Brazilian-butt-lift with 'Elite Aftercare' in Izmir, Turkey. Dr Tokat. Done 09/02/16 Travelled from London. 22 years young x

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It's between a clinic in Istanbul called welfare...

It's between a clinic in Istanbul called welfare abroad and other clinic called longevita.
I'm anxious about traveling so I'm doing as much research that I can about the practice and the surgeon. has anyone gone to these places??
The surgeons name In welfare abroad Selahattin Tulunay and the price for EVERYTHING would be £2,500 (4 night stay).
Longevita said between 2450 - 2760. The surgeon still needs to get back to me with a definite price.

If anyone has anything to say on both clinics please let me know!

Now considering flying to the states for my bbl

I've been thinking about upping my budget for promised results.
I spoke to vanity and she gave me a quote for Doctor Osak Omelupu.
I've seen mixed reviews about this surgeon and some scary stories about infections which is putting me off. I'm gonna ask for a different surgeon.
But then I've also seen mixed reviews about vanity in general when it comes to making payments and being informed.

Ahh dunno .. I'm still on the hunt.
I'm gonna look at France, I discovered a very good surgeon for bbl there a while ago when I first began searching (forgotten his name right now).

Spain have a great one called cirumed.Com that I may consider, they're expensive, but damn good! Check them out.

Is this garment suitable for vaser lipo Brazilian-butt-lift??

I know there a different types out there. Is this one okay?

Elite aftercare Izmir, Turkey for BBL

So been a while..

I was planning on going to Comfort zone in Turkey for my bbl, but i heard way too many horror stories! (Shout out to all the women that let me know, i hope you all get the help and assistance you need.)
So i have put my deposit down for 'Elite aftercare in Izmir Turkey' with Dr Tokat.
I will be going in 2 weeks :D

I will update you all on how it goes. They seem so much more legit than comfort zone tbh.
Check them out.

Here is a little bit about them that i took from the website :

"Elite Aftercare is an all-round solution and provider of your cosmetic procedure needs. With its private villa situated on the brink of a thriving touristic community, we aim to provide the most comfortable and stress free environment and experience during your stay. Whether you would prefer privacy to recover, or the opportunity to explore we are here to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Here at Elite your recovery is very important to us. We believe the fastest and healthiest way to recover from surgery is through your diet. We provide personalised menu of freshly cooked meals which are full of all the nutrients you need to recover. As well as monitoring your water intake we also provide fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. Our team will make sure you are getting the right amount of medically recommended exercise regime to cater for each individual surgery.

We have medically trained practitioner available for lymphatic massage for post treatments such as liposuction as well as beauty practitioners / therapists who are available to come out to the villa for variety of treatments of your choice. Your stay will include a courtesy manicure or pedicure. Our beauty practitioners / therapists also provide Botox, fillers, eyelash extensions, facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. Depending on your surgery we have a variety of treatments to choose from all provided in the comfort of your villa.

The surgeon will have at least two consultations with you prior to your procedure and further checks post procedure. Often abroad there is a language barrier which can cause discomfort. This is why we have teamed up with the best surgeons and staff who speak fluent English.

You will also have a member of staff with you during your overnight hospital stay(s) or you can bring a guest for free with you to also stay in our aftercare villa for the duration of your stay.

We have a chauffeur to escort you to your consultation, surgery, the meeting and departure points, excursions, the villa, and any additional consultations or trips, in a spacious vehicle. We also aim to always provide a standard of service, where possible, which is in-line with UK standards, so we see to it that our staff understand and reciprocate.

With our friendly, native English speaking staff, you will be made to feel as if you are on a holiday at home, minus the rain! Here at Elite Aftercare, communication and understanding is very important to us for the simple reason that our surgeons must understand what our client’s expectations and desires are."

Flying out in exactly a week for my bbl guys!!!

I can't believe how close it is now.

