Maral Hair Clinic 4250 FUE: Prime Maral! 12 month update

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*Treatment results may vary

Best holiday ever, since my souvenir is a new...

Best holiday ever, since my souvenir is a new hairline! Thanks Maral Klinik team and Dr Maral.

Everything on my trip ran as advertised, as well as a holiday/tourism venture could be.

The bonus was the AMAZING camaraderie of my fellow visitors/clients - it was great to hang out and learn from you.

If you are wondering about these reviews - all I can say is that at the Levent Otel, half the people were pre- or post visit to Dr Maral and Maral Klinik.

This is a truly wonderful thing to do - just keep your ears and mind (scalp?????) open.

My experience at Maral Klinik is exactly as per the reviews - calm, friendlt, clean, well run, relaxing. The clinic is tucked into a local shop front/cafe area opposite a micro size square. Just off the main business street.

Since the hotel is very close to the Levent subway it's possible to get transport to the historic Hippodrome / Blue Mosque / Sultan Ahmed area which is approximately 8km away.

Pics before and after are coming soon.
It is Day 8 at the time of my first post and a lot of scabs have come off in the shower.

I have run a few 10k+ runs since the op and aside from the usual reported post op symptoms, there is very little downside at all.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my latest adventure!

Maral Klinik pics

Pics from Dr Maral and his SLR camera.
I had hoped to get more grafts harvested but as you can see in the pic, graft# is dependent on head size, available area and head size also means more are needed for full coverage!

Details for tourists (and a hair saving tip)

Hakan collected me at IST Atatürk arrivals - a kind and genuine man who speaks six languages. A gentleman!

If you need cash there is an ATM machine near the entry to the baggage carousel area. You can get euro.

Maral Klinik takes blue chip western currencies equivalent to the 2100€ fee.

IST airport is a long drive from the business district, so expect up to a 1hr drive outside peak times. Try to avoid peak hours since travel time could triple.

I recommend getting some Turkish Lira at the airport as the hotel staff will expect a tip. It would be good to tip the driver too. Food is very good value and smaller places may only take cash (most branded places will take cards too).

If you are fairly tall and you are sent to Levent Otel, make sure that you get a room NOT on the fourth floor. This is a risky floor since light fittings on the top/4th floor are low and are hazardous to hair grafts.

I was jetlagged and awoke at 3am (since my flight and connections totalled 21hrs), so went for a long run from 4am.
At that hour there's little or no people around, so you have the city to yourself.

Pics after post surgery dinner with fellow patientd

After a big day and a good dinner with fellow patients of Maral Klinik, I took these pics before the hardest night, the first night babysitting the FUE grafts.

Taken in Levent Otel bathroom in my room #208.

Saturday night. Day after surgery pics

I *somehow didn't get advised not to drink* for a few days post surgery. ????
Turkish Airlines were great on the flight bac I tried homemade lemonade (with Turkish Airlines' contended Absolut. Just one! Plus one Heineken. Great flight.

In a rush with someone behind me on hthe airport bus I hit my head on a low baggage shelf. Great! No apparent blood etc.

If there is a drop of blood on the back that could be where I knocked my head.

Ten day update: more hair, scab washing time

This period is exciting: by this time the soreness from the donor area has reduced to nearly nothing and I can see hair growth.

Redness of the scalp is still there but swelling is gone.

I still don't go without a hat (most of the time) but did go to a couple of places and it was fine.

Reading other reviews here, I started using a sponge to apply the shampoo in the first week. It helps soothe the area and reduces the need to move the shampoo around the head.

Over these few days I was visiting someone on the other side of Ireland and didn't do the usual Washington routine. After I returned to my usual abode I got back to moisturising then washing morning and night.

I'm still using the neck pillow.

Any questions? ????

More Day 10 scab pics

Here are some better-lit pics showing the smaller white scabs which were especially evident at the back.

This week was a critical time for patience and moisturising soaking and head washing.

Around this time I started to use a very soft shower spray directly onto my head, instead of softening the spray with my fingers.

