30yr Old Australian, FUE HT, 5300 grafts, Dr Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

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Hi guys, just thought I'd post up my own review of...

Hi guys, just thought I'd post up my own review of my upcoming FUE hair transplant experience to help some people out, since I have been able to come to a confident decision by reading everyone else's reviews. Thankyou so much to everyone that has posted. You've given me enough confidence to say that I'm almost certain I'll be in good hands and enjoying my new hair in no time. Well with any luck, in 3+ long months anyway haha. ;)

So after much research, I have been in contact with Dr Tugrul Maral of Maral Klinik and have decided that I will be having his clinic hopefully perform my procedure within 7-10 days, depending on when I can get flights. Also, I was very suprised and delighted to hear that they will book your appointment based on when you can get flights and that there does not seem to be any waiting lists. Atleast not for international flyers anyway, which makes planning very convenient. The amount I have been quoted is 2100 euros as a package, which includes the procedure, airport/hotel transfers, 3 nights accommodation, post meds and care taking products. Everything to get the job done basically, except flights, lunch and dinner. I've listed the price as $2300 as that is what the US dollar is approximately at the moment. As many people have said, the price point is amazing, especially compared to pricing in Australia, where they'll charge you anywhere from $7 per graph and up. Even after $2300-$2500 worth of flights because of late booking, it's still atleast half the price of anything here. They will accept only cash, but in your choice of either euros, US dollars or GBP(British Pound).

I have only sent the one email to Dr Maral regarding my appointment so far, which was replied to in 3hrs and very informative. Apparently I'm a stage 5-6 and will need anywhere from 3500-5500 grafts depending on my donor area, which he thinks looks favorable for a successful single session HT. Personally, I think the pics make it look a little worse than it is, but I'm not used to seeing these angles of my head so it could be right haha. None the less, I'm very satisfied with everything so far and very much looking forward to having the procedure done (the 44hrs of flying... not so much lol) and finding out where my new hairline will be! :)

I don't mind showing my face in my pics. I only ask that they aren't shared around the net or outside of this forum please. I've never done something like this before, so I'm still a little nervous and unsure as to how comfortable I am with showing this off to the world yet lol. I'm trying to not let it be a big deal though and I guess posting this is a part of me trying to show that. :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, otherwise I will be posting updates as regularly as possible. I hope my post can help people make an informed decision, as much as others have helped me in mine. Thankyou and goodluck to everyone's present and future hair transplant journeys!

The journey has begun!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to everyone's comments at the time of writing this, but thankyou so much for all the support! :) So the last few days have been a little hectic, as instead of the original 7-10 day plan, I ended up having to book earlier flights and I can now say while I've got a minute, I'm now sitting in Singapore Airport, waiting to board my next flight to Istanbul, Turkey! Didn't think I'd be where I am now 4 days ago haha, but here I am. No backing out now. ;p This is my 1st international trip I've ever done by myself and everything has gone super smooth so far. Already over flying though haha and I've still got 11hrs to go! x) Hoping to get some sleep on this one though, so hopefully it'll go a little quicker.

I must say, this wouldn't have been possible without Dr Maral's super quick replies to my emails and being able to fit me in with only a few days notice. I am impressed so far, which has made me all the more confident that this trip will be a complete success. :)

About to take off, but will update again in the next day or so once I know a little more about my exact surgery date and time. I have been informed that it would most likely be Thursday or Friday, so I'm guessing that he'll let me know specifics once I've arrived at the hotel. Talk soon!

Arrival & Accommodation Check In

Hi guys, sorry about the delayed update. It has been a fairly hectic and tiring last couple of days, so haven't really had time to sit down and put the time I wanted to into these updates. But I'll get there, so please bare with me over the next few days haha. Waiting for my 1st flight home now, so will try smash out what I can before then! ;)

Ok, so I decided I would do this update separate to the actual surgery, as I feel this could be some interesting information in itself if you are looking to visit Dr Maral in the near future. I know I would have enjoyed reading this stuff anyway, so I hope you find it helpful to some extent too. :)

So continuing on since my Singapore flight transit... My 2nd flight was to be 11hrs during the night with a 7:25am landing putting me 8hrs behind Australian time. Flight went well but only managed to get about 3-4hrs sleep on it, so arrived in Istanbul feeling pretty tired, but in good spirit nonetheless.

Did all the usual bag collection and transit stuff and then was greeted by my driver, Mr Saim Sivas, at the airport exit with my name clearly written on a card for me to see. This went exactly as Dr Maral had told me it would in an email the day I sent through my flight itinerary. :) I then proceeded to have a pleasant drive to the hotel with Mr Sivas, while he happily and fairly fluently spoke to me about the procedure, the variation of countries people come from, and basically calming any queries I had on my mind about basically anything to do with my upcoming time to be spent in Istanbul. He was very helpful and as I have been able to see him in and out over the last few days during pickup/drop offs of myself and other people, he is a genuinely great guy, much like Dr Maral. :) It was stated how important a rested and stress free surgery was for a hair transplant procedure, so it was during this trip, that he also notified me of my proposed surgery date, being the day after arrival, so I could have the day rest and recover from my long flights.

I wasn't told which hotel I was going to be going to before flying over, but I was given the links of the 2 hotels they would be setting me up in, which both seemed to be of equal appearance and cleanliness from the sites. Here are the links to them if you wish to have a look for yourself.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I soon found out I was to be staying at the Leventotel option. Mr Sivas helped check me into my hotel, which was very helpful as the receptions English wasn't as great as hoped. Well not the guy we spoke to anyway. Then Mr Sivas gave me a quick reminder that I should have breakfast done by 9am the following day and that he will be round to pick me up sometime between 9-9:30am.

One of the staff then showed me to my room and left me to settle and do my own thing. I tried to get some sleep, but my body clock didn't agree to that after an hour of trying, so I decided to go find a bank to exchange my euro to lira and check out the nearby malls. These were easy enough to find on my own and were only about 15mins walk away. I ended up spending the rest of that evening shopping around for a crazy 8hrs haha and becoming accustomed to the local Turkish people, which I personally found a little daunting at 1st. Mainly just cause I had no idea how much English they knew and how they generally took to tourists. I made myself go venturing though and after a couple of hours of strolling about, I felt quite comfortable walking the streets and malls. Just watch where you walk on the streets! The drivers are just as crazy as you see in many other Asian countries haha. You need to stay alert when near any traffic, but it's all easy enough.

I have chosen to upload a few pictures of the hotel and my room in this update too. It is nothing too fancy, but it's very clean and has all the necessities you need for your stay. If your like me, you probably won't be hanging out in your room very much anyway. I very much recommend getting out there and checking out some of the beautiful scenery and markets. Just a shame it's been raining most of the time and it's quite cold, but it's still nice. Make sure to bring warm clothes and rug up if you are coming over in the next couple of months! Oh, if I had one small complaint about the room, it's that my air con didn't seem to generate any heat based off the settings I set it at. So I just turned it off. Thankfully, inside the hotels rooms, it is pretty close to a comfortable room temperature anyway, so it hasn't been much of an issue for me personally. Overall, I am very happy with the rooms and service from the staff. The free buffet style breakfast in the mornings is also decent enough too. :) and don't be shocked like I was if you see 80% of the people in the buffet have bandages on there heads like I was that 1st morning! haha. x) The majority of them will be there for Maral Klinik, but I did meet a few people that were there to see someone else. During the next few days of my stay, I became friends with some great guys, coming from USA, Germany, U.K. and even Somalia. This made the experience of the trip all the more enjoyable, as we did all sightseeing and post surgery activities together too. I wasn't expecting it to be so easy to meet people, but everyone is there for the same reasons and so you instantly have that common interest, which was just great. We also now have each other's contact details too, so we can keep in touch and upto date on each other's progress. Pretty cool. :)

I will just also quickly add, please make sure you confirm how much you are to pay for your stay including all nights accomodation. Because just before they picked me up for the airport, I was told that I was to pay for 5 nights instead of the 4 I'd organised in my price, because I checked in before 12am the day I arrived. Apparently another guy had to pay for another night for the same reason too. Neither of us were informed of any of this. I won't go into this too much more, cause there is a little more too what i'd organized with Dr Maral, complicating things even more, but the moral of the story is, just make sure when you pay the receptionist at the Klinik, that you are paying for the FULL PRICE of ALL accommodation between your flight times on the itinerary that you sent them, if you are to stay at there organised hotel for the complete duration of your trip. Unfortunately this left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth just before leaving, which was a little upsetting after everything else went so flawlessly. :/

So I will finish this update here for now, because I wanted to do this part separate... But I'll be posting surgery feedback and results next! So stay tuned. ;)

Post op Pics!!

