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So I basically started losing my hair in college,...

So I basically started losing my hair in college, but in high school I realized my crown would not grow longer then 2 inches before falling out. I had to take predisone sometimes which made hair fall out faster. Anyway, so I know I needed a hair transplant in the near future. I was at a Norwood 3 crown or a Norwood 4. My crown was especially bad. The problem was a good FUE surgery in the US is like $30,000 for 3000 grafts. I saw the results on this site for Aestimed on a whim last week, and I added the medical rep to my whatsapp. I talked to him a couple times and found out I could get a procedure this weekend. I was comtemplating it, then i found out my I needed dental work too. After realizing it would be thousands in the USA, I decided to get that done in Istanbul as well. When I asked Aestimed, they said "yeah we can do it for you on Friday and do your Hair on Saturday". Ok it was sorted and I bought my business class tickets to turkey from Wash Dc.

I went there and it was not bad. Normally they send a driver to pick you up but i got there at 6am. I took a driver to the hotel from the airport and I got ripped off for $50 when it should have been $12. The hotel was good, like 4 stars very clean and quiet. Aestimed sorts you the room. In the morning they picked me up (called the room). I did dental work on friday, the dentist was amazing with her empathy and bedside manner and skills. My mouth feels brand new, she replaced 5 metal fillings for me with composite and replaced a poor quality crown with zirconium.

Ok now for hair surgery. The next day i gotpicked up at 900. Wear a shirt you dont mind getting dirty, because its going to be a looooong day. I wore a $400 purple label shirt not a good idea. Then they shave your head, prep for surgery, inject local and start harvesting. My crown was completely depleted so they harvested 4200 grafts. This took hours. Its not very fun, no narcotics so either bring your own valium or just grin and bear it. After that, i had dental work for my crown but you will get a break. Lunch is this time. After that, they start making the holes for placing the grafts. This also took hours for me. Finally they place the grafts. Your position will change from being face down and face up duyong various stages of the process. Also 3 people will be working on your head to speed things up. It still takes a long time. However, i was done at 7pm and I am looking forward to a new head of hair.

The main things are : dont be scared of istanbul its a great city. Aestimed is tbe real
Deal they do this everyday. They give alot of grafts and the do a great job.

After the surgery you have to be careful to protect the grafts. I gotta run for now ttyl

Back to home, slight swelling

I just got back from Istanbul last night, i slept facedown on a pillow. I cant touch my grafts to a pillow or blanket for a week or so, and i cant wash the blood for 3 nights. 2 nights are over so I will wash my head tonight or tomorrow morning. Probably tonight so I can take my time doing it. I have some swelling because they did my crown and front, but I have been wearing the headband. All in all Aestimed gave me good advice on what to expect and how to behave after the surgery. Basically the grafts are very delicate post surgery, you must treat them carefully to get the best result. I expect the swelling to go down in like 2 days but obviously its worst now. Ok ttyl

Getting better

This is where i am right now. 2 days out, i have some swelling in my face and perioribital edema. I think some hairs are starting to grow.

Getting better

I just wonder if its growing back ok.

Looks good

I wet my hair and combed off the scabs. Result looks amazing. I am using a combination of high end rogaine and a growth serum. The results are amazing. I forgot i was ever balding lol
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