The small white scabs will wash off but it takes time and looks bad, as if it's dandruff or eczema. It will come off, don't force it too quickly!

Day 12: Even more growth and front scabs are starting to come off

June 22: You'll notice a more normal looking head by now. Wishing the scabs were gone at the front but they are hanging on, for now. Not for long though.

A trip for Brexit week is coming up

Britain Brexit or Bremain Day

Here's a shot of me in the wild, with the world famous combover populist is on a beautician 's window!

My mate didn't notice anything too odd about my head on this night. However he was on the piss and I think he was more concerned with being able to stand up. ????

Day 18 pic update

Looking back at these pics, this is a nice stage as all the grafts are settled. Donor area is barely sore. Shock loss has not yet happened. It looks neat and I look younger haha.

This is after a great time in Britain. Timed for the Brexit vote. Now that's a shock loss! ????????????

Day 18 pics post Brexit

Looking back at these pics, this is a nice stage as all the grafts are settled. Donor area is barely sore. Shock loss has not yet happened. It looks neat and I look younger haha.

This is after a great time in Britain. Timed for the Brexit vote. Now that's a shock loss!

28day update

It has been a very busy time.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to take a lot of pics of my skull during travels, so the ones in the previous post are my best.

These pics I just took, now Im nearly a week home in Sydney. Note the shock loss has happened on tip and especially at the back.the outdoor light makes it look worse.

Donor area feels fine.
I'm getting sensation back on top, although it's still somewhat numb.

After three weeks using the neck pillow, I stopped using it once my donor area felt fine, for the fourth week post surgery.

Still very sorry to have seen the murderous attacks on innocent people at ATA airport last month.

I still recommend coming to Turkey and I plan to return.

Thanks to my fellow hotel/hair buddies from Levent Otel. Please keep in touch!
Thanks also to DerekLucan for your support and messages.

Now it's time for me to get into the winter of my scalp, with the hair loss and the winter here...

Ask any questions!

Not much redness. Uneven growth will need tidying

Looks worse than a week ago, since I seem to have lost a lot of the grafted hairs at the top and back.

Should I try clipping the unruly side bits? This was neither grafts not donor area. The middle hair is also non grafts non donor bit I will leave it alone.

Back to baldy

Here are a few pics I've just taken.
Week 5 / 38days post.
Front shot and IRL looks OK from head on but lost a lot from the crown.

Redness is down a lot but still visible. Feeling is coming back to lots of the area.

Turkey's domestic political situation looks bad but a strongman government will want business as usual happening asap, so I expect that the clinics business will resume as long as flights arrive and streets are safe-ish.

Back to the pics - please update your own week/month updates.

Ask any questions you have.

Seven week update pics. Not much to report

Slow progress.
I've trimmed the sides and back weekly and have posted a pic from seven weeks ago, for comparison.

Seven week pics. Not much growth

Here are the seven week pics, compared with a pic in the early morning of June 10.

Sensation has come back to most of my scalp, which is still red and the donor area is fine.

A sign! 7.5 weeks and signs of life

Following up on Nick Zed's report, I also have a great big zit on the front of my hairline.

A good sign. Hope.

Two month update (weeks 8-9)

I really appreciate the efforts of those of you who post detailed reviews or who have provided really helpful support.
That includes DerekLucan, gmang85 and nickzed, plus those of you who.have added comments or posted decent updates.

I've not noticed much change. There has only been one big zit, plus quite a bit of itchiness and head scratching.

Hopefully I can get some perspective on this 2mth stage and can not be so impatient. Roll on month three!

A bit itchy at week 10 (itchin' for action!)

Itchy, a bit scabby, a bit less of the grafts.
Midway through month two.
Roll on month three and some action, please! ????

Late Winter month 2.5 update pics

I meant to add to my review that the zits and sores are back. Just for the information of anyone else getting through the third month and the winter time of hair farming.
I can't wait for spring and follicles to spring to life!

Week 11 pics

Still watching and hoping to see something new spring from the field!
Some skin irritation, zits and scabs are signs of life at week 11...

