My Experience with Dr Alp Aslan Istanbul. My Donor Area is Overharvested and I Look Disfigured After 7 Weeks Post Op.

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I am left disfigured after a hair transplant...

I am left disfigured after a hair transplant surgery because my donor area is over harvested."

I had the surgery with Alp Aslan in the 6th of July 2015. Dr Alp Aslan agreed to do the whole operation for 3500 $. He swore by god that he will do the whole operation and added that he has no surgeries on that day because it was booked for me only. However, I did not see Dr Aslan till the last stage which is the implantation. Dr Aslan did not even make the incisions. Dr Aslan told me that 'Dr Kader' he is the one he took the grafts and made the incisions. I found later that 'Dr Kader' is an assistant and he is not a doctor. When I asked Dr Aslan about this, he told me that 'kader' is not a doctor but he is one of the best in my team. Dr Aslan said I need 4000:4500 grafts and the technician ended up taking 4700 grafts. Dr Aslan told me that he uses manual extraction and when I asked him that I heard a machine sound behind my ear, he told me it is micromotor 0.7 m inside and 1 something outside. After 3 minutes consultation Dr Aslan asked me to pay the fees half in cash and half in credit. He told me that he will meet me in the clinic room. I thought, we will continue the consultation there. I was sedated , shaved, then they started the extraction. I asked for Dr Aslan and they were telling me he is coming, he is coming. The interpreters left after the shaving and I did not see them till the next day. I had a very bad tachycardia during the extraction and the team did not understand what I was saying and continued their work. I was sedated, drowsy and exhausted.This experience is the worst thing happened in my life. I am 7 weeks post op now and my donor area still empty. I was like raw red meat for 2 weeks after the operation with no hair. I look disfigured. I can not eat or going out. I have been having nightmares every night. the donor area is not improving and still visible after 7 weeks. There are 2 empty spaces in the donor area, one above left ear and one behind right ear. There was no donor planning before the harvesting. The staff did not draw lines or any thing. It is asymmetrical in both sides up and down.
My life now is a complete mess, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and nightmares. I swear that I am not exaggerating. I am in continuous agony. I hope that I can look completely bald like normal bald people and not looking disfigured. I was not that bald and now I envy bald people.I lost my job. I have been at home for 7 weeks. I tried every concealer (dermmatch, toppik, mane and couvre and nothing worked because of the spaces between the hair. From the experience I had with this clinic, I am terrified, everything planned did not take place. It was rushed and no proper consultation. I knew it from the day of the operation. I am another person now who I do not know. This is the worst experience in my life. I felt like being stuttered while being extremely tired and drowsy. I consulted different hair transplant surgeons who said that the donor area looks over harvested. However, I was advised to wait at least till 3rd or 4th months because there is a possibility of shock loss . I asked Dr Aslan’s representative to send me pictures of the donor area for some patients after the operation and he told me they do not have photos for the donor area for their patients because the front part is the sign of the success of the operation. I remembered that they put a bandage with antibiotic cream on the donor area after the operation and they did not take photos. . I have chosen Dr Aslan him because he is a hair transplant patient himself and he is a member of IAHRS. Everything there looks organized and clean in the clinic reception but not in the clinic room at all. The clinic room is a chair and a lamp. There was no protective equipment on the chair. everyone who just had hair transplant is looking forward to new look and new hair but I am the only one that looking forward to be completely bald but normal not disfigured in the donor area, I am now searching for body hair transplant or scalp micro pigmentation . The experience I had with Dr Aslan is increasing my worries day after day when I see no improvement in the donor area.
I live in a nightmare. My life completely stopped. I am checking thousands of pictures of the donor area and nothing like mine, uneven on both sides, two empty spaces, very fine scanty hair which started to appear after 2 weeks, asymmetric and looks like a child was drawing on a piece of paper. If I had a consistent and reliable experience with this clinic, I would not care even with the same state as I will have some hope that I will improve one day or have a clear clinical honest report of my situation but actually this not the case. I do not know exactly what happened in the operation and what is going to happen to me. I contacted DR Aslan after 2 weeks who asked me if I have alopecia, I said no. He said to me this is not a shock loss but it will improve. After 3 weeks , he said it is a shock loss. after 5 weeks , he said the empty areas we can do another transplant of 300:500 grafts. I said the problem not only with the empty areas even the hair is minimal with spaces in between on the 6th week. I do not know my situation exactly but I know what I see in the mirror with no improvement. I wish I did not do it. If I knew this will happen tome, I would pay thousands, not to do it unfortunately clock does not go back. I avoid looking in the mirror now or taking photos after 7 weeks of the surgery because it is so depressing nad increases my anxiety. I AM LOST AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Damaged life after hair transplant with Alp Aslan:

4 months post op, can not take the hat off because of the damaged donor area and discussed body hair transplant to repair the donor area with a top dr and it will cost me a fortune( the out come was explained that it will be a bit of improvement but not full improvement because the damage is severe. I lost my job and home as I can not pay rent.
No growth in the recipient area except for couple of thick spaced hair at hairline. My original hair is damaged and I am more bald than before.
This is ALP ASLAN work and I do not know what else to say . Will Alp Aslan face criminal charges for ruining people's lives? he was laughing with joy over the phone when I told him my situation and in the last email wrote to me do what ever you want.

Alp Aslan HT update after 4.5 months RUINED LIFE

I am still the same , tried to grow my hair long but it looks disgusting all over, like I receive chemotherapy. still have pain in donor and recipient areas from time to time, very dry scalp especially in the donor with the minimal hair there. I wake up feeling that no hair on my donor.
I went for consultation for BHT and smp in the donor area and advised to wait 6 months, i have not cut my hair yet and no healing.
Still not working. feeling very bad. feeling like an idiot who ruin everything. I lost thousands in this process and my home which I had to leave it because I can not pay rent.

It is a mess for me, and no way out.
In terms of growth, I got a check with top HT dr who said only about 300 grafts out of 4700 grew and for my bad luck those 300 grafts in the frontal line only grew which I did not need and looks disgusting, thick and spaced. I am even doing research on hair cloning as it will be the only option for me.

I am trying to call Alp Aslan and he responds to the phone but says he is another person and give the phone to someone else. This is a true example how this process can ruin a life.
Dr Alp Aslan

Honestly, he destroyed my life. The rating is 0/5 except the waiting time which is 5/5. My consultation was 3:4 minutes and it was rushed and disorganized. The biggest mistake in my life.

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