BBL Round 2. Now with Butt Implants, Breast Aug. Etc. 7 Different OP. In 1. :D - Istanbul, TR

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Omg.... I just had a BBL with full Body vaser...

Omg.... I just had a BBL with full Body vaser Lipo/Contour (seriously ALL over My body) and fat tranfers to My Butt. 5 liters of fat Out and 650 ml fat In each cheek. only 2 months ago...

And now... Well... I was actually just supposed to have a breast aug. And a Big lift this time, but I told My surgeon that I was missing The roundness and fullness of The butt ( wanted a squat butt) also I wanted hi-def on The tummy... My surgeon is amazing... Dr. And professor Murat Topalan is the man behind My whole transformation...

Are you ready? Its only 4 days PO. And I haven't even seen My new Body yet... He changed My old implants (460 and 560 cc) and ugly Benelli lift Out with 600 and 700 cc's and a Big lift... Also he did bodytight and hi-def Lipo on My tummy. I got fat transfer to My hips and 150 cc fat transfer to My buttocks AND 375 cc's gluteal implants (oval, intramuscular) omg I seriously never thought I would get implants In My Butt! :D That is just Extreme plastic surgery.. Almost like getting your ribs removed.... LOL! Tomorrow I will se my new Body for The First time... I will keep you guys updated and post pictures all The Way trough My journey.... :)

Just saw My new Body! Incredible! :O

Hey guys :) I just arrived at The hotel after seeing My doc. He removed all The small stiches. I only had drains for The First 2 days.... Everyone Else I see here on RS has their drains for weeks! Should I be worried?

Anyways! -My new Body is amazing! My abs has been defined with hi-def liposculpting, fat transfer to hips, a little fat transfer to buttocks and 375 cc's implant i each. So I've got a Hybrid buttlift! :D Sounds so cool.... He also did My thighs so I now have a gap! Wuuhuuuw! Cant wait for all The massive swelling to go down and The implants to fluff.... :) :) My breasts ar so beautiful now... I literally cried of happiness... :) I will keep updating In here, for The next months :) Happy to be a part og you dolls now :D

7 days post op. BBL with implants round 2, boobs and tummy

So today I am a week post op. I really feel that My new butt is swollen and sort of heavy... There are some fluids coming out of the incisions so nu bandages wont hold.... I am cleaning it, keeping it dry and changes The new kind og bandage everyday... I do NOT want infections! :-O otherwise, everything heals Well. :) cant wait for The implants to drop though. They are so high and hard... I love My new Body and want everything to be normal and heal well so I can be ready this summer... Please wish me luck, girls....

The 600 and 700 cc's

I thought that The second BA. Was'nt going to be painfull? :-/


All The Doctors says Its ok and no infection, but I cant help to NOT be scared! The right incision has opened a little bit... No smell, no pain or anything... I stopped using painkillers already 3 days post Op. My surgeon In Turkey wants me to get strong antibiotics, but The doctors here In Denmark doesn't want to give it! So frustrating! I hope and pray that it will heal well without infections....

Healing progress 14 days post OP

I can really see a difference this time... Abs, butt and boobs... Yay! :)

20 days post op. Hi-def, breast 700cc implants and 375cc Butt implants

It is getting better... The scars from The mastopexy are so beautiful! The butt is healing.... Slowly, but healing! Thank god.. :)

Butt implants, mastopexy, and 700 cc in boobs update

My butt and boobs are healing well... My doctor made a "sixpack" on my tummy (hi-def) with The bodytight machine .... It is starting to take form now. I love it! :)

3 months post OP

I absolutely love it!

Going Bigger! BBL Round 3! :O

First it was a fat graft BBL with 650 cc In each buttcheek. 2. Was a Hybrid buttlift (Fat graft and 375 cc oval implants) intramuscular. NOW I will go for round 3.... :D 560 cc ROUND implants In each cheek and still intramuscular, but In The second muscle layer.... Exciting!!!!! :O :D Almost cant wait... Hope this will give me The fullness, roundness og projection that I really wish for... :)Traveling to The hospital June 21 2016 :)
DR. Professor Murat Topalan

He is amazing!

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