Spring shoots

A few pics for the weekend (week 13).
Scalp remains itchy.
Best news this week was discovering lots of new hairs growing in.
I continue to trim the unaffected hairs beside the recipient area but the recipient area hairs and middle bit haven't yet been to a barbershop.

Redness has become hard to see.

Week 13 - do I feel lucky?

Yes I do! I'll post up a couple of pics soon. Still not that impressive at a distance but there is a bit of new hair growth coming through. I continue to trim the adjacent patches that were beside the recipient area.
Following my 'free combover' pic (ten weeks ago, Brexit day!), enjoy How The Donald Got His Hair from Laurence McGilvery:
How The Donald Got His Hair: a Just-So Story (with ‘pologies to Rudyard Kipling)
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Week 13 pics

Indoor mirror pics. Maybe slightly better detail of the new growth, if you look closely.

Repost of lost pic

Getting good feedback. Asking for yours!

Hi fellow planters, how do these pics look? Do you notice much difference?
There seems to be a little new stubble each week. Some extra thickness?

I have had a massive zit and itchiness right in the middle of the crown area so it feels like it is getting jiggy, too!

Pics which didn't upload. Feels and looks like progress.

These pics failed to upload. I couldn't show the zit eruption but it's in the centre of the crown and has been itchy or sore all week!

Accidental tree damage pics

I wasn't wearing a hat.
If you do any outdoor work around the home, wear a hat to minimise this kind of risk!

For the new players

Here's some tips I found which may entertain you. I googled James Nesbitt since he's had a couple of HTs and has even advertised his (Blackrock, Dublin Ireland) clinic!

Some of the tips may be useful.

Quick Week 15 pics

I'll write an update but here are pics in decent light.
The big zit on my crown has settled and it appears that the grafts at the front are coming along well with growth.
It looks like the rest of my head has not had much breakthrough.

Slow progress.
I have tried larger zooms to get over to the action.

Any comments?

Weekend week 15 shots (out of sunlight)

Here are a few more pics for the week.
I can't report much other than some continuing itchiness on top (no longer at the back which has settled). Hair on top is still thin and I fear some is looking pretty dead...
So hopefully there will be some improvement in the next few weeks!

As you can see, there is some thin hair at the back but it's wispy or sparse enough to still look baldish.

First shots are indoor mirror pics, second were taken outside in thr shade and the third set outdoors in semi shade.

For djames and dereklucan - I did comb through a bit of light brown hair colour to try to get those white or grey curly hairs looking more like the straighter darker hairs... Didn't necessarily make much difference!

Quick comparison pics

Time lapse August-September: end of winter

Ahead of a proper update here is an attempt at a time series.

It's taking shape but slooooooowly!

Week 16 update: still itching for action

Itching for action. There seems to be some subdermal activity as my scalp is irritable and I'm getting more sensation every week.

Let's hope at late month three for signs of spring time!

October 1 pics

It's too extreme weather (wind etc) outside so here is another quick pic update. Indoor shots since these may be a bit more flattering and to compare with those in early September.

Plus another attempted time lapse!

A few pics from the week up to week 17. Close to 4mths!

All of the itchiness has come down a lot and the multiple scabs on the crown area have dried up and come off (usually with just one hair on each). Itchiness is mainly just at the edges of the recipient areas.

Like Braun and Nickzed at this stage, approaching 4mths, the overall hair growth could look ok at some angles but it's still very thin and really only starting to fill in.

I haven't clipped the side/top/edges of my old hair to blend with the new hair, but that would also make it look much better.

Mrs said the new hair shape looks like a 5yr old's hair!

Dr Maral's advice

Dr Maral recommended that I brush the new hair across for best early results, instead of combing it back.

Can you tell any difference or improvement?

Another after v before pic comparison too.

I can feel stubble and hairs at the back but it is so thin and light, it isn't obvious in the pics.

So there is more progress, you just don't see what I can feel.

A new bright place for a 'locker room chat'

My office has a new 'locker room' so I figured it's a good time for a locker room chat.