Hey guys! Here are my post op pics that I know most of you have been waiting so patiently for. Sorry about te delay, but I e just been busy, trying to make the most of my time while in Istanbul.

Just got home and feeling a little off at the moment, with some swelling that has moved down around the eyes and nose during my final flight, making me look like an alien lol. Hopefully this is normal. Also hoping my ill feelings are also just jet lag and not an infection or illness kicking in, as my donor and recipient areas also feel quite warm and throbbing a little. Long flight and not enough sleep over the last few days catching up I imagine, but I wanted to atleast get my post op pics up for you guys to check out. Will post up some of the finer details when My head isn't spinning so much. :)

Anyway, these pics were taken between 10-30 mins post surgery, back in the hotel. Did the best I could with the lighting I had.

Am super happy with the way everything went and I received basically exactly what I had in mind when it comes to coverage and hairline shape and height. As you can see in my updated title, my donor area was exceptional, with them able to retrieve 5300 grafts! :) Was absolutely stoked about this, as Dr Maral had said during my pre op consultation that I was about a Norwood 4-5 and would need about 3500-4000 for enough coverage to hopefully only need the 1 visit. So the team was very happy with the outcome of my operation and said that I should have a great result and I agree. :)

Will leave it at this for now, unless I get keen a little later tonight. Enjoy and let me know what you think guys. Cheers!

More post op pics courtesy of Dr Maral. 16hrs post surgery dressing removal.

Mostly recovered from my jet lag now, so thought I'd get a few more post surgery pics up and some details on the procedure as promised. I will give a step by step run through of the events of the big day. :)Had a pretty hearty breakfast down at the buffet from 8:30-9am. Driver Saim Sivas had told me he would be picking me up sometime between 9-9:30 the day before, so to make sure i'd ate by 9. Just had time to brush my teeth and by the time I was back down stairs, he was there. Timed perfectly. :)He told me that we were also taking a couple more gents with us. One of them being Kamal from London and the other being Michael from Germany. Unfortunately Kamal had not yet had breakfast because of some confusion in the pick up time he was told, but the driver happily said that he could have breakfast and that he'd come back in half hour to pick him up after he'd dropped us off.We arrived at the drop off point for the clinic which was only about 10mins drive away. Before we knew it, we were upstairs in reception talking to the receptionist, Sonnur. She spoke very good English and sorted out payment while will filled out a few basic details about ourselves on a form.Within 15mins, I was the 1st to be whisked away upstairs where I met the infamous Dr Tugrul Maral and we began our pre-surgery consultation. Dr Maral explained to me basically everything I was to expect from the surgery and the chances of needing a 2nd visit. I was told that I was probably closer to a Norwood 4-5 and that I would need approximately 3500-4000 for sufficient coverage which would give me an 80% chance of not needing a 2nd visit. He was quite confident we would achieve that.As everyone has said on here, Dr Maral was absolutely transparent in everything he spoke of and it didn't take a lot to work out that this guy knew what he was talking about. There was no salesman pitch waffling. Just the facts and a good amount of humor in between. He is a very easy man to speak to and I don't just mean that because of his English being sufficient. He is also very passionate about what he does and works very hard to try to ensure all his patients are happy patients. It was now obvious as to why he has such a solid positive following. :)After a quick Q&A session, he then took my before photos and drew up an approximate hairline of what I was to expect. As I have said in my comments, try not to worry about this hairline too much, as the technicians will redraw it based on how many grafts they achieve and your thoughts if you are not happy with there 1st attempt. Just know that this is a game of compromise, so you may not get what you wanted if you don't get sufficient grafts. Even though I had more than enough grafts, the technicians redrew mine using some measurements and adjusting, before they showed me a hairline that I felt was perfect the 1st go. Thankfully it was exactly what I had in mind. ???? I'm told that Yessin, the girl that does the hairlines, will work with you within reason to achieve a hairline you'll be happy with.Consultation was over and it was time to get into it! I was sat down outside the offices where I was fed some water, while taking a couple of pills for what I think was swelling and possibly pain from memory. I was then told to remove my jacket, shirt, singlet and shoes. These were replaced with an operating top and some basic slippers. I had brought my phone and head phones so as I could listen to some music, as if heard people say that hearing the drill and hairs being taken out was a little off putting, so I had come prepared. I also had in mind of getting a few during surgery pics. Unfortunately I was asked to have these removed from me until after surgery. Bugger. :/ I was a little disappointed in this, but it was further into the surgery when I realised why they would probably prefer you could hear there instructions. Such as asking you to roll over, or if you feel any pain etc. So I was ok with it. :)Next was the fun part... The local anesthetic injections. Now I don't know what some of the people are on about when they say that it's only the 1st couple of injections that sting a bit and the rest are ok. I don't mean to scare anyone, but I had myself, Kamal and Michael all confirm that we had closer to 25-30, pretty intense injections in the back of our heads, before they began being "ok"! Lol. It was when the technician told me that it's only painful for the 1st 5mins that I thought, yeah, that sounds like more than 2 bee stings haha. 5mins of deep breathing and I got through. I could not say the same for Michael, as we could hear him yelling during each injection from another room. Kamal reckoned he was not far off yelling himself. So yeah, the injections are not fun, but your just going to have to bear them and push through. Will depend on your pain threshold too obviously, but you just gotta keep thinking of the end game and you'll be right. ;)Once the injections are done, it's all pretty smooth sailing. It'll take atleast half an hour before they get the donor area completely numb (at least for me), before they started infecting fluids to make retrieving the grafts easier I believe. You'll feel a little bit of pressure from this, but it's fine.Next they start drilling the grafts and taking them out. I was told later on because of my fine hair, they were able to use the  drill bit. At this .7mm drill bit. At this point I believe I had 2 female technicians on the job at 1st, with one drilling and the other plucking them out. Not too long later I'm pretty sure a gentleman also joined the team, which I think took over possibly counting and sorting the grafts into the trays. I was shocked at how quick they were at drilling the hairs with the micro motor. I swear they would do about 5 in about 2 seconds. Disturbingly quick! Haha. But I trusted they knew what they were doing. I wasn't sure how I'd handle the drilling noises and extraction of the grafts with out my head phones, but it was all ok. I can confirm the sound described by other people when the grafts are taken out as sounding like single strands of velcro releasing too haha. x) They did have a tv running with Turkish music playing, but I just lay there relaxing with my eyes closed most of the time, as it was just a blank screen with music playing through it most of the time anyway. So I can confirm my technicians were not watching tv, as I have heard a couple of people say, but they did hum along to songs and chat and giggle amongst each other respectively. It was obvious there minds were very much on the job at hand when it counted though. :) I'd say the extraction part of the procedure probably took around 1.5hrs at a guess.Next they flipped me over and the most experienced technician spent the next hour or more creating all the holes for the grafts to be inserted into. This is not before, yep you guessed it, some more local injections haha. You will have to deal with about another 10 that will go along your hairline area. These are just as bad as the 1st ones. But the rest from there backwards should already be mostly numb from the back injections earlier. I was impressed by the time spent and the way she angled my head to make sure she was getting at my scalp with just the right angles. It was good to see quite a bit of time and patience going into this highly important part of the operation. :)After that, I was given a quick and tasty lunch of roast chicken and veges, while I had my 1st conversation with Kamal from the UK. This was also when we were listening to Michael yelling in the other room. We could feel his pain, but we also couldn't stop laughing haha. Sorry Michael. Poor guy wasn't taking to them very well. xPThe 30min lunch break ended with a ever so subtle note of urgency from the technician that they must begin transplantation. I was more than happy to get it under way! :) This was probably the most boring and longest slog of the operation for me. I believe this took around 4hrs to implant all hairs, which was done by 2 female technicians most of the time and the help of a 3rd gent for around 3hrs of that time. I've got to give them credit here. This is a long and tedious job and they do so well to keep chugging away at it until it's done. I believe I was able to have a quick toilet break and drink of water about half way through. They were also feeding me juice boxes through out the surgery and always asking me if I was in pain and feeling ok. Only a couple of them could speak basic English, but it was more than enough, for any communication needed. The staff are amazing at there jobs and there is no doubt they have a lot of experience under there belts. The technicians are also rotated onto different jobs after a few hours too I'm told, so that they are always alert and have a fresh pair of eyes on the job at hand. Dr Maral is also checking in on how progress is going throughout the whole procedure also. From what I could work out, he always seemed happy with what he saw and was not in there for long on his visits because of this. :)Once all grafts had been transplanted, they bandaged me up, made sure I was feeling ok to slowly stand etc and then sat me down and explained to me what I was to do for the next critical 6hrs and showed me what my medication was and when to have it. These covered pain, anti-biotics and another one to do with hormones or something. They also gave me a blow up C shaped pillow for sleeping on my back and a cover to save my hotel pillow from the inevitable blood and fluid stains. And a block of chocolate! Haha :)I was then taken back to the hotel by a different driver that couldn't speak much English, but was always very careful and aware that I was not to hit my head on the car roof or anything while I was under his watch.The surgery ended up taking about 7hrs excluding lunch from what I worked out and I was done by 6pm. The other 2 guys finished later as they had to wait for the technician that makes the holes to be done with me before they could proceed. They also had great graft retrievals, with 4000 and 4700 respectively. But I was the winner! Haha ;)That evening my head had worked its way to about a pain level of a 7 before I decided I was going to have 1 extra Parol (Panadol equivalent) than was recommended. Thankfully the pain then mostly subsided within an hour and I went and had a burger and chips down stairs in the buffet.That night I somehow ended up getting 5hrs of sleep, but it was broken up into, 1hr, 2hrs and another 2hrs. So although not great, it was better than expected. I was still pretty wrecked from the 20hrs of flying from the day before though, so I guess that helped with sleep.The next day Kamal, Michael, myself and some other guy I briefly saw, but never spoke to the day before, made the trip back to the clinic at 10am the next morning after breakfast and had our dressings removed by Dr Maral. Kamal, Michael and I were then taken into his office and sat down for our final debrief you might say haha. Pictures were taken, such as the ones I just posted and then there was a lengthy conversation between us all about post care and many questions regarding, smoking, exercise, swimming, showering, growth enhancement products etc etc. It was an excellent conversation with many laughs between us. Was also so great to be able to do as a group, giving us more time to think of questions between us and hear answers to questions we may not have thought of ourselves. I had the impression it's not always done in a group setting, but it worked out really well. :) we received our body lotion and shampoo products to be used from the 4th day onwards post surgery and we were sent on our way back to the hotel to do as we pleased for the remainder of our time in Istanbul. :)So that was the most important and detailed post I wanted to get out. Hope you stuck through it and found some of it interesting. :) I will do a few more posts of the following days, but I won't have too many more details to add.If you have any questions, again, please feel free to comment or pm me and I'll be happy to help if I can.I don't think I need to tell you how happy I was and am with the way the whole procedure and the way I was looked after during my whole time in Istanbul. Everything went with out a hitch and even exceeded my rather high expectations. I'm very pleased and would like to whole heartedly thank Dr Tugrul Maral for his excellent work and attention to detail on everything they have done for me. And continue to do so post surgery, back in Australia. :)I will also just want to mention, even though he told me not to, that he apologized for the confusion with the accommodation pricing upon my pick up that I mentioned in an earlier post and that the appropriate staff that were the cause of this unnecessary confusion have been dealt with so that it won't happen again. Unfortunately this issue was out of his control and he was not aware of any of it. Either way, I can not recommend or thank him enough for being such a passionate man about his work and always wanting his clients to be happy 100% of the time. After getting to know him and conversing with him over the last few days, it's very obvious to me why he has such a great following now. He deserves every bit of it. ????Hope you enjoy and they'll be more (less lengthy haha) updates to follow. ????

