28 Year Old , Male , FUE Hair Transplant , Dr Tugrul Maral - Istanbul, TR

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So after slowly loosing my hair since my early 20s...

So after slowly loosing my hair since my early 20s I now feel enough is enough as I really do like having hair.
After much research I have decided to go to Dr Tugrul Maral .
after a few consultation with clinics in the uk who wanted to perform an FUT procedure on me and wanted to charge per graft I soon realised they were just in in for purely financial reasons and they did not actually care about the client.
I found that Dr Marals pricing is affordable to the average working class person and it seems they just want to give you the best results possible.
I won't lie , this has been a massive decision for me , but thanks to the many patients who have bothered to upload their results and keep updating them it has helped me massively feel I am making a good decision .

So I'm due to fly out to Istanbul from the UK tomorrow morning and Dr Maral will have a driver collect me from the airport and take me to the hotel....then on Sunday morning I will go to the clinic for a consultation with Dr Maral and then straight through for surgery...then on Monday after my post op check from the doctor I will be flying back to the UK.

I will update over the weekend :)

Just finished the procedure

So I arrived in turkey no problems at all... The driver was there to collect me and took me straight to the hotel.
Very nice hotel , very comfortable.
I was collected at 3pm the next day with 2 other guys and the clinic was doing 3 guys in the morning.
All new teams of techs started on all of us so all were fresh.
The numbing of the donor site is pretty painful but that's it for pain.
It is long and tedious lying there for 6 hours but we are only here for one reason!
I got back to the hotel around 10.30pm last night and did not sleep at all as my head it pretty sore and it's hard to get comfortable .
I am going back to the clinic today to get my bandage removed and collect all post op shampoos ect and a de brief from dr maral.
For those interested the techs working on me ... One had 3 years experience, one had 6 years and the other had 10 years and she was the one who drilled out the grafts and cut the channels in my head... The other 2 did the numbing injections and planted the grafts.
Apparently I achieved 3800 grafts by unfortunately they were all mostly single hairs so a 2nd HT will be nessasery in future.

4 days post op

so today is my 4th day post op and I can finally say the pain is very minimal,
the journey home was testing as my head was killing and I didn't want to wear the hat as I wanted no risk of it touching my recipient area.
I did get some funny looks in the airport but I don't mind as I will never see anyone again haha.
I had swelling around my forehead which has slowly moved down to my eyes and the top of my nose but its ok as its getting better.
I have had plenty of fluid leaking out over all areas of my head, it feels like sweat coming out but I'm told this is normal and will stop within a week,
most of my head is itchy as hell , I am just sort of gently patting the top to try help but I am just having to deal with it.
for me sleep has been awful due to not being able to get compfy, I have tried laying on my back, with my face on the pillow ect ect but just couldn't sleep....but last night I slept for 6 hours and I feel so much better!
today I am due my first hair wash which I will do this afternoon....
the transplanted hair all feels very hard and bristly at this point.

i will upload pics later after my first wash


Photos after 1st wash

7 days post op

So it's exactly 1 week today tht I had my HT at Maral Klinic.
Both donor and recipient area are very scaby and I expect over the next few days / washes that all the scabs will come away.
There is still minimal pain, mainly in the donar area but it's very manageable .
The worst thing is how itchy my whole head is... I am patting my recipient area to releave the itching and I am gently scratching the donar area.
I am going to upload some recent photos from the last couple of days

Day 10 almost scab free

so I'm pretty much scab free now....
The 2 washes I've done today have pretty much got rid of the scabs whilst gently running my hand over my head.
Loads of hairs came off with the scabs but I knew this and am not worried as the follicle is safely under the skin!

Donor area a little sensitive but not painful and my whole head is red lol

Clinic photos And 2 week update

here are my photos from the clinic.

So I'm exactly 2 weeks post op today and everything is perfect... I have no pain what so ever!
A few hairs are shedding now and again but nothing too significant yet.
Most people say if they didn't know if had a HT they wouldn't be able to tell.
On Friday I went to the gym and dos circuit training but wore a baseball cap and I went to the gym yesterday and today with no hat on and all was fine...excessive sweating was fine didn't cause any problems.
The transplanted hair is even growing but I know within the next week or 2 a lot of it will fall out.
Parts of the top of my head still feel numb especially around my hairline area.
I start back at work tomorrow , I booked an extra week off for recovery as I wanted it to have healed to avoid it getting infected .
Now I don't have any scabs , I am just washing my hair once a day with baby shampoo and twice daily I apply aloe Vera gel to aid my recovery and heal my skin.
The recipient area is still a little red but I understand it may be like that for some time yet.



3 week update

So today is the 3rd week after my procedure and all is going well.
Absolutely no pain or discomfort.
I have just shaved the sides and back of my head to make it easier to apply aloe Vera gel to my donor area.
Plenty of shedding is taking place .
So I juSt need to get through the next few months until the growth starts.

3 week pics


8 month progress

So I haven't posted in ages been really busy!
Hair is growing good. My hair line is growing and filling in the sides quite nicely.
My crown is still very thin but I didn't get many grafts over that area.
So far it has definatly met my expectations.
I accept I will never have a full head of hair but I am happy with how it is now.
Maybe in another 5 to 6 years I will have another HT to address any further native hair loss but if I don't loose any more I am happy with how it is now.
I may on occasion put some toppik on my hair if going on a night out but only on my crown area.
I haven't experienced any pain since 3 months and just get the odd pimple still.
Lots of people have noticed how good my hair looks from the front even people who didn't know I had the HT couldn't work out why it looked more thicker haha

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