Not much to grab, still.
Can you see any difference from the past month? I'll tidy up the sides this weekend.

PS our infamous combover campaigner will surely provide even more entertainment in the coming month. :)

These pics are after a shower, just conditioner and a decent water massage in the new showers at work.
No product used here other than the too dark hair colour I applied two weeks ago.

Should I try some product to thicken the appearance or just let nature take its course?

Question and a couple of pics

Are you using thickening shampoo, fibre shampoo or any other thickening assistance after you get growth and hairline after your HT?

What have you tried and what difference did you see?

I can buy bed head, Argan Oil and similar stuff so I figured I would ask you.

I recall three people with great reviews here using Bed Head shampoo and one using Argan Oil shampoo. Please respond d to my impromptu poll.

Note what works for you. Results can vary individually but it's good to hear what you have tried, abandoned and recommend.

Hair raising adventures at Week 19

Here are a few update pics showing progress up to today.
Just as an experiment I tried an inexpensive shampoo that claims to bulk up hair fibres from the inside.
Reviews are mixed in the sense that people report amazing or noticeable early results -then a large percentage of reviewers say they experience a terribly dry scalp and some say damaged hair by using over a lengthy period.

So I'll use it occasionally to see if it helps my apparent thickness.

Otherwise I'll stick with the advice of Nickzed09 and HairFlick for your respective shampoos!

Three buck thickening haha. Use with care and read reviews, since it's only a good thing for a short time

Bought this on a whim just to try out.
Read almost universally positive reports of results to begin with.
Then negatives on the reviews to suggest it's going to be bad for the scalp and the hair if used regularly.

Week 20 slowly but surely (?) We

I played around with a comb, can you see any difference when I comb the front upward?

I've been using the supposedly hair thickening shampoo (which isn't a long term thing) to see if it helps.

Still hoping to see a lot more growth of new hairs, since I'm at 4.5mths from the big Maralklinik hair pay for play day!

Hopefully the next 4.5mths will see the greatest improvement.

Wake and, get up, stand up, new hair! :)

Week 21 (arseend of my 4) update. Top still uncut. No product.

I think the extra length and combing back helps.

There seems to be activity so I'll leave you to comment. At this stage there are still areas which are thin.
Outdoor and veranda shots today.

Compare my pic updates with braun123 a week ahead and nickzed09 my Sydney hair bro who had his done the day after me, also at Maral hair clinic.

Quick and dirty pic after a tense day

Another excellent day of unexpected events and my hair was compared to that of my pal who's the ex Foreign Minister, haha. Who commentated on at least three tv networks today. Gotta give him credit for that!

Quick mirror pic @ 5mth anniversary

Here's a quick update with zoomed in pics.
I'll post a longer review on the weekend.

Dead or Alive at Month Five (week 22)

Hope you are well and that you feel alive today! If not, take a cold shower!
This has been a hair raising week for many people, including yours truly.

I'm not taking any hair drugs or topical hair lotions, nor biotin. I'm only taking a magnesium supplement to prevent muscle cramping.

I'm running ~15-20km most work days and I feel I'm a lot more energetic than other people in their mid 30s or mid 40s, so I'm your typical active mid life crisis guy.

How's my hair? It's coming. Taking its time and I'm getting used to that.
It's thickening slowly.

I have full feeling and no redness in my scalp.

Making and taking my hairline nostalgically back to the past, just like (pains me to say)...
President-elect Trump.

Hopefully no hiding under hats once my hair crowning glory is restored.
Crown is coming along, djames210. :)

Any questions, especially people who want to know what's new at this milestone?

Stirring at the scalp level. Week 23 update.

Have a look and add any questions or comments. I think I still have a long way to go! No orange hair dye for me just yet.

When you get to 40s some of the hair on the sides is grey and it will still be grey in some cases when it's growing out of another spot on your head! Hence the comb through colour. It's a bit too dark for me.

Here are a few pics from this weekend.
As we get to the end of a calendar year, let's recap on what we have done and still hope to do. I hope my follicles keep up their work in their new homes at the top of my scalp!

