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Booked into Maral hair klinik in Istanbul in early...

Booked into Maral hair klinik in Istanbul in early June.
Dr. Maral's office was very quick to reply to my e-mails. That, and the fact that I could only uncover one negative review relating to the man (which did sound suspiciously like a competitor), helped me to decide on this clinic. The pictures and reviews posted by many on this website also helped me to decide. Thanks to those people by the way... I'll keep posting pictures and updates as I progress. Hopefully I can help somebody else. All the best.

Procedure completed 7th June

All went well at Maral Klinik. Everything ran very smoothly including pick-up at airport, accommodation and most importantly, the procedure itself.
Met Dr. Maral at 11am to decide on hairline which corresponded almost exactly to what I had in mind beforehand. I did forget to ask about the amount of grafts required and only found out afterwards that the number was 3200. I'm quite happy with that because an over-depleted donor zone, I would not be happy with.
Operation took about 6 hours with about 20 minute break for dinner. The surgical team were very professional and took great care of their work.
I notice in the photo that my hairline is just a bit off looking which is surprising because they took great care in measuring and drawing the hairline. I think the fact that a litre of water was injected into my scalp in order to tighten the skin (as the Dr. described) may have had an effect on it. It's back perfectly straight now anyway and I'm happy with it.
I'm on day 6 now and scabbing is beginning to disappear. I'll post up my progress after about ten days.

5 weeks post op

I am now 5 weeks post op. The redness has pretty much subsided and nobody has commented at any stage. At about ten days after returning from Turkey I went out and met some friends - none of the transplanted hairs had begun to fall out at that stage and my hair looked pretty good. Nobody noticed a thing and believe me they would have commented on it had they noticed.
I then progressed to the so called ugly-duckling stage. I decided to cut hair all round to 3mm or a grade 1. This was against the advice of Dr. Maral but as the hair grew it became more noticable that something had changed as my natural hair had thinned out considerably from shock loss.
The pictures show my progress at 5 weeks under daylight with hair at 3mm length. Under soft lighting I can see my new hairline plainly and all hair is beginning to thicken up now. Here's hoping the progress continues.....

3 Months, 3 weeks

I am keeping my hair at 3mm length all round. Not using minoxidil. I had to keep my hair tidy because I just couldn't have it looking weird at work. Some people were asking me to post up pictures to see what a close haircut would look like. I'm reasonably happy with the results so far, but, I have to admit that I'm getting a little impatient. I think at this stage that it's safe enough to grow it out; I'll cut it once more on the 4 month mark and let it grow from there. Hope this helps....

Almost six months

Took these pictures under very harsh light. Hair looks much better under normal circumstances.
Still feel lots of new hairs coming through, especially at the front. I am keeping my hair at around 3mm until it thickens some more. Started using 5% minoxidil to quicken things up a little - I won't stay on it permanently.

5 months, 3 weeks

Hair has been growing out from 3mm for over 3 weeks now. It's still short but it has filled in alot for only a few weeks growth. There are still loads of new hairs breaking through the skin and they are so strong I can hear them when I rub my fingers on my scalp. Sounds kinda like sandpaper. I am using minoxidil because I have it lying around. I also take perfectil hair which I find to be fantastic.
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