4,900 Graft FUE, Hair Transplant in Turkey from U.S. 28yr old

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I've finally decided to schedule my surgery. I'm...

I've finally decided to schedule my surgery. I'm from the US and its always been to expensive. I read reviews on this site and decided I could do it in Turkey and settled on Dr. Maral. I would like to return the favor and write about my personal experience to help others in making the decision. I'll try and update on a monthly basis. I'll be having my surgery in December. Wish me luck! I'll upload photos a little later.

Some Pics

Here are a few before pictures. I used to use Caboki on the front of my hair to get it the appearance of a little more volume so that helped, but was annoying always worrying about my hair. This past March I decided to shave my head. I don't think it looks too bad. I don't miss my old hair because I was always self conscious about it, but it will be nice having a good head of hair down the line!

Procedure is done! 4900 grafts

So I flew in on Saturday and was planning on having the procedure Monday. Upon getting to the hotel they told me they wanted to do it that day. Not much of a problem just surprised by the change.
The procedure went well. Started around 4:30 and got done around 11:30pm. Was kinda a late night. Everything went smooth. Staff was very nice. I'm a little concerned about being over-harvested, but only time will tell.

Day 9 Pictures

Quick Update

Have been noticing hairs falling out the past few days. Normal shock loss, but nothing else really new. Donor area still is uncomfortable at times. Scalp is certainly still red. I've been using the lotion as well as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to try and decrease the redness.

Couple update pics

Two Month Update

It's been two months now. Feels like it's gone by really slow. Everything I've experienced is in line with all the other reviews I've read. The donor area finally stopped being sensitive about three weeks ago. The recipient area is still pretty numb. Most of the hairs that are long in the area I never had hair before never fell out which is good. As you can see in the photos the transplanted hair is currently growing in thin. You can see the tips are darker than the rest of the hair. I assume the hairs will strengthen and darken over time. My head has been fairly itchy over the past month and lots of zits popping up as you can see. All good signs of new growth. I pretty much always wear a hat. If I don't I put a little Caboki in my hair the make it look more natural and so it doesn't look as red. My head is still red. I was concerned about my donor area as 4,900 grafts are a lot but it has healed really well and you can't tell any hair was taken from the back. I did cut the back and sides of my head about a week and a half ago to 1/2 inch. I haven't cut the top at all. I think that's about it. Enjoy.

3 Month Update

It's coming along very slowly at this point. Should see a lot of progress over the next three months. Head has been itchy which is good I guess. I have been cutting the sides and back with a buzzer. I did trim the top front a bit yesterday as some of the hairs were longer than the rest.

4 Months

Things are coming along nicely. There's been a lot of growth this past month. I've stopped wearing a hat everyday. I do use Caboki still to make it look thicker as I'll show in pictures. I've had a lot of people say how good it looks. Hopefully it starts to thicken up more in the next few months.

6 Months

It's been 6 months and I think at this point most of the major growth has taken place. I've gotten a lot of compliments from friends on how good it looks. It certainly is thin though and and don't expect it to get much thicker at this point. I think that is one of my disappointments. Part of me wishes they did a slightly smaller area but went for more density. Overall I am happy I did it though. You can see in the pictures it looks good but is still thin and scalp is still somewhat red. Back of my head is fine but got my haircut a month ago and the barber suggested not going shorter than a number 3 as you can start to see the area where the grafts were taken from. I'll probably update again at month 9. Pictures were taken after a shower so there is no product or anything in my hair.
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