I'm excited but I must admit the fear is slightly starting to hit me!
But I'm just trying to keep it under control.
I kind of can't believe I'm actually doing this! The whole thing seems surreal!

I haven't told anyone apart from my boyfriend and one friend, so it would be nice to get some support from the ladies on here too :).
I will upload some befores shortly.

Before pics

Here are some before pics :)
Don't know of you can notice, but one cheek is abit fuller or more projected than the other lol. I love my body as it is, but I would love a bigger booty. I gained a little weight for it.

& one more sorry.

Accidentally uploaded without this last one.

My meal plan

These guys are so professional.
They take aftercare/ recovery, diet and exercise seriously, which is great.
I have mild ibs and I'm lactose intolerant so they have carefully selected my meals to suit my needs.

They even give you a nutritional and exercise plan to take back home with you.

I definitely was not gonna get given this treatment at the other clinics I was considering. Good stuff.

One cheek slightly bigger or more projected than the other.

It's not a major thing that makes me self conscious or anything, it's just a funny observation I made. Can you see the difference a little bit. My right cheek (picture on the right) has a bit more volume than the left.

Flight in a few hours!

Can't believe it. I pray God will sail me through the whole ordeal smoothly - as well as everyone else's. :)

Settled in and ready for the big day ahead.

I was met at the airport by Daniel, he was very welcoming and assured me that I was in good hands. He kindly took my luggage and gave me a bottle of water. He then escorted me to the car where I was greeted by our driver. It was about a 40 mins drive from the airport. Daniel had a handy Wi-Fi thingy on him, so I could let my loved ones know I've arrived safely and fill them in on the way. I got on really well with Daniel - who speaks perfect English, as he once lived in London. We had a good chat and a few jokes which made me feel very much at ease :) .

We arrived at the villa which is very lovely and I have it all to myself. There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living area, kitchen and storage room. There's a nice balcony too, wish it was summer :( . I am in the main bedroom with the ensuite bathroom. My Carer Alev stays in the villa with me, she is very lovely and assured me to never hesitate to call her when in need of anything. Daniel gave me a tour of the whole villa, I feel very at home and welcomed and the service has been amazing so far. They even left a hamper on my bed full of lovely moisturizers and bath essentials (really nice quality ones btw face masks etc). The two tvs here have freeview and airs UK and us TV shows and films. They also have fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers. I had a lovely long hot shower as soon as the tour was over. I didn't take a picture of the whole villa, the pictures don't even do it justice really lol. The shower has a radio installed in it by the way which was so nice, I dimmed the lights too, it was just very therapeutic for me :) .. Makes me want to work harder to get the finer things in life you know? Life is too short..
So tomorrow is the big day my consultation is at 12 and my operation is at 5 p.m Turkish time wish me luck ladies

Consultation & blood test

I have had the consultation with Dr Tokat and I am now in the hospital waiting for my blood test results.

The consultation went well, Dr Tokat marked my body and he also told me that I don't have much fat so the amount of CC's he thinks he will be able to inject will be 500 to 600 cc. This is understandable as I know that I do not have that much fat, I am more focused on having a small waist and less fat on my back which will give the illusion of a bigger bum. As I already have some volume anything more will be great, I think 500 to 600 ccs will be fine. He showed me some before and after pictures of his previous patients and the results were good but I feel as though they could have been a lot better. This was a bit dissapointing for me. I have seen better , however because I already have a good figure, I feel as though my results could still be good. I have hips and I already have some volume, where as a lot of his previous patients didn't, so this is an advantage to me. I really wish I had a Skype consultation with the surgeon before I came so he could show me the before and after pics then. I did ask but he was busy with procedures and meetings , however I wish I chased them up. He did a show me that he would make my waist as small as he can and that he will suck out as much as he can from my stomach, but he said not too much otherwise it could cause rippling of the skin on my stomach. He said he will suck out as much as he can from my back, love handles and lower back. Nonetheless I am feeling positive. I believe aftercare will help me achieve my results too. He also gave me the option of taking general anesthetic or taking the epidural and being put to sleep too. He said that the epidural has less risks and I will still be sedated. so I have decided to go with the epidural, he also did say that the pain control is better with epidural.

