Endoscopic Face Lift and Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

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Hi, has anyone on here had an endoscopic face...

Hi, has anyone on here had an endoscopic face lift?? I am desperate for someone to talk to.

I'm still in the healing process...week 3. My lower lids look droopy, my cheaks are still a bit swollen but I live in fear of maybe they just took too much away?? My upper lids are a symetrical, which is gutting...They have healed particuly quickly, but I feel physically sick that I had it done, I'd love to turn back the clock and not bother.

I was always quite happy with my appearence,my eyes especially,but thought I was looking tired...I thought if I had a very conservitive touch up that no one would notice. I didn't want to walk in looking like one person and leave looking like another...the stars do it subtley why can't I? I was happy looking like me.

I know it's early days....and have to give it more time, but I have deep regrets about the eyes. I think if you like your eyes even a little bit DONT MESS WITH THEM. I had a small roll of skin on each lid...one slightly more than the other but it was nothing and didn't bother me, I just thought it was getting bigger I told this to my sergoen and explained I didnt want it removed,...feel like I went to the hair dressers for a trim and they took yoo much off! the eye that had least skin has had the most took off, the scar is higher so I'm not imagening it. It's left it looking hollow, and from the side resembles dolls eyes that flip back into the head.

If your thinking of having this done remember they rarely put side shots in the before and after photos.

If anyone else has had both of these procedures together I'd like to compare notes to figure out how long my eyes are going to be drooping towards the outer corners for? you can see at least 3 mill of white under the colour of my eye, it doesn't look nice...it doesn't show in the after photos because of the angle, I was taking the photo to show the upper lids. surgeons advice is welcome too.

Dr Sirin

DON'T GO!!! out of 4 lids-all needed reconstructing or re doing, and the cheek lift came unattached one side. lopsided face. He should find another profession

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