FUE Transplant African Female - Temple Area - Istanbul, TR

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I travelled to Istanbul from London to have my FUE...

I travelled to Istanbul from London to have my FUE transplant done with Longevita.
It was a real struggle getting a trichologist willing to do my FUE transplant. Being African? it made it more complex and some clinics that have experience carrying out the procedure on curly hair said they only do for men. And then I got some really expensive quotes from one or two clinics that responded. I ended up with Longevita as they responded promptly and the price was fair. Their reviews also on hair transplant was good. The price was for the procedure only and did not include any hotel/transfer.
I had 1200 grafts put in my temple area. I suffered hair loss in my temple area due to a lace wig i had installed with glue 6 years ago. I tried several treatments but nothing seemed to work before deciding a hair transplant was the way forward. I could have done the standard FUT ? but it was more expensive and I honestly couldn't afford it.
Also, i had no issue shaving the back of my head for it.
The trichologist initially did a test assessment in a small area to make sure I was suitable for FUE due to my african curly hair and it was successful.
She then continued to harvest the follicles with one other assistant and then inserted it in the recipient area. The whole process took 4hours. I guess i could have had more grafts put in but she insisted I could still get good coverage with the 1200 grafts as my hair is curly and I still had tiny baby hairs in the area.
The most painful part of the process was the local anesthesia - damn that was painful! But all was good after that.
I was given a shampoo and a spray to use on both the donor and recipient areas. I was also given antibiotics and some tablets to help with the swelling and painkillers.
The whole process took 4hours and I was given a meal after.
My head was so swollen after (which is expected) and It toom about 2weeks to feel full sensation in my scalp.
So far so good. Will post more updates in a month's time.

Post op pictures

FUE Update 4months+

Hi, it's been a while since I updated but I haven't updated as I have just recently started noticing a difference. Some people are lucky to start seeing results from 3months but I just started seeing results at a bit over 4 months so here are pictures. My donor area was a major concern for me as the growth has been slow and as I have super sensitive scalp I kept seeing little painful bumps here and there at the back of my head. It has gotten better now but still happens once in a while. Donor area has just started picking up too so it's a huge relief as I don't wanna be bald in two places... lol. I hope to see more results in a couple of weeks.

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