I'm enjoying using the Argan Oil shampoo (Aldi!) And the US brand OGX extra strength argan oil conditioner. Both work well. The conditioner is very thick so hopefully the oil is helping with thick looking hair.

Scalp has the occasional sore so I think that I'm getting decent hair growth.

Do the pics who anything new? I've tried to show the top. Still thin but getting better. Front is looking good now.
Sides were trimmed down to #1 clipper and I am holding off on a proper haircut a bit longer.

Scientific validation in JAMA: a HT helps make you seem significantly more attractive, successful and 3.6yrs younger! :)

JAMA (American Medical Assn) published a small randomised controlled trial of the perceptions of men who have had a HT. Really interesting, although it's a tiny sample size of 122 at Johns Hopkins University. Medicaldaily noted it's intended as the basis for a much bigger, upcoming study.

“Men were reported to look younger after hair transplant...
“Men who underwent this procedure were also perceived as being more attractive, successful, and approachable than their pre-transplant counterparts by casual observers.”

Researchers recruited 122 volunteers to take an online survey: volunteers, in random order, were shown photo sets of 13 men of varying ages, 7 of whom were suffering from male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia).
With the balding men, photos were shown before and after they had obtained a hair graft transplant. The participants were then asked to rate each photograph on a variety of characteristics, including their perceived age, attractiveness, and successfulness.

Across the board, they rated the made-over men to be the belle of the ball compared to their earlier snapshots.

Original study can be found easily online; there were a lot of news stories on the study:
"Perception of Hair Transplant for Androgenetic Alopecia" article-abstract/2544827
JAMA Facial Plast Surg. 2016;18(6):413-418. doi:10.1001/jamafacial.2016.0546
or "Hair Transplants Really Do Make You Look More Attractive, Successful, And Younger:

Week 24: feeling it more and it feels raw

Not what you think, haha!

I'm feeling more heat and irritation in my largest organ.
My skin, specifically, atop and especially at the back of my scalp.

I'm hoping it's irritation from more new hairs breaking through the skin.

Can you see much irritation in the pics? I've added mostly ones with damp hair so that you see the scalp.

Normally you don't see much scalp any more when the light is low. It's really only under midday sun that it's most obvious.
Here are some midday outdoor pics.

Comparison before v today

Day of HT v today, 24 weeks and 2days (5.5mths) later.

I'm losing the odd hair here and there. Not great.

Six month (26 weeks) update and pics

Happy half year anniversary celebrations!

Half a year, after Brexit and Trump, I feel like my plan to radically break with a sense of hopelessness and do something radical, has worked out surprisingly well.

Here are some pics which I hope will generate some interest from you.

I still haven't cut the hair on top and it's primarily due to going to Christmas parties all week. :)

It's au natural and messy, so you can see what it's like normally, what it's like combed at work and before I have put any colouring in to cover some grey hairs.

Once I have had it cut I'll add some more pics and I expect it will look mich,. Much better.

This is the unvarnished real life, no hair products, no cut result after six months of hair watching...

Come on, give me your opinions. Your questions. Your vote!

Make a head of hair great again. One head at a time.
How's your head? :)

When to declare victory :) ?

Before afters are the best sales trick, haha

I've never done this so excuse the amateur results. A couple of attempts to collage some pics the morning of the HT and today. :)

How's it coming along?

Vodafone stadium BE??KTA? football club. Near the main tourism road but several km away from the clinic.

Terrorists used a car bomb to attack police after a football match at BE??KTA? Vodafone Stadium, Saturday night.

I note it because I liked the look of it when I ran past on my long run to the Blue Mosque.

It's several km from the Levent district so you won't see it unless you go toward the tourist areas. The stadium is near Taking Square but is also visible from the main Dolmabahce road to the ferry terminals and on to the bridges to the Asia side and the historic tourism district.

A couple more comparison pics. Hope it will look much better after a haircut

Week 26 v week 0.
I'm hopeful that like others here, I'll get a bit more appearance of density as some new hairs grow thicker.

