Butt Implant + Fat Grafting with Vaser Lipo - comfort zone surgery, Istanbul, Turkey

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Hi everyone I based in London/England and going...

Hi everyone
I based in London/England and going to write for you about my butt implant+ Fat grafting with Lipo Vaser journey :)
I have been doing research about butt implant for couple of months now, i have to say that many reviews in Realself helped me to make my final decision!
At first i was going to do it with doctor Dr.stanton in beverly hills, i believe he is the best! but then i realised it would be impossible as i live in London/England ,i need to stay 2 weeks in State because the flight is over 10h and i need to someone nurse me while im over there.
Doctors in UK & Europe are truly horrible ! having done other surgeries with the best doctors here in UK & EU i can tell you their not only super expensive also very bad, not only me that had bad experience with doctors here, all my friends & family are unhappy too.
I have heard that doctors are in eastern Europe are good and a friend recommended me a doctor in Lithuania i contacted the doctor via email he seems good too .
I did my research with comfort zone surgery in Istanbul/Turkey they seem to be good. i have contacted them via email they responded very fast and answered all my questions. I am going there probably next week between 6 to 8 March 2015.
I am so nervous as i am getting my self ready for this summer ;-) i heard many people complained about their bad butt implant surgery and had many complications ( im not talking about ''''comfort zone surgery istanbul''' just in general !!!
I have contacted them today for any availability for next week couple of hours ago waiting for their respond!!

Lets talk about myself im size 6 to 8 UK, im going to do lipo too cause i wanna look very skinny.
As well i heard Fat grafting around the butt would improve the shape of it , which i am going to do that.
im still confused between oval or round shape implant and size! i think i have to speak with the doctor when in Istanbul.
All Below included £4000:
1) Vaser Lipo on the areas you have marked
2) Butt Implants
3) Fat Grafting

and the following

All transfers while in Istanbul between the airport, patient villat, consultations and hospital
8 nights Accommodation and home cooked meals at our patient villa
Full consultation with your surgeont the day prior to your operation or on the day of your opeation
Pre-operative blood tests
Full examination
Your surgery
All medication
An overnight stay in the hospital
All post-operative treatments (up to two visits to the surgeon)
Dressings & surgical wear including bras, compression garments and support bands

Finally decided EuroSilicone Oval shape 300cc

After doing many research and looking at many photos finally decided EuroSilicone Oval shape 300cc.
i believe oval shape looks much natural then round, nevertheless some round shapes butt implant looks absolutely gorgeous too. I believe is to do with doctors and how they place the implants .
I wish i could go with Dr.Ryan Standon, he's got many good reviews, from hes explanation he seems very professional, i talked with many but he seems the best, many good photos, i have heard Dr.Stanton have done this procedure with many celebs.
Ahhh but is just too far i dont know anyone in beverly hills, i cant do my surgery with him unfortunately :'(

My buttocks shape

By the way my butt actually looks naturally curvy and round in good proportion & size , many people believe i should not do butt implant including my partner. my trainer keeps telling me you can achieve this if you follow my instruction. but i want it badly and now ;)
But im sure ladies here understand me :)
That is the reason i chose size 300cc oval , i dont want it to look so big.

Eurosilicone Sizes & shapes category (changed my mind about the size)

Finally Im booked on 9th March! for Size i maybe go for something between 350 to 400! is still to discuss with the doctor.

Im taking these item with me :
1:Shea Butter Unrefined 100% Pure, Raw, Natural & Organic 3 weeks after opt
2: Sevenhills Organics Spirulina Tablets/ Taking 6 a day , 1 week before opt and will continue for a month
3:Duoderm Border Cgf Sterile Dressing,Square,2.5"X2.5"-5ea /it covers the incision and healing faster 1 week after opt for 3 weeks. changing every 4 to 5 days

4: WaterWipes going to be handy

1 day post op

Ahhh finally is over ! i did my butt implant and lipo yesterday morning, After surgery i was shivering non stop for couple of hours ! Well now i know why , Pain killers in turkey are not as strong as in UK or EU they are very strict about it ! I had surgeries before in different countries but never felt so much pain! Anyway the pain is almost gone after 1 day of my surgery and is just discomfort as any other surgery.
I am happy with the result however im still in my faja
* Im satisfied with the hospital very clean and i had my own room. stayed for 1 night
* Im satisfied with the Patient villa its nice calm and clean, Ladies are welcoming, i met other patients all of the supportive, i believe this a very good company as everyone there for some reason and sharing their experience.
*Engin is believe is the Director very nice and supportive
I ll update later :)

6 days post op, Happy with my result for now

Hey ladies
Its been 6 days since my buttocks implant + Fat grafting around my hip and butt and Lipo. Im still at the patient villa , today nurses removed my bandages, my first time to see the result without the faja today. im happy with my results for now but i cant really be sure for at least next 3 months.
I have no pain at all, only discomfort for sitting & sleeping which is normal for apparently 3 weeks post op.


10 days post op & I'm worried

Im so worried cus noticed some blood while i was sitting ! i hope not facing any probs or infections. My doctor asked me to seat or walk normal however i have decided not to seat anymore after today incident,
The recovery after butt implant is no joke ladies,
Its been 10 days since my surgery. still feel numb in some areas and uncomfortable but its normal after buttocks surgery & lipo.
I like the shape so far even through the swelling.

I love my butt shape and liop:) my incision dose not heal '''Manuka Honey'''

Its been almost 3 weeks post op i absolutely love my result lipo and butt implants. everyone surprised with my results:)))
However my incision still open and dose not heal im very worried as i have to go back to work in 2 weeks. I have kept it clean and on daily dressing routine. I checked with a plastic surgeon in London and he assured me there is no infection and this could happen to anyone! which means this is not the fault of my doctor.
Anyway After doing some research how to help wound heal faster i found out about Manuka honey ,it creates a moist environment in which bacterial growth is prevented by the antibacterial activity of the honey and promotes the healing process.we do not have it in the UK, i ordered it online it called Medihoney wound Manuka honey dressings.
i hope they arrive fast and i helps me with my healing :(
Please write for me if you have any opinion,
Thanks for listening

Check this links about Manuka Honey :



4 weeks post op my wound still open

hi everyone
today is 4 weeks post op my wound still deep open,its so frustrating. im not sure about my results either however i know the shape will change and i need to wait another 5 months for final result. i have been on a daily dressing keeping it clean i used manuka honey dressing couple of times and i believe it helped , but nurses told me not to use them anymore.

6 weeks post op After butt implants with open incision

Hello again :)
It has been a very long though 6 weeks since my surgery. God you really need to be patient for this procedure, the first 4 weeks i couldn't even seat for 5 min. Even after 6 weeks seating is uncomfortable. When i look at my result I like my butt from side better then back.
My incision is getting better however its still 3cm long , 1cm deep. Im fed up and very depressed :(
Thanks for listening xx

Not fully healed yet

Hi everyone
10 weeks post op
i did not updated my review for lang cause still im not fully healed and on daily dressing routine. I cant comment on my final result .
Here is photo of my wound
Thank you For listening

1 year Post op

I have been receiving many msgs about my butt implants surgery, So decided to update my review.
Almost 1 year from my surgery and i couldn't be happier, i love the result and shape looks absolutely natural and i am glad that Doctor did use round shape on me. The only problem i faced was my healing process which took around 3 month otherwise i can not complain. :)
Mete Aksu

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