Asian FUE Hair & Beard Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

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My hair was not bad at all. The only problem I had...

My hair was not bad at all. The only problem I had was the hairline, which was around a Norwood 2. I've always had a somewhat receded hairline since I was young, but it had gotten worse the last few years. I am turning 25 in a few months, so I took account of that and what may happen down the line if I did get a hair transplant and I continue loosing hair. I checked pictures of the males from both sides of my family and concluded that the chances of further hair loss to categories of Norwood 3+ were slim, as many of my relative's hairlines stopped at a Norwood 2. I decided to get an operation for a beard along with the hair transplant when I found out it wasn't much more to do so. I have always wanted to grow a full beard, but can only manage to grow a mustache and some goatee.

I decided to get my hair in Turkey, because of the cost. It was simply out of my price range to have it done in the US. I would be paying 5x less to having it done in Turkey. Although I must say price shouldn't be the lone deciding factor when you make a life changing decision such as getting a hair transplant, I did my research and concluded it was an appropriate risk for someone such as myself.

It took me a few months of research to find a clinic I thought was best suited for my needs. There are a few hair forums online that many with hair problems post on, I spent a considerable amount of time on them. Many people post their results for others to see, this was the best process in narrowing down my list of potential clinics. Cosmedica is the name of the clinic I chose. The clinic is operated by Dr. Acar, he doesn't do the transplant himself but advises his trained technicians on what to do. That was something I knew going in, as do many other hair transplant clinics in Turkey operate in the same fashion. While many people wanting to get a transplant would prefer the doctor himself doing the transplant, I have seen great operations done by technicians too. It's a risk, but I understood that along with the amazing price there are cons you have to consider.

Scheduling an appointment with them was simple. Emails were responded within a day. All my questions were answered, but there were a few left unanswered due to the language barrier. My appointment was scheduled once I sent my travel itinerary.

I arrived in Istanbul on a Wednesday morning at 9:30am. Once I passed customs, I went to the place I was told in the email to get transferred to my hotel. The hotel was 3 star rated and very nice. The all inclusive price for the hair transplant includes a 2 night hotel stay. I decided to stay in Istanbul for 6 nights allowing me to enjoy the city since I have never been there.

I was told my driver will be there the next morning to transfer me to the hospital for the operation. After taking a nap I went outside of the hotel to walk around the neighborhood to get food and exchange my money for the operation. I highly suggest you wait until you are in the city to change your currency as it will save you a reasonable amount of money. There is a currency exchange station about 5 minutes away from the hotel.

The next morning I was greeted downstairs by the driver along with 2 other people getting transplants. One guy was from Spain and the other from England. We were transported in a very nice Mercedes bus. On the way there, we got the chance to share our stories. One guy was referred to Cosmedica by a friend who had good results. Cosmedica was located on the 12th floor of the hospital. Upon arriving we were greeted by the assistant and technicians.

One by one we went into a room to get blood drawn for the PRP. After waiting for a few minutes we each met with Dr. Acar to discuss the operation and get our hairlines drawn. Dr. Acar was sincere and I felt at ease while discussing what I wanted to do. He then called for his technician to come in and advised them what to do. After the technician left the room I was asked how did I want to make my payment. I paid in cash since it was a few hundred dollars less. I was then given a mild sedative before the transplant.

First I was injected with local anesthetic totally approximately 20 shots. I'm not going to lie, but it did hurt. Since I was getting a beard transplant too, I needed anesthesia around my mouth. After a few minutes when everything was numb the 2 technicians started removing grafts from the donor area. Then they proceeded to work on my hairline then my beard. The transplant it self went by relatively fast in my head, I did not fall asleep the entire time but when the operation finished, 7 hours had passed. Afterwards I was given instructions on what to do for the next couple of days before I came back for my first wash. The three of us were then transferred back to the hotel.

The first night I could not sleep much. I was glad I went to the grocery store outside to get some food and snacks before the transplant as I really didn't want to go outside at the state I was in. I spent the entire day inside to rest on Friday. The swelling on my head was still very moderate and extreme around the mouth area. My first wash was on Saturday, I was instructed on how to use the hair foam and shampoo. After getting my hair washed I talked to the assistant who presented me with a certificate that guaranteed the hair transplant for 10 years. I was given the option to buy a 6/12 month supply of hair vitamins, shampoo and finasteride; 200 euro for 6 months or 400 for a year. I opted for the 6 months as it was a good deal.

After that we said our farewells. I spent the next few days exploring Istanbul, which is a very beautiful city by the way. I got many stares walking around town but got used to it. Many locals know foreigners come to Turkey for hair transplants so it's not out of the norm to be jollying around town with a swollen head and face. Fast forward to a week and I am back in the states. It is now a game of patience. I'm very optimistic about the outcome and will be posting frequent updates. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them.

Pre-op and post-op pictures

I couldn't find a way to add these pictures on my previous entry, but these were taken before and immediately after the transplant.

One week

It's been one week since the transplant and I feel a whole lot better. There are still scabs on my head but I expect them to go away in the following days. My beard has been healing great, all the scabs and crusts fell off yesterday.

8 days

As you can see most of the crusts came off, I was a little nervous seeing how the grafts look a little sparse but upon closer examination I see many follicles under my scalp.

Worried I didn't get enough grafts transplanted??

Been told that my density doesn't look good..
Istanbul Physician

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