need some opinions on doctors in turkey

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I am considering Maral Clinic, Dr. Resul Yaman, or...

I am considering Maral Clinic, Dr. Resul Yaman, or Cosmedica Clinic in Turkey. The reason I am thinking about these clinics in Turkey is because for one, the work looks good and so are the reviews and for two the price. I'm from Los Angeles but I would never consider an FUE Hair Transplant in the USA for the fact that it is way to expensive and even the most expensive doctors in Turkey are still way cheaper than the USA. The more pricey doctors in Turkey charge around $10 to 12 thousand USD for a very large amount of grafts that would easily cost over $20,000 in the USA. Please reply with any good or bad info on any of these clinics i mentioned. I know about the whole issue that people say the "technicians" do most of the work in Turkey, but I know thats not true for all clinics. And to be honest with you, one of the top rated clinics in Turkey supposedly lets the techs do a good part of the surgery, which I was told online by some "Hair Blog Expert" but even if that was true, they still got excellent results, best in the business. The only reason I didn't choose them was 2.50 euros a graft plus a bunch of other fees which all adds up if you know what I mean.
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