Pics from 1-3 days post op in Istanbul

Ok, so I just spent the last 2hrs writing out another post and literally had it ready to go and was just adding captions and my page decided to refresh and now it's all gone. >:( that's what I get for not doing it in notes I guess. ><

So I'm not down for writing that all out again, so I'll just keep it as brief as I initially intended it to be lol.

These are just some pics of us post op in the days following our surgery, getting about Istanbul. I just wanted to post them basically to show you how easy it is to get out and explore the city almost straight away and hang with some of the other great people there while doing it. :)

We received trilby hats from the clinic which were also very handy in being able to comfortably get about the city without too much attention. They were especially great for the day that it was raining. ;)

Sleep over these following days was touch and go, with myself only able to get 3.5hrs the 2nd night because of a very sensitive donor area since bandage removal and an itchy recipient area that you can't touch. I tried to use a technique of patting, but that only worked 25% of the time and the rest it just made it worse haha. Kamal and Michael were only able to sleep 3hrs and 1hr that night too.

The 3rd night was a dream compared to the last couple of nights, with the donor area being much less sensitive and fluid leaks now to a bare minimum, meaning it doesn't feel like your rolling round in a wet bandaide anymore haha. x)

By the end of the 2nd day while we were hanging with Hon and his friend from Boston, as you may be able to see in the pics, the swelling kicked in a little more and by the time I was on my 2nd flight home, it had moved around my eyes and bridge of my nose. This was not pretty lol, but thankfully by the 7th day this had mostly gone away and was back to normal. :)

There was minimal pain in the following days after surgery, except for a bit of a burning sensation in the donor area, especially when out in the cold. This could have also been from slight irritation of the hats too.

Well I think that's more or less everything I said the 1st time I wrote it anyway. Just a bit more rushed lol. :)

There will be more head shot updates to follow.

5 days post op back in Australia

Lots of scabbing going on now, that I'm struggling not to touch haha. Still just trying to let everything be and do as I'm supposed to, with today being my 1st wash. Was supposed to start washing the day before, but was too dizzy and jet lagged to do it by the time I got home that day. Pretty happy with how the donor area is looking even at this early stage. Pics are just after the 1st wash.

Scab Removal Transistion-Day 8

Day 8 I decided it was time to start trying to remove the scabs, as I felt I had been maybe a little too timid with the washing of my hair up until then. I was still very careful, but with 20mins of soaking with the body lotion, I then lightly dragged my thumb nail from back to front along the scabs, letting whatever wanted to come off easily, do so. 2 washes day 8 and 1 the next morning and I was 98% scab free. So much better! I can now feel I have hair! :)) ps: sorry for the gross scab pics lol. They look worse with the flash, which I used in some of these pics.

Day 10 Post Op Pics

Finally day 10 today! So good to not have to stress so much about my head from today onwards. :)

Even went swimming at the beach today and jumping off a bridge haha. Back in public with no hat all day!! Woohoo!! :))

Also had a bunch of friends see it for the 1st time today and they were also equally supportive and surprised at how good it looks. A couple of them just thought I'd had a haircut until they were told! So life short be easy again from here on out haha. ;)

Lathered my head up with sunscreen today quite a bit, even though Dr Maral said sun is fine. But obviously not sunburn haha. Still, I managed to get a bit of a red tinge to my face and body... Which was just what I was after! That red skin blend hehe. ;)

Will also just say, my donor area is still a little sore to touch in spots, mainly being towards the top of the donor area. Not bad, just a little sensitive and slightly tender feeling. Also my entire recipient area is still completely numb. I'm assuming this is normal from all the trauma of inserting 5300 grafts that weren't there before haha, but just thought I'd mention it. Apart from that, it feels great to be able to run my hand through whatever new hair I have on my head at the moment haha. Feels a little strange and alien to my head, but also feels nice. :)

So this post finally puts me upto date! :) Enjoy

Merry Christmas everyone! :) Day 15 Post Op Update

Merry Christmas everyone! :) Thought I'd give you all a quick update today since it's the day of giving. ;)

So since my last update, I ended up giving my hair a quick run over with the clippers a couple of days ago, but only on the areas that weren't touched by the surgeons. This hair, obviously not only being more dense, also seemed to be growing a little longer, confirming my suspicion that the technicians had gone over the operating areas with an even lower clipper than the rest. It was only a couple of millimeters off those areas but it looked much better afterwards. :)

Also, I'm still completely numb in all of my recipient area, which after speaking to Dr Maral, I was told is normal and will take 2-3 months to return to normal again. Kinda feels like I'm always wearing a hat or glasses on my head at the moment lol. It's a bit weird, but all good.