Week 28 wait. Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas, Holidays, End of 2016.

A few views indoor and outdoor, to show the good and waiting to see improvement aspects of my own hair watching.

Had a barbershop haircut for the first time since the HT. I had been clipping it myself until now.

Hair is brushed back and across. No hair wax etc, just a bit of water.

Top looks bad as I haven't combed it. Baldy! Similar contrasts with angle and light to braun123 and nickzed09 who have recently pics and reviews, at the same stage as me.

Any questions? Ask them below. I often miss seeing messages in the inbox and often the questions are relevant and useful to people considering a HT or curious about hair watching progress. Thanks HairFlick!

My hair is very fine, brown and occasionally grey, which is why it can look translucent in some pics.

Better than none at all. :)

Crown coverage continues to improve, djames210. Hope yours is too.

Best wishes for your own hair watching adventure and see you next year, here, with more hair!

Can you see the improvement at 28 weeks? Comparison pics

Praying for the survival and health of the original hair princess and inventor of some interesting and innovative hair styling in cinema, Carrie Fisher. Too many people of our childhood and for previous generations have died this year!

I've added a Dom Perignon from my favourite Sydney spot for your enjoyment, too.

Cheers to you and your 2017 dreams coming true!

Any questions about the pics are welcome.

Thoughts with brothers and sisters in Ortaköy, near Istanbul.. Make 2017 great!

Another great New Year's Eve from Sydney, fantastic fireworks and great security and behaviour.
Surveillance of known Islamist crooks and brain washers and their followers meant a plot to kill in Melbourne's recent Christmas mass was averted.

Sorry to read that Istanbul (Ortaköy, 73km / 53 mins drive) was less lucky.

If you are over there please ensure you have let your national Embassy know you are alright.

I've added a few lazy pics from the day after NYE.. No combovers or Trump Rooster headshots today!

Stay smart, stay safe, think and go over to IST knowing you can minimize risks...

Seven months... I don't believe it!

So this week is seven months after my midsummer (Europe) trip via Dr Maral's Maral Hair Klinik!

2016 was a horrible year for so many people.. Regular readers here may have shared the bad news, shocks and stupid events. However in the bright side, my head is less bright and more coconutty!

I'm still feeling a bit of itchiness and the occasional pimple or sore on the edge of my crown area.. Hopefully these are the awakened crown follicles pushing more hair through.

I've put on a tiny bit of bedhead hair wax which is called fibre but is not hair fibre. More of a slightly waxy clay.

Any questions?
These are cropped smartphone pics.. Some high res.. In three different light areas on a Saturday morning.

Happy 2017 fue year, hair watchers!

(last pics from Sydney International this week... Could be the players Make Britain Great Again.... Without an orangutan Dear Leader!)

Thanks to my favourite reviewers for their updates. Please keep it going!

Happy to answer any questions here as I often miss inbox messages and just scan this page for questions.. ;)

It is a golden era.. Make sure you do it right first time with your FUE and know what you are in for!

Trumped the insiders! 7mth post Hair Trumplant

Continue the sentence.
"President Trump... "

Rafa and Roger: turning back time! Go to Turkey, Rafa!!! [7.5mth update]

This week I've been loving the Australian tennis season and living the comeback dreams of Rafael Nadal and Roger deserter (and not forgetting the Williams sisters!).

I love watching Nadal's OCD routine from lining up his water bottles 'just right' and his pre-serve procedure of pinching his shorts, both shoulders, left ear, across his left eyebrow, nose, right eyebrow, right ear and back again.

Then he dips his head as he bounces his selected ball to serve and I think (and shout to the TV) when I see his diffuse hair loss:

*** 'you need to go to Toorkey'! ***

;) now my wife is saying it on all his serves, too.. What an amaxing competitor and future HT client. ????

Here are a few quick pics with my latest fun: the Rick Astley do... From when, 1987? Well since Rags and Roger are playing like it's 2007...!

Comments, questions, just shoot.
Twitter away!

