Consultation review - 19 Years Old, Dreaming of Rhinoplasty Forever, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (Longevita)

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I booked my Rhinoplasty with Longevita about a...

I booked my Rhinoplasty with Longevita about a month ago after researching them and finding hardly anything online I assumed that no reviews meant no bad reviews. I then made the foolish mistake of sending them my deposit after getting almost daily emails from them. I thought their customer service was excellent because I would get replies in under 24 hours, they were hardly neglectful if anything they seemed a little pushy.

This all changed when I was contacted by someone in Turkey who had had their rhinoplasty with them and was highly unhappy, however after waiting and working years to save up the money for the procedure I wasn't going to let one bad review stop me and put their bad experience down to them not waiting long enough for results and having unrealistic expectations.

Then my mother got in contact with a family friend who had also had their surgery there and when I went to visit her she immediately put me off. Within five minutes of talking about her experience she was in tears, talking about how she had made the worst mistake of her life and that the company had offered no support or follow-up surgery (They offered revision at almost the same price as the initial procedure) and although she is a beautiful woman I can confidently say her nose just looked off.

This experience was enough to completely put me off going to this company and so I sent them an email stating that I would not be going forward with the surgery and that I would like to cancel my bookings with them and this is where my hellish experience started.

I waited over a week for a response before sending a follow-up email, which I thought was strange considering they usually got back to me quickly. I then called them only to find out that the lady who was initially my travel co-ordinator had transferred me to her colleague because "she had too many clients". So I waited another week and finally got an email from another woman who told me that she would be happy to refund me and that after consulting the finance department she was going to take £100 out of my £250 deposit for "administrative charges". This was almost half my deposit and after having spent so long saving for this surgery through various part-time jobs I felt robbed.

I then asked exactly what the administrative charges were for and for a breakdown of the costs so I could double-check this amount. Again I waited two weeks for a reply which came back in the exact same pre-written format stating "As per your questions, the admin charges is regarding your package for fixing the price for more than a year, also setting a date with the clinic, hotel/airport transfer booking as well.". I then asked again for a breakdown and after a week received the exact same email. Gone was the customer service and instead I was left doing what felt like bashing my head against a brick wall.

I decided for the sake of my sanity to just give up the money and accept the partial refund and as of today have still not heard back from the company. I do not have the money to pursue them legally and so I have just learned an expensive lesson. THIS COMPANY IS ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY AND AFTER THEY HAVE IT THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, DO NOT USE THEM!
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