Also queried him on why and if the recipient area of my head would lose its slightly swollen look, even though it doesn't seem to be actual swelling. I was told it's from opening up so many channels leading to some edema, which will subside and return to normal in a few weeks. That was a relief. :)

Pretty happy with how it's looking, although I've sort of got used to having a hairline now and I feel myself getting impatient towards wanting better results than what I've got haha. I must keep reminding myself it's only been 2 weeks since the operation! lol xP I think it's mainly the redness and talked about edema that's making me feel this way. If that wasn't there, I'm sure it would look so much better, even at this early stage. :)

I have started to notice that I'm losing som hairs around the front of my head already. Not too worried about it as I know it's expected. But it is slightly worrying the thought of losing ALL those hairs and still having that bare red scalp! Haha. Hopefully it won't go to that extent though and/or the redness clears up some by then.

A lot of the bruising, as you can probably see had mostly disappeared now. Back of the head is only slightly sore in the spots I spoke about in earlier posts, but is getting better also. :)

I feel the sides of my head look a little patchy and noticeable in the donor areas. :/ but again, I think this will become less noticeable once the redness goes away. I only worry cause the length it's at now on the sides is probably around the length I would normally keep it at. but as I said, I'm sure it will be less stand outish once the redness goes away. :)

That's about it for now. Have a safe and Merry Christmas & New Years everyone! :)

3 Week Post Op Update

Hope everyone is ready to bring in the New Year with a bang! ;)

Quick 3 week update for yas. So basically the last few days, my hair has definitely started losing quite a few hair follicles. As you can see, it's beginning to look closer to what it was like in week 1, when it was all a bit shorter. Except that my surrounding hair is still growing longer, so it actually looks worse at the minute haha. Will be tidying up with the clippers around all of the non recipient area in the next day or so to help even this out again.

Went motorbike riding 2 days ago and all seemed to go ok, as expected. Except for the still slightly swollen recipient area of my head molding into some funny shapes from the inner foam in my slightly too tight helmet lol. x) But all good. :) It may have made a few more hairs fall out a little prematurely I reckon, but they were most likely going to fall off at some stage anyway, so meh. Was beginning to get a little sore pulling on and off the helmet from the 3rd time on though. Glad I didn't do that too many more times.

Not much else to report really. All is going to plan and no surprises or issues. On that note, have a safe and Happy New Year everyone! :)

Week 6 Post Op Update!

Hi everyone, here is my next update I'm sure a lot of you have been waiting for. :)

Again, I don't have a whole lot of new things to report. So what has changed?

Unfortunately I got a little sun burnt while swimming the day before taking these pics, so I'm a little redder than usual. But I can say that I believe my redness has faded a little. :)

Still got lots of little bumps and sores on my head that come and go, so it's obvious that I still have hairs coming through, not to mention still falling out too.

I am happy to say that it appears some of the hairs that broke off weeks earlier have started growing and some of them even seem to be around 1 to 1.5cms long. But I can tell they are still very pre-mature though, as I can barely even notice them from them being almost clear in colour. On close inspection I can see on most of these growing hairs, some of the original hair that was inserted or didn't completely break off or fall out, as it's quite dark. So I have a lot of almost see through hairs with little black tips. Almost like someone has singed them all with a flame or something haha. Good to know they are growing though. Many of the others are either still falling out, or trying to grow through or they are just very slow atm, particularly the ones around where I had no hair before on my receding hairlines. They'll be the ones that need the next 6 weeks before they really start growing I imagine, which seems to be the majority of them.

Swelling of recipient area or edema as I was told, continues to slowly reduce itself, but still many months to go before the scalp 100% returns to normal.

Recipient area is still mostly numb, yet I can feel the soreness from the ingrown hairs in spots. I assume that's because they affect a deeper portion of the scalp then the affected surface area numbness.

Oh and I have had 3 trims with the clippers since the operation now too, with the last only being yesterday. Just trying to keep the hair growth all even to keep it looking as natural as possible.

Donor area seems to be losing its redness even quicker and as you can see, still looks great. I swear I can feel prickly hairs growing out from that area too, but maybe that's just normal? Wouldn't be surprised if that's a part of the recovery process for some possibly damaged hairs in the removal process though.

Still happy to walk around in public as it is. Even though it's thinner in some spots where the new hair is and the majority of it has fallen out, it's actually not too bad since my existing hair has grown back. It's also quite light in colour. I'm not sure if it's normal that they have to mature again because of shock loss or maybe they were always that light in colour because they were thinning hairs in the beginning. Either way, I'm really happy with how it's progressing so far. 6 more weeks again and then the fun really begins! Can't wait! :)

Well, that's all I can think of that I had to report for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)

Next update will probably be week 9. Cheers! :)

Week 6 Post Op Pics.

2nd go at posting pics, as website failed on the above post...

2 months/9 weeks Post Op Update. :)

Hi everyone! I'm back again for my 2 month/9 week post op update! :)

Firstly, I'd just like to thank everyone for their support and comments. It's really nice to know people are reading and appreciating the time I've put into this review/blog, that I've created for your own guidance.

2ndly, I'd also just like to take a minute to mention that I have been asked a couple of times on whether I'm getting paid to write all of these posts and comments. Personally, I'm not offended by it or anything, and frankly I totally understand why people may think that, given the amount of detail I've put into this. However, I would like to say, if you asked someone if they were getting paid to do something, and they actually were, which would therefore mean their info may be biased towards something or someone... do you honestly think they would reply saying, "Yes, I am getting paid for this. I hope you don't mind." Haha I highly doubt it. xD

Im sorry this is a bit off topic, but I just find it funny that people even bother asking such a thing. Even if they say no, how would you know they're telling the truth anyway? Haha. Remember people, don't believe everything you read, what ever it is. All you can do is go off the facts and their sources. Research everything! If it's not legit, chances are it's going to stand out to you soon enough. The use of the Internet and a bit of common sense can take you a long way. ;)

This review is detailed for the readers benefit, yes, but from my side, I see this as a nice little project for myself, in the hope of gaining some experience in the area of helping others, which I'm hoping to do more of in other areas of life in the future. Hence why I've just started university in the last 2 weeks so as I can hopefully do it even better one day! :) So writing this review or blog, is sort of actually in my own interest to do so, as its in the same nature to what I hope to do more of in the future. :)
Sorry all that wasn't hair related. I guess it did bug me a little after all haha. :P

Anyway, onto my head! So again, not a whole lot to report, that the pics won't tell you. I did have my 4th haircut about a week ago and this time, I also cautiously ran (more like hovered) the clippers over the top of my recipient area. Even though Dr Maral said not use clippers for up to 18 months I think haha. Only barely though... as in I only hovered my clippers above my head to try get some of the longer strays haha. And I did it very slowly, so as to try avoid any pulling or tearing. I don't think I cut off very much, but it did look a bit more in check with the rest of my head once I'd finished lol. So the hair was still quite a bit longer to what I clippered the rest at, just so as to try portray as much density as possible. Quick Disclaimer: Use clippers at your own peril, if at all folks. If your patient, scissors are preferred, but I was in a rush at the time. :P

