Second FUE Transplant to Fix Receding Hairline Maral Clinic Istanbul, TR

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Last year (2015) in May I had an FUE treatment...

Last year (2015) in May I had an FUE treatment done to fix my receding hairline. It was done at Get FUE clinic in Antalya. I had done a little research about the clinic but nothing substantial, you can see my post op photos and results on this website but basically it was not nearly dense enough so I decided to go for another surgery. There were large holes in my peak areas where the transplant had been done that I wanted to be filled plus having a thicker hairline.
In the past year as I have waited for my new hair to grow out I have found a lot of support and comfort from the real self website as I didn't tell a single person that I went through this procedure it was a lonely and sometimes difficult journey. In this time I found many sterling reports about Dr Maral's clinic in Istanbul so about a month ago I decided to book in an appointment with him. Their staff were very responsive with emails and answered all my questions. So I locked in a date for the procedure.
I flew into istanbul on the 2nd of September and was picked up by a friendly driver from the clinic who spoke good English, I stayed in a very nice hotel for the night before going into the clinic the next day. The staff at the clinic were all super friendly and put my mind at ease right away. Dr Maral was informative, friendly and honest about how my last procedure looked even though it wasn't done by him, and he put me at ease about my forth coming surgery.
After my head was shaved it was obvious that my previous FUE surgery had been done in a hap hazard way. Hole size's were too big in some places and the amount of grafts that had been taken compared with the ones that were in my balding spot did not match up. it could be for a number of reasons, but never the less this was upsetting to hear. My previous FUE tool 2700 grafts and this time they decided to take 2100 grafts to thicken up what was already there.
They started working on me at around 4pm and didn't finish till 9pm. I was relaxed and comfortable the whole time, I was given dinner during a 30min break which was delicious then sent home to the hotel to rest.
The next day I came in to get the bandages removed and to talk about follow up care, everything was well explained and I felt confident moving forward.

It has been 4 days now since the surgery and the donor area has healed very fast, and the transplanted hairs are also looking much healthier than they did after my first surgery.
I'm looking forward to seeing the results in 1 months !

Photos everybody likes photos

One month later

I know its been a bit over a month since my first post but I took plenty of photos in that first month and I want to share them with you. This time I took the utmost care with my grafts post procedure. Reading up online all the different post care techniques I kinda made my own routine up. After the surgery I was spraying miniral water on my transplanted area and donor area every 20-30min even when at night. I kept that up for about 3 days. I did this because I think wounds heal up better when they are kept moist. I also stayed in bed most of the day keeping my head elevated above my heart (in bed for 5 days?? All I can say is thank the Lord for Netflix) I didnt want to take any chances this time with the grafts as I wanted a solid result unlike my previous HT. I left Turkey 6 days after the surgery feeling much better, the small amount of swelling I had on my face had gone, and the donor and transplant area felt good. Ah yes, i applied Lucas pawpaw cream to the donor area 2 times a day for the first week and watched the scabs almost disapear in that short time.

The scabs in the transplanted area took about 10 days to disapear, and when they did I was very pleased with how thick it looked in that area. The hairs quickly fell out as was expected I think it took about 1 month for them all to disapear and only the hair from my previous transplant remained. It was all pretty red up top for the first month, i continued to put moisturiser on every day to help the skin heal. I started exercising after 2 weeks, i know that is early by most doctors standards but i needed it and my head felt 100% at this stage.
I have added a bunch of photos with a flash and some without so you can see how it looks up close. I always want to see up close photos on the real self when it comes to transplants so I decided i would do my best to take some.

Its April already?? 6 month update

Hi everyone, apologies for the huge gap in progress reports, i have noticed on a few profiles that when updates dont come, sometimes that can be very good news, it means the person has a proper afro going on up top. Im very happy to say, that is the case with me also. It has been 6 months since my second FUE procedure, the first at GetFue in Antalya Turkey and the second at Maral clinic in Istanbul Turkey. Both have given me results, the first not as much as i would have hoped and in hindsight that could have been my fault as I didnt take enough precautions as i should have in the following weeks post procedure, the second how ever has really taken shape and given me my hairline back.
I believe it was Danny1324 another user of realself that suggested Biotin as a good suppliment to take for hair health. I had never actually heard of it before reading it on his profile, but i am sure glad i know about it now. I started taking Biotin 2000micrograms a day in October of last year and by Christmas 2016 my hair took off! It grew like no tomorrow, probably two times faster than usual and it was thicker and had more volume. That is all very well and nice having your hair grow faster but the REAL big deal is the fact that my hair has stopped falling out?! Yes you read it right, I dont know if it is a bizzare coincidence or what it is, but since taking it, my hair has stopped falling out all together. I get the odd hair when brushing after a day or 2 but nothing like before.
Now, before you rush out the door tripping over your untied shoe laces to go get yourself some Biotin from any average pharmacy, I need to add that I had a dramatic lifestyle change at the same time as taking biotin, i changed my diet to low dairy and almost no sugar, including fruit for several months and also did Yoga almost every day of the week, those two things combined im sure help in a huge way. Another thing that i think really helps is a Dermaroller, if you have never heard of a dermaroller check it out online, you can buy them for a few dollars on Fishpond or other websites. I roll that on my scalp about once every week cleaning it in alcohol before and after each use, i dont use rogaine or any such products and I still believe it works well, bringing blood flow to the surface of your scalp. I use a 1.5mm roller which is said to be a bit long to use for hair loss, how ever it seems to be working well. To to recap,
Biotin 2000micrograms once a day
Derma roller once a week rolled over my scalp particularly front part
Heaps of yoga
Healthy diet

Although I havent been doing updates online I have been taking some photos along the way and I will update them now. I will try to get some high quality ones also at some stage soon.
All the best on your hair restoration journey :)
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Tugrul Maral's nurses: Very professional, well spoken, informative and put my mind at ease

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