42 Male UK Finally Took the Plunge and Booked my Flight (After a Few Stella's) - Istanbul, TR

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Before i start i would just like to thank this...

Before i start i would just like to thank this site and the people that have left review's for a HT. I never would have dreamed of booking for this without reading review after review on here. I wish i could thank everyone.
i have been rather rubbish and have just read reviews and not left a comment or two of encouragement to anyone.....so sorry me bad :-/
Saying that Gmang85 review has been superb and really helped me pick Tugrul Maral, MD. Pleaaase don't expect mine to be as good and detailed as his...Saying that you'll soon see for yourself's it isn't :-P

I guess most people don't think they are going to loose their hair. It started happening to me not that long ago...possibly two years or just over. Slowly but surely its been thinning at the sides and the front of my head. I've been hiding it fairly well with toppik but find that easier when i shave my head to 3mm even though i sometimes do 1mm. Obviously id like my hair longer than this but i feel this look the best with what i got. Some friends think im mad going through with this and that im good with shaved hair but i dont think so. I only want it about a inch long on top though lol

Is anyone else going on the 29th September, if so give me a shout. I'm a little worried with things that have happened at the airport and in Turkey but i do realise that the chances of anything happening are so so slim so i try to throw that to the back of my mind.

I know its quite a while till i go but i just wanted to say hi and hopefully this will lead me to tell my story as i live through it :-)
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