I have noticed some of my numbness in my recipient areas have began to subside a little. I seems like I can feel a little more around my crown area and possibly middle of my head, and also some very small spots within my hairline at the front. The rest is still numb. In saying that, I feel the edema (swelling basically) I had in my recipient areas has greatly reduced in the last 2 weeks. I'd say this is almost back to normal. :)

I'm still getting plenty of sores and puss pimples and lumps coming up on a consistent basis. Sometimes I'll have a few noticeable sores in my receding hairline areas and a few days later, I'll be almost free of them for a day or two haha. As in today, when I took pics, I barely have any red sores. A few days ago it wasn't quite as pretty. I will also say it's very hard for me to not play around by touching and rubbing these sores and scabs, especially while sitting in lectures haha. Even more so, the occasional bump that's been sitting there for weeks! I feel like I need to help what ever is under there come out! Haha x)

I'm pretty happy with how much new hair is growing already at this early stage though. Not really knowing how my final result is going to look exactly, I feel like I could say maybe I'm at around 5% overall growth at the moment? Still have the occasional hair coming out every day, especially while playing around with dry scabs lol, but I also see plenty more new ones starting to come through and sprouting. I think it's going to look a lot better by end of month 3. :) Although it's looking much better since my last update, I feel like I'm still coming out of the ugly duckling phase, which I know is normal.

Taking these pics are always very confronting actually. Cause I obviously never look at my head in these angles or in direct day light, like I take these pics in. So I put in a couple of further away pics at the end this time to give you a better idea of what I see everyday, and I personally think it looks pretty good. Obviously a bit thin and pink haha, but probably nothing a stranger would really think about too much. I know my housemate doesn't even notice it anymore too. So I'm quite happy with it at the moment and I know the days and weeks are only counting down until I start seeing some real growth! :D

I've also had a few people ask whether I'm using any hair enhancement products. At this point in time, I'm still not using anything. I'm pondering if I should try using some of my left over minoxidil drop style application stuff, but I think if I do, I might leave it until I get a little more density incase it irritates my scalp and makes it more red or something. Not a big deal, but at the moment I just don't really feel any real need for it. I'm happy to just continue shampooing and conditioning it almost every day and leave it at that. What I do want to purchase is some of that bed head thickening shampoo. I've heard good things about it. Might see if I can purchase some online today actually. ;)

I've given you guys a couple of close ups again too, so you can see how fine and blonde some of those new hairs are. You can also clearly see those black tips on most of those new hairs I spoke of last update too. Just added proof that there is new hair growing already. Woo! Even though they are all wiry and a little weird looking, it's pretty exciting. :))

Well that's about all I can think of for now, so I'll leave it at that. This time I will wait 1 month before I post again and make it a monthly thing from here onwards. As I said, I've started uni now and I'm finding it harder to reply to everyones comments and private messages with my new busy schedule. So please be patient with me and I will endeavor to get back to you asap.

Cheers guys! :)

3 Months/13 Weeks Post Op Update

Good morning, afternoon or evening everyone! :) It's time for my 3 month update as promised! It's finally here! Haha. Woohoo! So keen to start seeing some real growth from here on out, cause I've been getting a bit anxious as to not really seeing much growth over the last couple of weeks. But I know it's coming. ;)

As I said though, I feel like there really hasn't been much progress since month 2. I know I always say that, but this month in particular has felt pretty stagnant. I'm sure it's normal, but it's hard not to get some negative thoughts in your head that it's just not going to get any better haha. If I said I was really confident it will though, i'd probably be somewhat lying, cause it does worry me. But then I just keep thinking about and occasionally looking at how amazing everyone else's results have progressed from month 3 and I feel a lot better haha. :)

So what has changed. Hmm... So I've had my 5th clipper hair cut about 2 weeks ago. I went even shorter than I ever have before with my clippers and from the pics I took back then, it seemed to still look pretty good in the donor areas. I could obviously see where some of the slight patchiness was, but I believe the average un-aware person wouldn't think twice. It's really wasn't that bad. :) My recipient area did look a little barer though which wasn't ideal, but I felt it was better than keeping that wiry hair sticking out longer than the rest. Id rather look bald and properly groomed than slightly less balding and messy haha. I'd say it's probably at around the same length as when I usually take the pictures now though.

What else. The scab cycle seems to be back in action haha. Plenty of irritated spots and sores on my head popping up again, so this is good. Atleast that's a sign of new hairs trying to come through again. :)

Nothing has changed in the donor area. It basically looks and feels back to normal for me now.

Recipient area numbness is still there. Not sure if it's got better since my last update. Maybe? It doesn't particularly feel weird to me or anything though, so I'm not really worried about it. I'm still confident it will get better. Pretty sure Dr Maral said it can take up to 6 months, so plenty of time to not stress on that one yet. :P

Also not sure if the redness has faded very much. Maybe a little bit. Hard to say when I look at myself everyday, I walk around in the sun a bit these days and pics always seem to vary it depending on lighting, as you'll probably notice in this months update. I actually have pics from 3 different sources of lighting. The 1st ones being with natural light, the 2nd lot from a fluorescent type light and the 3rd from more of a yellow/orange colour of lighting in my bathroom. I normally try to get them all in good daylight for comparison reasons but I ran out of time to complete my shots today unfortunately. But thought maybe seeing it from some other lighting perspectives may atleast give you an idea of how different it can look in different lighting anyway. Actually there's 4 different lighting shots lol. The last ones are in my bathroom lighting but using the flash to get some finer detail of the hairs. The hairs are so blonde and fine that it's very hard to see the majority of the hair actually there. I have wondered at times what it would look like if I were to dye my hair a similar or darker colour. Don't think I'll do it, but I think it would probably make quite an improvement in perceived density. ;)

I also just remembered that I should mention I actually used some of my minoxidil topic application on the 18th of last month, but only used it maybe 5-6 times max over those next 2 weeks. I just hate applying the stuff, cause it means I've basically got to have a shower to wash my hair before I ever go out in public, cause I hate the oily look and feel it gives to my scalp and hair. It kinda makes it look dirty when it's dry too actually haha. So yeah, that was a bit of a fail. Maybe I'll try again this month if I can work out a plan of attack that works for me convenience wise. I'm pretty under the pump with uni now, so it's just another thing I have to worry about that I'd rather not. But I also want to give the best shot for my hair recovering, so we'll see...

I will mention quickly that the recipient area of my scalp does look quite dimply under the right light and looks a little strange, but I'm really not giving too much attention to this as I'm sure it's just an early post op symptom from hairs trying to come through and/or just from the base of the new hair already growing that hasn't settled on the scalp yet. I'm not stressing on it anyway. :)

The new hair is still very wiry and even though I have trimmed most of the new hairs length, there is still quite a few that have that rough, almost knotted feeling to to the tips of the hairs. I have read a lot of people refer the feel of the new hair to baby hair and besides those few rough bits, I can confirm the relation to this feeling. It's does already feel quite nice to be able to run my hand over whatever small amounts of hair I've already got at the front there. It feels more significant than it looks I reckon haha. :P

Oh and I have had the occasional hair/s still coming out, which seems to usually be when a scab forms underneath them a lot of the time. Since these hairs generally seem to be still around the length they were originally implanted, I can only assume these were basically dead hairs and the sore is the new hairs underneath basically pushing these old hairs out so they can come through. That's the theory I'm running with anyway. :)

Well, I can't really think of anything else worth mentioning, so I might have to leave it at that peeps.

I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are on my month 3 progress and whether you had a similar waiting period in between month 2 and 3 before you saw some improved density?

Hope your having a good hair day and I'll see yas again at month 4, teeming with luscious new hair! Haha ;p Peace out

Month 2 and 3 Comparison Pics

I had a question relating whether I saw any difference in progress between month 2 to 3 earlier today, so just thought I'd post up a couple of comparison pics for you to get a better idea. I think you'll mostly agree not a lot has changed. Pic 3 probably shows the most change, but that could also just be because of the darker lighting in the month 3 shot also. I know there has been a little bit of growth, but I think those hairs are so fine and almost clear in colour that it's barely noticeable. Anyway, enjoy. :)

4 Months/17 Weeks Post Op Update

Hi guys! We meet again for the 4 month update and I can happily report we're finally starting to see some solid progress! Woo! :D

I feel I've really started to notice this growth come in the last 2-3 weeks. Granted, I think my hair is a little longer in this update than past updates, but not by much. I'm sure my 7th trim was only a couple of weeks ago lol. It seems like many of the hairs that started growing in the 1st few months have matured by getting noticeably darker, hence adding to the perception of more growth. I know new hairs are growing, but they are much harder for me to notice now.