Crown royale

Crown pic and a couple of additional pics for fun.

In his previous game against Raonic, I said to my wife I was like Rafa.

You should have heard her laugh! ???

I'm turning back time both on the track, in my work and especially on my head. ????

Eight month update: reeling in the years?

I was beginning to resemble that baby orang utan so postponed this update until I'd tidied up the mop.

Here are a few pics to start you off.
I'll add some higher res pics from my Nikon camera later on.

What else can I say?
At a wine tasting a week ago, an old guy (78's old, yeah?!) was recommending me buying a cheap wine. I told him I'd spent 20 years sniffing and tasting wines and he looked at me funny, so I asked him how old he thought I was.

He said THIRTY and either I'm flattered or I'm worried because this guy has his car keys and obviously has OK enough vision to pretend he can drive. I'm more worried about the latter! ?

I've started using a second type of clay/fibre goop and a plastic pocket hair brush to try to alternate between combing to the side (hopefully not a combover) or to the back (hopefully not a TRUMP!).

It's getting fairly long and thick in top but it's still a bit lacking in density.

Unlike Djames210 with his JFM hair colour or Hair flick with his Trumpish golden lion locks, I've tried to sparingly use a bit of light brown comb-through colour, every 4-6 weeks: Restoria.

These pics are at home and without the goop.. I'll add the more professional pics soon, from a more salubrious Sydney CBD location. ?

A few pics to show its bigger and better. A Rick roll!

A few update pics. Just outta bed and a quick comb with a bit of water.
I've used Moose Head cream in it for a few weeks, at work.

People I've seen after work have commented on me looking even fitter or looking much younger than when they saw me last.

Can't quite put a specific reason why... But it's been a theme over a drink with mates who I haven't seen for a while.

So: How's my Rick Astley look coming along?

The long-awaited Nikon high res pics... and more hair coming through at the crown?

Here is as bad as it gets!
No trickery, lighting, hair product, combing/combover and a few grey hairs in the mix.

It's my baby orang utan look!

After I wash/condition, comb and put on some holding product paste or was, it then can look more like one of my high school hairdos.

I hope this helps.

In other news: djames210, I'm getting a big, itchy pimple or two on the edge of my crown and I am hoping to be able to report some fresh shoots there. I must get some finasteride to see if it's as bad or as good as people say. Need to see my doctor (and he hasn't seen me with 'new hair' haha).

More more more?

I'm feeling a little. More activity at the back. Hoping it's more hair breaking throufh, since I have had the odd skin irritstion, pimples etc there.

Here are some more phone pics and I'll add some more Nikon pics after this.

Hey, baby! Nine month update. Yeah Yeah!

Today (+~8hrs Europe time shift) marks my nine month anniversary of visiting IST and enjoying Turkish hospitality and the crack team led by Dr Maral.

Here are a few quick pics, below.

At this stage you should notice that my front hairline is looking good, the hair is straight and thick.
These are without any Moose Head hair product that I normally use (quite excessively) at work.

Hopefully you can see my crown area is coming in OK.
I'm not 100% finished but I am prepared and willing to go the next step, as many here have done, with a second HT for more density.

My hair is fine and my skin is really, really pale, so it would be great to have more hair moved upstairs!

This week I had the pleasure of seeing a great woman who I used to work with, whose first reaction to seeing me was 'your hair!!!'... then last night I had the self confidence to be flirting with a 21yr old (don't tell anyone!).

Mini update: best in show?

I had some 'leadership identity' communications training last week and some interview coaching this week.

Feedbacj was that I'm very good with open, confident and expressive body language and gestures.

I have to credit the happy, confident and open body language to Dr maral and his team.... That's the kind of lift you wilk find for yourself after getting to the sweet spot of FUE hairline maturity!

Ten outa ten!?! 10 month update

Hey there... I'm chuffed at 10mths and there are still some improvements coming from the FUE operation I had 10mths ago at Dr Maral's Levent, Istanbul clinic in June 2016.