I am feeling very drained and tired right now because yesterday morning I had a upset stomach and I kept on going to the toilet. This is because my sister made a meal for me the night before my flight and I think the meat was slightly undercooked :/ . So the morning after (which was my flight date) I made sure to drink a lot of water and I only had two slices of toast that morning at the airport. I took Imodium tablets on the plane which later stopped the stomach cramps and loose bowel movements. so I am very hungry right now and cannot wait to eat after the op.

I'm just waiting in the hospital bed for my blood test results. I have read and signed some more documents. The nurses are sweet but don't talk English, however Daniel and Elev are here to translate. Dr Tokat just came to see how I was doing and that he will see me in a few hours.

Made it to the other side thank God! 550cc's each.

So I can finally review my operation.
Glad to say it was a success.

I was waiting in the recovery room literally dying from hunger and thankfully Dr Tokat came and saw me an hour earlier, he came at 4 o'clock and I was scheduled for 5 o'clock. so at 4 they came and sedated me and I was totally away with the fairies! I was awake but I was so high and giggly. They then wheeled me to the operating room where Dr Tokat was, they then injected the epidural to my spine and the rest is history.

Howeverrrrr.. I did wake up during the operation ! But I was completely numb, i wasn't fully conscious, I wasn't scared, I was very relaxed. I remember chatting alot of nonsense lol. I even saw the other surgeon, the famous Dr. Ali that was helping Dr Tokat and when I saw him I pointed him out , I remember saying "Hey, I know you" lool and I told him that it was nice to meet him while I was getting operated on lol. Everyone found it funny and started laughing.
At the time I thought that they just begun the procedure, but doctor Tokat told me that they have now finished! So they were putting on my garment. I even told them not to lay me on my bum lool (which they already knew) so I was quite aware. A nurse then fitted a catheter inside of me, i felt no pain, no embarrassment at all. But now that I look back, it's quite funny to realize that my legs were wide open for everybody in the operating room to see - pubes and all LOL! But they've seen it all anyway. They wheeled me into the recovery room, I then started to feel the pain set in on my abdomen. I really wanted to just lie on my back but I knew I shouldn't and couldn't have even if I tried.
I asked for my phone to let my boyfriend know that I made it. He sounded so happy and relieved.

Then I rested for a bit. When I woke up DR Tokat came to check on me. He let me and my carer Alev know that I responded very very well to it and that everything went to plan. He said he even finished earlier than planned and didn't expect it to go as smoothly as it did.

I stayed at the hospital for one night with the lovely Alev by my side. Sleeping on ky stomach is so uncomfortable to me. I feel like I'm squashing my breast implants too, I'm just not used to it. So I got hardly any sleep. I had a nice chat with my boyfriend for a long while, which was nice because he had me laughing.
I had pain killers administered through a tiny tube in my back where the epidural was, so the pain was really kept under control.

Next morning I had to walk around the room abit which was fine. I wasn't in any pain. It was a bit of a struggle to get out of the bed because I felt so stiff and heavy. They gave me breakfast but I didn't even wanna look at it, I felt so sick.
The nurse then took out the tube from my back. Before that Dr Tokat came to see me before I left letting me know again that there were no complications or anything. He also told me that the garment I'm wearing is to 'shape the fat' and that I don't need to worry about cutting out holes because it's not applying much pressure. He said he'll be seeing me in 2 days.

I'm now back at the villa & eating healthy home cooked meals by the lovely Alev. I have smoothies and fresh fruit juices, herbal teas etc. She also check my blood pressure daily. They also monitor my water intake. Btw I have been urinating like a pregnant woman - which is good. My body is working as it should, flushing everything out. Yesterday I vomited when I first got back to the villa and felt so much better after.

