Maral Hair Klinik 17th October 2016 - Istanbul, TR

Hello. I will be going to Istanbul for a FUE Hair...

Hello. I will be going to Istanbul for a FUE Hair transplant at Maral Hair Klinik over the coming few days.

As with a few others on this forum, I was reluctant to go ahead with the procedure was it not for all the reviews, posts and photos that people are posting.

I hope to give an honest, complete and accurate account of my journey.

To date, I have been told that I require 3500-5000 grafts and will require a top up to increase density in 12 months time. The cost of the procedure is 2100 Euros. I have also been told to take finasteride, which I have already started to take for the past 3 weeks.

Sorry my first photo is not great, but its a start. I will post one with the head shaved in the clinic .
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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