24 Years Old, Dr Maral clinic 1300 Grafts Receding Hairline from Temple of Head - Istanbul, TR

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Hello! So, I am from London. U.K. I want to leave...

Hello! So, I am from London. U.K. I want to leave a honest review with the good and bad I experienced. I will be updating results as time goes on. My main concern with my hair loss was my receding hair line from the left and right side of my temple area. So I got in touch with Maral klinic after seeing many positive reviews with some positive results on real self and they answered all my questions via whatsapp. So, I decided to go ahead with it. Informed them I would be coming and sent them over my flight details for 12th January 2016.
So, I was given the drivers number for my arrival who would take me to the hotel for my stay. Upon arrival, you have to get a visa before passport control which I didn't know, it's a self service machine whereby you enter personal information and passport details and it prints you off a receipt for your turkey visa and costs 14 dollars if I remember correctly.
Once through, I rang the driver and he was there waiting for me. He was friendly and took me back to the hotel. I arrived on the 12th of January and had agreed my procedure would take place on the 14th of Jan. So, on the 13th I had free time. However, the very next day I received a call from the clinic saying they could fit me in and if I wanted to come in today before the agreed date.I already made plans and kindly declined. So, morning of the procedure I was told to wake up early by 9. Had breakfast and then was informed my driver was waiting for me to take me to the clinic. About a 10 minute drive away we arrived. I came and sat down at the reception. The receptionist took my details down, filled in a form and payment was taken straight away 1500 pounds. I was led upstairs to dr Maral office.
He loaded up the pictures I sent him on his computer, and had a look at my head. This little meeting to my surprise lasted 5 minutes at most which was the 'consultation', he told me where my hair loss was and I told him what I wanted. He told me to Stand up against the wall and he drew my new proposed hair line and took pictures of my head from various angles and that was it to my surprise..
Came out the office and the procedure room is right next door with his assistants waiting there ready to perform the procedure. The procedure is started straight away there and then, my belongings stored away, given slippers and a overall to wear. Given some tablets for my blood pressure and I believe some pain killers. Now, inside the procedure room. One of the assistants rubs out the hair line drawn from the dr measures up my head with some sort of ruler and draws my new hair line again, lets me see it in the mirror and asks me if I am happy with it, to which I agreed. Then the procedure begins, performed by his assistants of 3 people. Only the dr Maral and the assistant who drew my final hair line could speak English. His assistants could not really but could understand and reply to one or two words. Dr Maral was not present during the procedure but I remember him coming in and out for a brief check twice during the procedure. Starting off, the lady injected my head with anaesthetic to numb my head so the procedure can go ahead without the pain. This part was a little painful but nothing nothing too bad. Mainly injected around the donor area and the new area that was to be implanted about 10 times. Once this was done, I was turned over on my back laying flat and they began on the back of my head (donor area) and started to collect the hairs that were to be taken and extracted to the front of my head. This bit didn't really hurt as the anaesthetic had already been applied. However, there is bleeding which you cannot really see during the procedure as they just wipe it off as they go along. So, as soon as they collected enough hairs (grafts), they turned me back over to my front laying down flat. They began to make the holes in the front of my head for my new hair line where the hair extracted from the back would be placed to the front. Once this was complete. I was told we would be taking a break. I was asked what I would like to eat and was given a takeaway donner kebab to eat joined by another patient, with a half hour break. Once break over, the final part of the procedure would go ahead and the hairs collected would be implanted to the front. Using the micro FUE motor they insert each hair one bye one in to your desired area until the area is complete and full. The procedure was complete. It started at like 10 am and was finished by 2.30 pm including a break. My procedure was fairly quick I believe as my hair loss isn't much it is grade 1 and only 1300 grafts. After the procedure, i was given various tablets to be taken for the next week, dr Maral had a look at my hair and bandaged my head completely which was to be worn for the day. I was given a cover for my pillow and a inflatable cushion to keep my neck upright for my sleeping. I had many questions after the procedure I wanted to ask however, dr Maral stopped me and said to relax and ask any questions I had tomorrow when I have my consultation with him before I fly home. So I didn't think much of it, as I agreed and thought rest was at that stage most important for me and surely he'd give me his time tomorrow. Procedure was done on Thursday 14th January 2016 and I was to fly out the next day on the 15th of January. I was dropped back of to the hotel by the driver and took rest for the rest of the day. I was told I could not wash my head for the next three days. Woke up the next day with an appointment at the clinic and then a flight to catch, arrived at the clinic I was asked to sit down in the waiting area, here there was new potential patients waiting to undergo the procedure and waiting to pay. They was asked if they wanted anything to drink and to my surprise I was ignored and not asked, why would I? I had paid my money and I was no longer of importance I guess... I didn't want a drink but it's just common courtesy and a way of showing you care for all your customers and not just those new customers of which you're waiting to take there money. Anyway, I was taken in to a room, an assistant took off my bandage that covered my entire head, had a look and applied some sort of cream to the back. That was it. He gave me some cream and shampoo. That I should use when I begin to start washing my hair. When I looked at these they are just ordinary shampoo and cream you can buy in a shop, the cream isn't even for hair it is a regular body lotion which I was being asked to apply to my hair and the shampoo just regular shampoo. Still waiting to see dr Maral, I was hoping he would come down and we could talk for couple minutes and he would answer any questions I would have, again to my surprise he comes downstairs in to the room with a camera in his hand. Smiling with a hello, and first thing asks if he could take pictures of my head so that he could use online for the clinic with my face blurred. I thought this consultation would be more about me? Rather than him just wanting to take pictures for his businesses gain, however I agreed as I didn't want to start up a fuss and let him take a couple of pictures. I tried asking a question which he just brushed aside. So in terms of this aspect I thought their care was very poor, however, I think the procedure went well and my hair is coming along fine as I will show in the pictures I post. However, I am really concerned by one thing. After the procedure I was left with a bump at the back of my head around the crown area and the bone is slightly raised. Which you will see in the pictures I post... I didn't want to panic and believed this just to be swelling as my forehead was a little swollen too. Six weeks later after the procedure I have no swelling on my forehead no more , however the bump on crown area is still there. I am hoping this goes away as I already have a large head. If you guys have any more questions, or any pictures you wish to see please do let me know. My aim was to leave a honest review as all the reviews I saw previously to getting the hair done were all completely positive and nothing bad at all, however I wish to give everyone my honest review with the good and the bad so those of you looking to get the hair transplant done can make up their mind taking everything in to account.

After procedure pictures 14/01/16

Pictures straight after procedure

1 week post surgery

1 week after surgery. These places tell you you can go back to work the very next day and no one will notice you have had a procedure done. This is untrue. I took an additional two weeks off, as it was obvious. After two weeks, it wasn't obvious and no one could tell when I returned to work.

2 weeks post

After the scabbing comes off your head and redness reduces it seems very good and as you would like to see your hair. It took me two weeks for redness to go away .

3 weeks post

Hair looking good 3 weeks post. No scabbing or redness. Hairline bit wonky wasn't to please with that .

4 weeks post

4 weeks post after surgery pictures. Here transplanted hair makes my new hair line and hair look good. After the four week mark, the transplanted hair for me began to fall out as expected. Which you will see in my 5 weeks post pictures.
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Friendly doctor, however didn't really answer my questions and didn't spend much time with me at all. However hair is coming along fine so far I believe. But left with a bump on the crown area.

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