It's day 2 and I still feel no pain. I walk up and down alot, it's just a struggle to get comfortable in bed, so I haven't been getting the best sleep.

I'm still swollen around my back and abdomen but I still see my shape coming through and I like it. You can't really see the projection because of the swelling in the back. I can't say I'm 100% pleased, ita too early to say. But I definitely see a difference. I get my bandages removed tomorrow by Dr Tokat at my follow up. Then I get to shower! I'll keep you updated.

Smoothie book

This is a folder full off many different smoothie recipes and health benefits of each. I get to choose which one I would like. Honestly service here has been excellent. I can't stress how lovely Alev and Daniel have been.

Post opp appointment

Yesterday I got to see my body out the garment for the first time. I'm pleased with the results, although I do still have some swelling and fluid in the abdomen.
Many surgeons in Europe do not use drains so the fluid gets reabsorbed by the body and urinated out bit by bit. I have been weeing alot lool.
So my waist and stomach have been getting smaller and it will continue to.

Dr Tokat took pics and told me to continue to keep off my bum. He also told me to start giving myself light massages to the lipoed areas and he showed me how. He said I should wait a week or 2 before getting professional lymphatic massage. The incisions healed very well and I have very minimal bruising. Everyone is so surprised at how fast I'm recovering, Gina, Alev & Daniel said I'm the fastest they've seen lool.

I do feel abit sore when touched but it's not that bad. I had a shower for the first time and took some pictures.
I then gave myself a massage on the lipoed areas and as soon as I finished I got the most intense rush to my head. I started feeling so light headed and sick, I had to hold onto the bed. I rung the bell for Alev to come and she helped me lie down on the bed. I felt hot all of a sudden so she opened the balcony door to let air in. I wanted to vomit. But then thankfully the feeling passed after like 2 mins. Power of the lymph nodes ey!

After that it was time to get my complimentary manicure and pedicure from the beautician. I decided I wanted to go out and get some air, so we went to meet her in the beauty parlour instead. She done a great job at really paying attention to the cuticles, dead skin etc , not alot of beauticians I've been to have that patience. I paid to get my eyebrows threaded, upper lip and underarms waxed. Alev got a blow dry too. We had a really nice pamper session. Then we went to the market together to get ingredients for dinner. I'm gonna miss it Alev :( we get on well.

Today was nice :) I leave Sunday earlyyy morning .

2 weeks post opp tomorrow !

Time flies.

Alot of my swelling has gone down, I do still have some. My body has still been dispelling the fluid through urine -which is great as I can see my waist getting smaller and my shape coming through more and I'm loving it! My family have noticed the change but they think it just happened over time ;)
I plan to keep off my bum for 4 weeks (Gina recommends), I may push it further depending on how I feel. It's been abit challenging, I hate sleeping on my front!

I bought a bbl pillow from a woman off EBay that bought hers off Dr Aslani in Spain when she done hers. It's been helpful for public transport especially.

I plan to book my massages this week, so far I've been massaging myself 3 X a day.

I will post pictures tomorrow, stay tuned!

2 weeks post opp pics

Still got a bit of swelling & fluid but I'm loving my hourglass shape at the mo ;)
Started to wear my waist trainer on top of my garment.

Bbl pillow

This is a pillow I bought off an eBay seller that purchased it from Dr Aslani.
I will be using for about a month.
If anyone is in need of one after then, I will be selling it for £58, which is how much I paid for it. Let me know.xx

Before & after

Pre opp .v. 2 weeks post opp

Update : 8 weeks post opp. Pictures coming soon.

Hey guys it's been a while.
I started working out 6 weeks post opp - which is when I was allowed to.