One slight concern I recently noticed was a slight bald spot towards the front/middle of my scalp, which isn't noticeable in all angles, but you can see it in the above shots and front on. :/ I'm sure it will fill in eventually, it's just a bit strange as to why these things happen haha. xP

Like a few others on this site, I believe my right side of my new hairline is growing a little quicker than the left, but this is of no concern. :)

Still getting the occasional outbursts of scabs etc, with right now being one of those periods where it's happening. Recipient area numbness is still there, however I think it's still very gradually getting better. Scalp is still a bit red and I'm not sure if this has improved much. Probably a little. The more hair the less noticeable it is though, so as long as that keeps growing. ;)

While I remember, I did get myself some of that "Bed Head for men Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner", which I have been using for about 3 weeks. I didn't think it did anything much but make my hair fluffy at first, but it was not long after this that I began noticing my hair getting darker and slightly fuller. Whether this was the product or from actual growth or a bit of both I can't confirm. I have noticed I've started getting a bit of a dry scalp lately though, but this could be from other nutritional factors as uni has been running me into the ground a bit lately with trying to get assignments done and this has also been affecting how much sleep I'm getting. It does seem to make my hair quite frizzy too. So will keep track on this one. See how it goes over the next few weeks.

Haven't continued using any of my minoxidil or any other products at this point in time.

Don't think I have much else to report. I just hope I keep having this kind of progress or better over the next 8-10 months! ;)

If I've left something out that you wish to know about, please feel free to ask.

See y'all at month 5! Peace out :)

5 Month Post Op Update: Part 1

Hi guys, sorry about the delay this month. I'm a few days late on my update, but I did manage to snap off a few pics right on the 5 month mark(11th May). These shots are the result of about 2 months or 8 weeks of untouched hair growth. Since the operation, I've been clippering it every 2-3 weeks, so this is the 1st time that I've let it grow out. It's at the stage now where I can get away with some length on the sides, as the amount of hair in the recipient area now blends in much more naturally with the rest. :)

Anyway, just thought this may be of interest as to what a bit of length looks like. I just had my 1st styled haircut at the barbers yesterday since the operation, so I will post what that looks like now, along with further progress details. ;)


5 Month/22 Weeks Post Op Update: Part 2

Hi guys, so here we are at month 5 and as mentioned in the previous post, this is the 1st time I've let it grow a little and had it cut by the barbers and I'm happy to say I'm thrilled with how it's looking now! :D I mean it's still a little thin, but if this was all I had, I would still be happy to live with this! I have a hairline! :)

As for growth, I guess it's a little hard to say how much I've had in month 4-5, as it's clearly longer in the recipient area than I've ever had it before, but I feel it's pretty safe to say there has certainly been some solid progress. I am constantly feeling stubble coming through all over my recipient area and there has also recently been another little influx of little sores. So things are definitely still all go up there! Haha.

FYI, my haircut was had 2 days before I took these pics(which I took today) and I asked for a number 2 clipper around the sides, faded into a 1 around the bottom. The rest was just blended in so I would still have a couple of centre metres of length, so I can continue to experiment with growing it a little longer. As you can see, and from what my mum also told me while having a close look around my donor area, there is little to no signs of scarring or patchiness. This is perhaps a little bit of a patchy spot still on the right hand side that I was aware of in the 1st month or two, but to the general onlooker, I don't think anyone would think twice about it. I know a few have asked about patchiness with this grade clipper, so I'm happy to report that the donor area is fine. I see there doesn't appear to be any redness around the donor area either, so that's cool. :)

I can also report that I feel I've noticed a pretty big improvement on numbness in the recipient area too! I'd have to say that it feels like pretty much all of my recipient area feels almost back to normal, besides the hairline area, which I assume is because of a higher concentration of hair grafts placed in that area. I'm sure that will clear up in the next 1-2 months, as Dr Maral advised. So that's a relief. :)

I believe redness has also improved, however I haven't been paying much attention to it, as I now have hair basically covering all of that area now, so I can only notice it if I look right up close. As in, really close!

My new hair is still quite wirey, but this also hasn't been helped by the fact I've been away from home for the last 2 weeks and have been lacking my hair products, so I've only been able to wash it with soap or really cheap shampoo unfortunately. This is why my scalp and hair may appear a bit dry at the moment. I'm almost certain it would appear darker too, if I had been using my bed head thickening shampoo/conditioner for the last 2 weeks also. I really do think that stuff works if your interested in trying it hey! :)

I'm still not using any other hair regrowth products though. I think I applied my minoxidil once and then couldn't have been bothered again haha. :P

Anyway, I don't think there is much else to report, besides I'm really happy with progress at month 5, especially if this is only around 40% growth like all the growth charts approximate. Plenty more great results to look forward too! It's an exciting period. :D

As usual, if you have any questions I haven't already answered, let me know and I'll be happy to answer what I can.

Cheers guys and I hope this continues to help some of you out! Peace :)

5 Months/22 Weeks Post Op: Part 2 Pics

2nd go at posting pics as website failed to load them 1st time...

5 Months/22 Weeks Post Op: Part 2 Pic

Hi guys, someone asked for a rear view pic the other day, as I hadn't posted one in the 5 month update. I thought I must have forgotten somehow to take one, but going back while working on today's update, I noticed I actually took 2! So I must have either missed it on the 2nd go at uploading or the website failed to load that specific pic. Either way, I just wanted to upload it now separately, before I upload my 6.5 month update. ;) So here it is. Cheers :)

6.5 Months/29 Weeks Post Op Update

Hi everyone! I'm baaaack! Haha. Sorry about the delay. Have just been busy with uni and life. Still am actually, but it was now or never if I was to ever get an update out over the next few weeks, so here it is. :)

So I held out having a haircut since my last update until only yesterday afternoon and I must say, I was really happy with my hairs overall appearance with a bit of length to it. I can happily say, unless i dropped my head so you could see the top of it, it looked just about as full as the rest of my head, so that was great. However, I noticed when washing it, I could really feel the difference in density in the recipient areas of my head. It's no biggie, but just a little reminder that there still isn't that much hair up there. :/

I have also noticed perhaps with the longer length, that my fringe hair is particularly wiry and frizzy. It can be kind of annoying when your trying to style your fringe a little after getting out of the shower without product, but with a little bit of product it does hold a little better as expected. However, I do really hope that this straightens out once it matures in the later months. I can also notice that it doesn't have the shine or texture of the other hair, but from what I've read this is to be expected also.

Numbness I feel has mostly gone away too as I think I said in the last update, but I do feel like it's still got an overall dull feeling to it. It's hard to explain, but I just know it's not quite back to normal yet.

