Maral Hair Klinik 17th October 2016 - Istanbul, TR

Hello. I will be going to Istanbul for a FUE Hair...

Hello. I will be going to Istanbul for a FUE Hair transplant at Maral Hair Klinik over the coming few days.

As with a few others on this forum, I was reluctant to go ahead with the procedure was it not for all the reviews, posts and photos that people are posting.

I hope to give an honest, complete and accurate account of my journey.

To date, I have been told that I require 3500-5000 grafts and will require a top up to increase density in 12 months time. The cost of the procedure is 2100 Euros. I have also been told to take finasteride, which I have already started to take for the past 3 weeks.

Sorry my first photo is not great, but its a start. I will post one with the head shaved in the clinic .

1 day post op photos

"a photo speaks a thousand words"

The procedure at Maral Clinic went well.
In total 3900 grafts were placed with a focus on crown area (which is a difficult area).
A very professional team and good atmosphere in the clinic.

14 days post op photos

important notes: 3 weeks before the procedure i started taking the following supplement cocktail on a daily basis:

1. propecia 1mg.
2. biotin 10,000 mcg
3. A-Z multivitamin tablet

Balanced diet with a high protein and iron rich components.

Hair washing as per instructions from the clinic.

I went back to the gym from day 9 (generally considered a safe time frame) for CV and resistance training.

Donor area sensitive/little pain to palpation.

Recipient area redness reducing on a daily basis (see photos) and no symptoms. Little crust remaining (negligible). The procedure is virtually undetectable to the layman man.

Oh and I had already gone back to work 2 days post op with no problems (dentist).

I believe there was a good job done on creating a swirl on the crown with the grafts (see photos).
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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