Asymmetrical Medpor Chin Implant Removed, but Still Have Asymmetry.. Please HELP ;( - Istanbul, TR

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Hello, sorry if my english is not perfect, I am 21...

Hello, sorry if my english is not perfect, I am 21 female from Bulgaria. My chin augmentation was on 29.07.2016 in Turkey. I decided to do it there, because I thought that doctors have more experience with this kind of surgery. I wanted silicone chin implant and the doctor told me that is what I'll have. One week after surgery I saw myself for the first time and it was HUGE and super asymmetrical. The left side was bigger, but not only that my whole face was going on the one side. I felt the implant with my fingers on the left side and it wasn't on the same place like the right side. I went to the doctor, he was very rude and told me to wait one more week. I wait of course, but meanwhile went to 3 different doctors and they all said something is not ok with this operation and it's obvious that something is wrong. After 2 weeks and no difference - large implant and much asymmetry I decided to take it off. And when I told this to the doctor he said to me that this is medpor, not silicone implant. I didn't even knew what is medpor and definetly didn't want it. So I got second augmentation to remove it. I had 7 screws attached... now is 20 days after the removal and it's still asymmetrical. I don't know what to do and what are my options now. I can't trust surgeons here anymore. I am model, thats what I do for living and honestly my chin was ok, but i wanted a little more defined profile, because i have big lips.. but this was the biggest mistake in my life. Sorry for my english again, I hope you will understand me. Oh and before any surgeries I didn't have any asymmetry. Thank you for your time.
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