Redness is hard to talk about now, what with the density of hair now mostly covering it up. I think in some shots, like on top, there does still appear to be a little redness, however I do also get a bit of sun while trying to defrost at lunch time at uni haha, so this could contribute to the redness. Either way, I will probably stop talking about redness from now on in my updates, as it doesn't appear to be a noticeable aesthetic factor anymore. :)

As I said, I did just get a fresh haircut yesterday, but unfortunately I'm not particularly happy with the way they cut it. He did a good job, it just wasn't exactly what I wanted. I just feel like he went too short up high mainly and it makes me feel like I have a round head again haha. :P But hey, it's hair, it will grow back right? Haha xP Oh and I will just mention, the guy that cut it, actually said just after I'd sat down and he was running his hands through my hair and just after asking what I wanted, he said, "Is this new hair?". I jokingly replied, "maaaaybe? Haha". And then he carried on to ask me a few questions about where and how much it was etc and asked if he may see some before pics afterwards. He did not speak English very well, so I wasn't sure what he thought about it while cutting and asking me questions, but when I showed him the before pics it seemed to really shock him and he seemed quite happy about it, so I think that was a good thing haha. But yeah, he's the 1st stranger to straight out ask me, and obviously if anyone is going to do it, it's a hairdresser. I put this down to the fact that my fringe is more dense than the other recipient areas of my head (which I think is a good thing), so with him undoubtedly knowing what normal balding patterns look like, I would say this would have stood out to him. That's my opinion, but it could have had something to do with graft/hair positioning too, but I think you would have to have a pretty keen eye to spot that so quickly. I wish I asked him how he picked it now actually lol. Oh well, all good. :)

FYI, my cut at the moment is a 3 size clipper on the sides, faded into a 2 around the bottoms. I believe my last cut (5 month update) would have been a 2 faded into a 1. Incase anyone was wondering. :)

Another cool thing I've notice while growing it out and having it cut these last 2 months, has been that a couple of the lecturers that I had last semester but don't have now, have occasionally walked past me and both have commented a couple of times each, saying that they are used to seeing me with no hair (was always clippered and probably just progressing out of ugly duckling stage) and that they barely recognize me anymore. Neither are aware of the procedure, so this was pretty cool. This has also happened with some friends that I hadn't seen in probably atleast the same amount of time as the teachers and they told my housemate while I wasn't around how amazing it looked compared to the last time they saw me and that they did not think it was going to turn out that well! Haha yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence guys. xD So this was also great to hear. Definitely helps boost the confidence a little. :)

As for density since the last update, I personally can't really tell too much of a difference to be honest. I haven't ogled over the comparison pics yet either haha, so maybe that will change my mind too haha. But right now, I personally don't feel like I've felt too many new hairs coming through in the last 7 weeks. But I will say it does seem a lot harder to feel them too with the higher density that is there now. So I can't tell half the time if its new hair or not that I can feel to be honest. The hair is also a little longer again I think since my last update, so I can't tell if that is also adding to the appearance of more density. So I'll have to leave that one upto you guys. I'm pretty sure there has been some growth though. I just think maybe it's slowing down... hopefully there is still a decent amount of new growth left in the tank yet though. I would love that mid section to fill out a lot more yet. Fingers crossed. :S

Can't think of anything else to report that's of importance, so I think I'll leave it there. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your patience and I will update again as soon as I can, however with the exam and assignment crunch now upon me for the next 7 weeks, I'm not sure when that will be. Will see how I go. :) cheers guys! Happy growing!

8.5 Months/36 Weeks Post Op Update

Hi guys! Sorry about the delay again in getting an update to you. I know a lot of you have been hanging for it haha, but I've just been busy with the final weeks of uni. All done now though... Until next year. ;p So thankyou for your patience. :)

However, I'm going to keep this one short, because I really haven't got too much to report when it comes to my hair lol. Almost everything appears to be the same to me as the last update.

What I have noticed a change in, is the texture of the hair. It was really wiry(frizzy) before, but after my last hair cut, it seems the newer hair coming through seems to be considerably straighter than the older hair. It's still a bit frizzy, however this could also come down to the terrible bed head thickening conditioner I've been using. Stopped using the shampoo because it made it really dry and even more frizzy, plus it really dried out my scalp. So just using the conditioner with a normal shampoo now. The conditioner does make it look noticeably thicker than a regular conditioner, which is the only reason why I'm still using it. Hoping to find a thickening shampoo and conditioner that won't do all the frizzy and scalp drying action though. If anyone has any suggestions on what they use, please let me know. :)

Someone asked me if I was using anything like Propecia. The answer is still no. I've simply been too lazy to be bothered adding any extra hair gaining products lol and I'm really happy with what I've got happening growth wise anyway. So I don't particularly see any point in having to use it, particularly at this later stage in the growth timeline. I have continued to receive compliments from people on my hair, which is great, so it must be looking good enough as it is. If it continues to improve, even better! ????

I've felt like over the last 6 weeks, whenever running my fingers over my scalp, that I've been feeling plenty of prickly spots that could be new hairs coming through. However I can not confirm this. Again, I can't really tell you if I've had too much more growth. It doesn't really feel like it running my hands through my hair or looking at it in the mirror everyday, but at a brief glimpse of the photos I just took and the last updates photos, perhaps there has been a bit of growth or maybe just maturing of the hair. I'll let you decide that one haha. ;) Either way, I have noticed my confidence in my looks creeping back which feels sooo good. :)) A large chunk of that confidence is coming from my uni achievements too though, but they are making a great combination when put together haha. ;)

Had a haircut one week ago, so hopefully the pics are fairly similar to the last update for comparison sake. Although, I think I went a little shorter on the sides and top than last time, but the hair may have caught up after a week of growth anyway.

Hmm not sure what else I can tell you. I have had no other dramas with it. My routine is basically just the same as I ever treated it before the surgery (wash and repeat lol), so there is not a lot else I can tell you I'm sorry. So I will leave it at that. If you have any questions, please let me know. I should be able to reply with no worries now that I've finished uni for the year(with great success mind you :D).

I have also taken various pics of it wet for you, as if I just got out of the shower and also a couple after putting a comb through it while still wet. Someone requested that a while back, so this is for you. :)

Happy hair growth everyone! Until next time, peace out. :)
Ps: that wasn't that short a description lol :p

1 Year Today/52 Weeks Post-Op Update! :)

Hi everyone! I bet you were beginning to think you would never hear from me again, but here I am, right on the 1 year mark TODAY! Woo! :) Those first few months were slow, but dahm, the rest of the year has gone quick and has been one of my best years yet! I'm sure the renewed confidence in my hair has played a solid part in that. ;)

So one year later and how do I feel about the procedure you may be wondering? If you've been following my posts, then you probably already know that I'm really happy with the results Dr Maral's team has achieved for me. Of course, as I'm sure almost everyone must feel after a hair transplant, it would be nice if it was a little thicker haha. But we need to be realistic and just remind ourselves where we've come from before the surgery. I looked back again today at my pre-surgery pics, and I swear ever time I look at them, I'm more and more shocked to believe How long I lived contently with my slowly balding look. It's really hard to put into words how much confidence you lose in your appearance, even if I feel a lot of it was in my sub-conscience. Maybe it's just in my head that I feel the opposite sex is noticing me again lol, but I have received enough random "handsome" comments from lady friends that I'm 99% certain I wasn't receiving before (that I took on board anyway...) to atleast instill that perhaps the way I feel around people now is not just in my head. So that's pretty amazing and something you just can't put a price on. :D

Oh and I'm sorry my hair is a little "un-groomed". I normally like to have a fresh haircut before an update, but have been busy at work and just haven't had time. Plus I had the time today and it is the day of my surgery a year ago, so seemed fitting to give the update today, and while I could. :)

All of these pics were taken outside in natural light, however, some were slightly undercover on the verandah and others were actually outside in direct sunlight. I did this so you can see the difference a slight change in lighting can do to the look of your hair. It can look nice and thick even in a somewhat lit area, but given the right (or wrong angle? Lol) angle and light, you can only then see some scalp and how thin it is. But even in these cases, I think you'll agree it's looking pretty dang good. :)

Changes since my last update? Hmm, not too many really. If my scalp looks a little pink, it's probably more from being in the sun a lot the last couple of weeks and being a tad burnt. If it's still pink from surgery, I'm yet to have it short enough to notice it.