So my swelling has gone down and I'm sure I can see final results by now. (Well they do say you won't see final results till 6 months).
Looking at my body from the front ,I like my shape, my hips are definitely bigger and waist smaller. However, when I look at the back I have to say I'm not really satisfied. I still have a bit of back fat that I'm sure he could have used, then I would have had a bit more projection. I already had quite a good foundation to start with. He did say he won't be taking too much fat from my back because it may cause ripples, but I really don't think I would have gotten ripples. My skin is firm, I only use raw Shea butter or olive oil, I have good skin and my other surgeon that did my breasts even said this. I also had a foot operation in September on the NHS to correct my flat foot and the surgeon also commented on my skin. But I guess you never know.

I couldn't really comment on the back fat before because I thought it could be swelling or water retention, but it's now 8 weeks post opp and I see that it is in fact fat.
It's abit frustrating because it's fat that I gained for the procedure that could have been put to good use, I feel that could have made a difference.

Also I saw Dr Ali's results on Gina which really swayed me to chose Elite in the first place. I really wanted Dr Ali to do mine but I was told that Dr Tokat was just as good and I don't think Dr Ali was available to operate at the time I wanted to, but he was assisting Dr tokat so I had hope.

Plus during the pre opp appointment when Dr Tokat was showing me pictures of his clients I wasn't too impressed with the results. At that time I was already in Turkey and I didn't know when I would have the time to reschedule to do it with Dr Ali instead.
I expressed this to Gina but she did let me know that the 'after' pictures were when the clients would have still been experiencing swelling and that he really is just as good as Dr Ali etc.
I also remembered that I had a good foundation for him to work on and that the results should still be good, so I decided to stay with Dr Tokat.

I just can't help but feel that I would have been more satisfied if I went with Dr Ali! Lol.
At the same time if Dr Tokat was right about the ripples, I would have been unhappy and it would have been hard to get rid of. But again, I really don't think I would have got ripples due to the quality of my skin.

He still did do a good job with sculpting, I really like my front view. Plus there is a difference in my bum and my family have been noticing the difference, but only when I'm seen naked. I just wish I had a little more projection and no back/bra strap fat. That's all really because I am still happy, it's just abit annoying you know, because you pay that money and you see that it could have been that bit better.

Anyway I will be going back for a round 2, with Dr Ali, probably some time next year.

For now I'll be building muscle and burning that little back fat in the gym. Who knows, if my results improve after some months in the gym, then I won't even go for a round 2. Veggies and protein powder on deck Yaaas!

10 wees post opp pics

I'm getting my lymphatic massages tomorrow with the roller shaper at a place called studio figura. This is apparently better than manual lymphatic drainage massage. I'll let you guys know how it goes. As you can see I have some lumps and unevenness which should go after my 5 sessions. Take notice of the little back fat I was talking about in the previous post too.

I think my bum has kinda grown or that may just be the illusion created by a slimmer waist. I've been waist training using the classic trainer from .
This is the first quality waist trainer I've used, I used to get mine from Amazon and depop. Trust me you there's a real difference between the Colombian made ones and these ones coming from China. I'm seeing results.

Sorry i accident clicked post. Here are more pics

I was trying on some new clothes I got to show my bf and friends. I thought I may aswell share here too.

Round 2

So guys I may be going for round 2 sept 2017. I want more projection & slimmer waist. As I said it previous post, I feel Dr Tokat could have sucked out more fat, I felt more content after I gained some weight, because alot of it went to my bum so obviously helped. I feel like second round should do the trick. This time I'm doing it with Dr Ali uckan. & Gina gave me a really good discount.

"Why round 2?" you say?

In my "8 weeks post opp, pics coming soon" I give a detailed explanation of why I want to go for round 2."
Selahattin Tulunay

DR TOKAT (it won't let me change the name!) He's a great surgeon. I'm seeing improvement everyday, waist is getting smaller due to fluid lessening. He shaped me very well. He is very straight and to the point, he won't try and sell it to you, he let's his work do the talking - which I like. I saw him three times during my weeks stay. He is a very busy man so there wasn't much time to build much rapport or really warm up to him, (he does have a charm about him though) however he still managed to let me know everything I need to know and listen to everything I had to say.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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