33 Years Old , One Kid Want to BBL - Istanbul, TR

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Hi lady's First I would like to clarify that I'm...

Hi lady's
First I would like to clarify that I'm not native speaker so my English is not that perfect. However, I wanted to share my experience with you
I'm 33 years old, 54 KG , 158 Cm with one kid
I am not fat but I lost the figure of my body before my body look like sand clock and now fat in my abdomen&waist&back my butt isn't small and not big but it's falling down it's not what I would like to be
I would like if my butt round more volume and upper
So I decide to do fat transfer and can be happy with my body again
I read a lot of lady's experience here and that help me a lot I felt comfortable with dr. Kerem thought he doesn't have a lot of review here and few before and after picture but really I felt safe with him even if i am worried about Turky situation

Labiaplasty + brazilianbut

Hi again

Tomorrow my flight I'm so worried because I know it will be painful ???? I decide to do the Labiaplasty in addition of fat transfer the coast is
For me the cost is so expensive but to be honest maybe I won't find another chance to do what I want so I decided to go with it

Wish me luck

First day after surgery


Yesterday was my surgery

I went to the clinic at 9 meet the doctor and we talk about the surgery and take photo shoot
After that I went to the hospital for the surgery at 12:00 every things going ok
The pain was 6 from 10 I can handle it with the pain killer
The doctor injected me 500 mm and liposuction 2 ,50 from my abdomen back waist
For the results I can't tell now because my body swilling and the gourmet make my but flat one thing more I have loose skin in my tummy so he didn't liposuction all the fat but my tummy will look flat and maybe in the future I need mini tummy tuck if the skin become loose due to the age
Tomorrow I will have shower and I can see the result clearly

Wish me luck

I'm depressed

Hi again

I just took a shower and have good look to my body I'm so disappointed it's not what I want my butt flat and not round and the most volume is gone except the volume in my hips
I want to cry i feel like all that pain and saving money not worth it


Hello lady's

I met my doctor in Thursday and he explain everything to me
He called me judge patients hahaha
But to be honest i felt so comfortable after we discussed it's really hard to judge after one week
So I'll update you after one month with pictures
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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