28 Yr Old, Hair Transplant in Turkey from US.

I've finally decided to schedule my surgery. I'm...

I've finally decided to schedule my surgery. I'm from the US and its always been to expensive. I read reviews on this site and decided I could do it in Turkey and settled on Dr. Maral. I would like to return the favor and write about my personal experience to help others in making the decision. I'll try and update on a monthly basis. I'll be having my surgery in December. Wish me luck! I'll upload photos a little later.

Some Pics

Here are a few before pictures. I used to use Caboki on the front of my hair to get it the appearance of a little more volume so that helped, but was annoying always worrying about my hair. This past March I decided to shave my head. I don't think it looks too bad. I don't miss my old hair because I was always self conscious about it, but it will be nice having a good head of hair down the line!
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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