I don't think I've had any new hair come through since my last update and if there was, it would only be a very small percentage. However, looking at my last pics, I think it may have matured a little and it perhaps a little shinier and thicker looking, as many have mentioned happens around this timeframe. Hopefully it gets a little darker looking over the following 6 months too, but I honestly won't be too upset if it doesn't. As you can see in the pics, you can only really notice the thinning when my head is facing down and in direct light, as I try to do in most of my above photos. Pretty much anything under normal circumstances, I really doubt you could tell I was thinning very much up there, if at all. Except, for when it's wet after getting out of the shower or swimming or something. It does still look quite thin then, but let's compare that to what it was like and it's not worth even talking about. I'm cool with that haha. ;)

Still just been using the bed head thickening shampoo, with the generic style Rogaine liquid I put in my conditioner I think in my last update. No idea if it's had any influence on my hair, but it isn't noticeable and it's of no hassle to me to just continue using it that way for now, so that's what I'll do until I run out. However, I have noticed my hair getting some curl action going on at the front as you can see in the pics, which I don't particularly like, but it may be growing on me(pardon the pun lol). Girls like curls anyway, right? :P It's partly probably just cause I've let it get a bit longer than usual too and it does do that a bit if I let it get a bit long lol. I haven't noticed it like that in the front though for yearss.

Still loving that I can get normal haircuts again though. Well normal as in, I don't have to think about what is and isn't going to work with my balding anywhere near as much.

I have noticed I've become a lot more self conscious of telling others that I've had a hair transplant now too, as opposed to wanting to tell almost anyone about it before... I guess that's because I feel like I don't need to explain to people why I may look a bit sunburnt or something, like you are in those early stages haha. After all, we do it to look and feel like our old selves again and I guess once it's done and your at this stage, you just want to carry on with life like you never lost it in the first place and to tell new people you meet what you've done, it almost feels like your defeating the purpose of the procedure. Well, I wouldn't until I got to know the person anyway. By no means a big deal. It's more so just that I see myself as a down the line and honest person (maybe too much at times... like now? Lol), and this kinda conflicts with that moral trait a little haha. It's an interesting little bit of psychology going on there haha. Maybe you can or will relate? Anyway, take it or leave that little psychological insight haha. xP

Back to what's on top of my head and not in it lol... 12 months on, I believe my scalp has restored to atleast 90% of its sensory feeling, if not 100%. it's that close, I can't even tell anymore haha. If it's less, I don't notice it.

Well, that's all I've got. Thankyou for everyone patience. It's been a hectic year, but as I mentioned, a great one! Looking forward to what comes of 2017. :)

Will probably make only 1 or 2 more updates. Whether that's at the 15 month mark or 18 month mark, I'm not sure. If there aren't any drastically noticeable changes in 3 months, to be honest, it'll probably just be 18 months for the final assessment.

Best of luck to everyone that has had or going to go ahead with a HT in the future! Do your research and you won't regret it! Peace out. :)

Bed Head Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi guys,

Was just answering some of the comments on here and someone asked what thickening shampoo and conditioner I'm using. So I thought I would just post a picture of it up so everyone can see it. :)

I'm not going to comment on it too much. Just that I know it visibly does work. I feel like it even makes the density of hair feel a bit thicker too while in use of it. The only thing I wasn't a real fan of was, it gave me a bit of a dry scalp/dandruff. However, I have tried countering this by mixing an amount that I can't remember, of moisturiser into the shampoo bottle (i believe it was the shampoo doing the damage) that was supplied from Dr Maral to be used after surgery. I believe any natural moisturiser would work fine though. Anyway, I have not noticed any noticeable dry scalp issues since, so I guess it's worked. :) I also didn't really like how it made my hair frizz a bit too. Not sure if I've just gotten used to it, or if the moisturiser and rogaine that i added to the conditioner had anything to do with it, but I feel like it is less frizzy than before. I really can't be sure though.

Anyway, take it or leave it, here it is. However, I believe there are better, more natural ingredient thickening shampoo and conditioners out there, which are perhaps more costly too, but will be what I look to upgrade to in the future once these run out. Can't remember what they are called anymore, but a quick google of the forums will sort you out, as it did me a few months back.

So please take note, this is not really a recommendation of the product, but for what it is, I believe it works as advertised and what I currently am and have been using for for the last 11-12 months. I just think there are better options out there that are no doubt much better for your overall hair follicle health. Anyway, hope this is of some help.

Cheers guys! :)

18 Months Post-Op Final Update! :)

Hi again everyone! Back for my final 18 month post-op update. :) Can't believe it's been 6 months since the last time I was on here! Guess uni has been keeping my hands full more than I thought. Speaking of uni, apologies for my horrible tired looking skin/face in these pics. Haven't been sleeping well for the last few weeks and these anti-histamine based sleeping pills have been making me look even worse, giving me puffy red skin. But meh, that's the last of my worries right now lol. x)

Onto my hair. So, I'll start with what I'm not particularly happy with from this procedure. And really, this is the only thing. It seems the hair that I've had transplanted, for whatever reason, loves to curl up after having a shower. Particularly if I just dry with a towel and then comb. As soon as it naturally dries it just wants to curl. I'm guessing this is something to do with the cell maybe being a little dryer than the others because of the trauma they went through? I dunno... but I think they are here to stay. Anyway, not the end of the world lol. I rocked the curls for a while, but have recently had my female housemate introduce me to a straightener and the blow dryer, so this is what I will be using in the future. I don't feel very manly using them, but stuff it haha. Actually I haven't tried doing the straightening myself yet, just the blow drying, but I think I will be trying in the future after just getting home from a much needed haircut and style about an hour ago. So thought I may as well do my update while it's probably looking it best haha. :P However, I have also included a pic of when it was at its worst, so you know what I'm talking about with the curls. I think it was raining that day too, which makes it even worse, so it's not normally that bad haha. That's level extreme right there and I'm not sure if I had even combed it lol. Then I included a pic directly after my housemate straightened it. The rest are from today's haircut, which I'm very happy with. :) Also, please excuse my dry scalp in the fringe close up. Just a symptom of my current average health lol. xP Ok, so that's all that I've got to say that's bad. The rest is great! :)

To be honest there is not a whole lot else to say since my last update. I haven't noticed any drastic changes, besides it possibly getting a bit more of a shine and maturing with a little more volume, like everyone else's reviews have mentioned in the 12-18 month period. Don't think there has been any new growth as expected, but it probably looks like I have a bit more hair because I have been growing it out the last 3-4 months so that I could try pulling off a haircut like the one I got today(in pics). So if it looks like I have more hair, I probably don't. It's just longer haha. ;P As I'm sure you'll agree, I'm extremely happy with the outcome, especially when comparing to pre-surgery, (also included in pics) and I can highly recommend you go ahead with the surgery if your thinking about it. :) Oh and in a few of the back of the head pics, it looks a bit yellow down the bottom. That's just a camera/lighting issue I've been assured haha. It almost looks like some sort of bruising though, but yeah, it's not. Just weird lighting. ;)

Scalp is maybe still a slight tinge of pink, but I think it really is very slight. If I shaved my head, I don't think it would be an issue. I also think the receiving areas of my scalp may still be a touch more numb than it was pre surgery, but I consciously never notice it, unless I'm prodding my scalp and trying to notice it. Even then, it's hard for me to tell, but I will just say that it doesn't quite feel like the sides of my head. Don't let this scare you away though. It's seriously not an issue and very very minimal. :)

But yeah, apart from that, it's great and I continue to get the occasional comment of how good it looks now, from the ones that know how it used to look during this transitioning process. And wow... just making the comparison pics... I just blew myself away! The results are amazing! Incredible work from the team at Maral Klinik. Those pics really make you appreciate what I've got out of this. Thankyou! :D

I think I will leave it there anyway. If you have any questions, please feel free to throw them at me and I will try and answer eventually. I haven't been receiving notifications from realself anymore though it seems, and with uni in crunch time, I apologize if my reply isn't very swift. :)

Apart from that, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has commented and wished me well on this journey. It has been a great source of support and even more importantly to me, hopefully an even greater source for you guys to be able to make a confident decision in taking the plunge on such a procedure, just as the other reviews on this site did for me. :) All the best to everyone's future hair transplant journeys! It's been a pleasure! :D

Peace out!
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

I think I've shown how happy I am with Dr Maral's Clinic in all my posts haha, but in short, my whole experience with Maral's team was amazing and I could not recommend them anymore. A business that strives for perfection in execution and the experience, within every one of their customers, is a very rare thing these days and these guys (and girls lol) seem to pull it off procedure after procedure. Highly recommended. :) So don't think, just do it! :P

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