30 Years Old FUE Ht Istanbul, Clinicana. Istanbul, TR

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For many years I considered getting a hair...

For many years I considered getting a hair restoration procedure done, I started losing my hair around 23 or 24 and tried almost everything over the years, including propecia, rogaine, alt supplements, etc. but never really improved things, although maybe slowed the progress a bit. Some people this doesn't bother, me it did. So fast forward 7 years, I'm 30 years old and decide on a more permanent solution to this issue and begin researching online. One of the things that stuck out to me about Clinicana is it's located within Group Florence Nightingale, a hospital in Istanbul which has locations in other countries and this, in my mind, lends itself toward credibility since I was unable to visit prior to the procedure so was "going in blind". Also, I prefer getting anything medical done in a medical facility. I ended up speaking with Efsane Askin at the London branch who coordinated the entire thing and gave me full info ahead of time. She was super nice as was the entire team once I arrived. Took a direct Turkish Airlines flight JFK to Ataturk and was greeted by the driver who had a sign for the hospital and my name. This reminds me, did not think about this until arrival and seeing the line of drivers, some of them actually had the word hair transplant on the sign - one had a smiling follicle, I don't know about you but I thought that was awkward off the bat so I'm happy with the discretion provided by the hospital. Anyway, he drove me over to the hospital where I got some blood drawn and dropped me at my hotel (I stayed at Tempo hotel which is about a mile from the hospital, important because the traffic in the city rivals my home NYC). Next morning I get picked up at 7am and met the medical team, the doctor explained step by step the entire procedure (I should mention at this point I speak zero Turkish this is all in English), within 1 hour I'm in surgery. Step 1 was extraction, step 2 they put the holes to implant and step 3 they place the grafts. Took about 6 hours total. I felt pain in only a few times, the injections in the beginning, the injections before the implant holes and toward the end when the anesthetic on the back of my neck was wearing off (after they were done extracting but I was still laying on it). Afterward I had a meal they wrapped me up, I met Ph Eyad Attar who explained post op protocol and has assisted me with several questions after the surgery as well via whatsapp in the USA. Got an airplane pillow, a hat I will never wear ????, plus medication and shampoo/conditioner. The entire team was very nice and helped me at every corner, what was especially impressive was the post care. I left 1 day after transplant so I could not get the post wash on the grafts but they did provide me a headband to help with the swelling and washed the donor area the second day and provided explicit directions on how to wash when I arrived back in NY. Also I am one of the lucky few who experienced a tremendous amount of swelling, Eyad Attar adjusted medication from abroad via whatsapp and monitored my progress. Can't say enough about these guys. Two things I would do differently, either leave sooner or spend more time. Swelling started heavily for me on my flight, so I started looking like an alien around hour 5. Didn't provide any problems, I think TSA actually bothered me less, but in the future id probably just leave more time (plus I did not have enough time to see the beautiful city). Thing 2, before the operation, eat! I didn't eat except a bit from the minibar at my hotel, this was a dumb mistake because I ended up feeling weak until I ate again. I'm going to end here but will try to update the photos as time goes on to show the actual results. Sorry about some of the post op photo quality.

Photos did not take..

Here they are attached for the past week.

Picture Update.

A little less than 2mos out, nothing yet (as expected).

Month 3 update.

Hopefully this is where things turn around. I see some really small hairs growing in, so hopefully will be better at my next update. Still a little concerned about the redness at 3 months out...

Last update, photo did not take (again)

Month 4 pic

This actually is right out of shower, see a little bit of growth starting. Baby hairs. Awaiting month 5!

Just short of 5 months out.

Just short of 6 months out

In much harsher light than I had with other pics.

Month 7 Pic

This is in harsher light, I feel like this is similar to before I shaved my head for surgery. I still feel almost like stubble but there is not much cosmetic difference. Overall starting to brace to be disappointed.

Up to around 8.5 months now.

Really not sure how to evaluate these results, I feel a lot of the hairs coming in are fine and maybe with time will thicken. It looks improved, but at the same time my head was shaved when I initially got this done. Not sure how much if at all this will improve.

Month 10.5ish

Not incredibly excited about the results thus far. I feel a few stubbly hairs that feel like they may grow out but looking over these pics I feel like in some ways I went backwards (although I also tried as a native English speaker to get a haircut in South America sooo maybe that contributed). Either way, I feel like maybe there are some new hairs on top but they're either miniaturizing hairs that were there in the first place, or just a different texture. As everyone recommends I will not call this a wrap until month 12-18 but feeling a bit disappointed thus far.

Final Photo Update

So this is the "final result", which is actually no result. I wanted to say all good things, or at least have something good to say - but I cannot be more disappointed in the result. This was taken right after shower using a thickening shampoo 15 months(?) post. In the event of some random and unexpected surge I will take a new photo but I believe the consensus is 12 months out you get the results you will get. I should also mention I have been using rogaine.

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