My Dr prescribed my Finasteride: he thinks my HT is a smart move and i think that I am now his favourite. He confided in me about his own HT and his wish to get a FUE too! :)

Here are 'a few' smartphone pics.
I'll add more after I return from my Easter holiday.

I was given some great feedback by various people who I had recently started to work with: that I am very engaging and a good listener as well as a communicator.
- Thanks to my newfound inner confidence.
- Largely thanks to my happiness with my younger, less baldy look!

Thank you to my fellow HT reviewers and especially to Dr Maral and his team.. And to myself for getting the FUE in June 2016!

News theme.. Chillin with my favourite Australian news anchorman.. Even has the Burgundy!

Happy to catch up with Joe O'Brien from ABC News during a break from my disaster hotline assignment.

My beach pics in the update were taken in the mornings of my beach runs prior to going out to flooded communities on the NSW Australia north coast.

The other pics are mosly to show our news cycle. My hair when I get out of bed looks like that of Kim the elder. When I have product combed through it looks nearly like Kim the current tyrant.

No nukes is good nukes

Crown pic update as requested.

Gratuitous hair and hat pics from Nk as NK officially threatened to bomb Australia with its unproven missile tech.

You can leave your oversized hat on your oversized ambition, NK!

I think there is even a hair rule in NK preventing fanboy lookalike haircuts to copy Dear Leader.

Pics from the street

A few quick pics to give a rough idea.
I will add comments and higher res pics soon.

As your questions!

A few pics from Winter running.

It's getting long. Looks mad with product in it.
This is mid run so it is during a pit stop 20mins into a run.

Timing my major update for mid June... ????????

Twelve months and a lot has changed!

I hope you have enjoyed my posts. I'm overdue for an update. I was too busy for a haircut so here it is, with some messy pics.

Brexit in UK (while I was there) a year ago was a bigger shock loss than my hair.

I kept calm as it fell out. Kept busy doing some challenging work on my return down under.

Got over the redness, the winter of follicular telogen (resting) phase during winter here. Then the maturation period where the fine, silky and kinky baby hairs thicken and look better.

This process took around six months... Just past the USA Donald Trump Jr Presidential election.

Another sox months to this point.
Have I made my image great again?

You tell me.

I am likely to return again, not yet sure when, for another session. It's not strictly necessary but why not?

More pics at 12mths

Happy to take questions.
I'm happy. Will get more in future, maybe 2018.
High res pics as requested.

Thirteen month update

Some funny business last month as I managed to really overdo hair colour on the salt and pepper area around my ears.

For a bit of age reduction fun to get back down to the 30 something look. For a recent interview.

Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction and got very very itchy. It felt like 13mths ago with the donor area being very tender.

Just be judicious with how long you leave that stuff in.

Pics were lost. Thanks realself.

Second attempt to include pics.

If you are in London and wish to catch up, let me know.
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

I come from the land down under.... Where old school blokes in my family calls pansies sheilas or pooftahs (really!). Instead of me doing a Rooney (hi Poms!) I'm doing a Warney with my HT mid life crisis makeover! It is worth doing your HT right, so make sure you have researched and then do it when you are happy with the surgeon/doctor/clinic. I'm very happy with 100% of my experience at Dr Maral's clinic (and his clients and this forum). Initially I was sucked in by the results of people posting reviews here. I should have taken more time researching all options for my needs in some more detail but I chose the best and I'm happy! Experiencing it in June, I understand the results and why people have such positive reviews and experiencences. I'm another very happy client of Maralklinik and happy to discuss anything. Dr Maral answered my questions on all emails and is a very user-focused person. It was a pleasure to deal with Dr Maral and his professional and friendly team, from the first moment at airport pickup, to airport drop off less than 48hrs later. We discussed the process in Dr Maral's consulting room in the morning, then Dr Maral drew the hairlines on me prior to getting my head shaved. This continued through the FUE process, then the next morning we did some in depth stuff. At all of the steps of our consultation, Dr Maral's advice and his realistic responses to my questions suggest that you will be in the hands of professionals.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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