling phase, but there is growth and I constantly feel the ingrown hairs itching their way out. Which is also evident due to the odd bits of inflammation on my skull and pimples you see as a result of the hairs surfacing

more pics

Close ups of sprouting hairs

2 months/8 weeks today!

Pictures are obviously from 3 different distances... there are still many ingrowns itching their way out, and pimples, which I am reminded of daily... I'm sure that will all only subside when most or all of the hairs have rooted... overall I'm happy! I'll be posting in a month or 2

3 month uodate

Starting to feel like it's coming in pretty good and particularly on the right template region, unfortunately the left isn't as full, but I'm sure that in time everything will continue to fill! I'm happy with the way things are now and people are starting to notice the difference... they say I look 5 years younger and some cant pinpoint what exactly it is, but notice somethig :) lol... it's all till patchy in the front but it looks far better now than ever before....these shots are really close to light so It doesn't help my hair look any bit dense

4 month update

Right side seems to be developing better than the left at this point... growth is still happening on a daily basis, nothing too drastic.l, although I am currently very pleased with the right side

4 month update

Right side seems to be developing better than the left at this point... growth is still happening on a daily basis, nothing too drastic.l, although I am currently very pleased with the right side

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4 month update

Right side seems to be developing better than the left at this point... growth is still happening on a daily basis, nothing too drastic.l, although I am currently very pleased with the right side.... pardon the premature accidental posts, I'm doing this quickly over my phone

5 month update

Things are looking good, but seem to be slowing down at this point. I'd say that the aggressive growth has probably stopped at this point, as now i notice very few pimples and dont feel many haits popping through my scalp. I do notice small baby hairs piercing through, but not nearly as many as before. I think the rest will slowly come in over the next few months

6 months tomorrow

Some close ups, mid shots, and far... left side still isnt as dense as the right, but i imagine itll still be filling in! I recall when i was scared to even pull at the left crown because there were so few hairs, now its becoming a solid mass! I recently put some product in it and my friends were pretty amazed how thick and good it looked, which is awesome!

7 month mark

7 months, fresh hair cut, right outta the shower... i literally always put my hair up, would have never done that pre surgery, it exposes my 6 head... now i dont give af it looks awesome

1 year later

Hey guys, sorry i havent updated... went to europe and got caught up with work... essentially im happy with everything... although the left side of my head still hasnt achieved the same level of fullness as the right, however idk cause its way better than it ever way... my hair line is great and im no longer the hair watcher i once was...i know ill never have a nice thatch like some but thats too bad and im ok with it!
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Preoperation, the Maral team has been very good at responding and keeping me updated. Their price point is amazing and almost concerning, however, I have read many reviews of happy clients, which puts me to ease. Nonetheless, With his transparent pricing, he and his team are giving the gift of hair to the 'average' man/women, who may have otherwise lost their confidence due to balding... and I cannot thank the Maralklinic enough!

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