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After breastfeeding my baby I was left with...

After breastfeeding my baby I was left with deflated breasts and had a long think into surgery. I knew it was less costly if I was to have the surgery abroad and as my partner is Turkish and I have spent a lot of time in Turkey I decided that is where I would have my surgery. A couple of surgeons told me they would not do the implants without a lift but I just wasn't comfortable with the thought of having my nipple taken off and repositioned!! I stopped searching for a while but every time I looked in the mirror I still had the feeling that I wish I had fuller breasts!! I know how brilliant the hospitals and surgeons are over there if you pick the right ones, so I decided to peruse my search and eventually I found and contacted another surgery via a London based agency called Longevita. I was over the moon when they replied stating their surgeon- Professor Dr Fuat Yuksel could perform the breast augmentation without a lift as long as I wanted a big(ish) implant. We discussed it further and I decided as I wanted to achieve a DD cup size then 500cc would be a great size implant. My package included my flight and 4 nights accommodation plus the night of the surgery in hospital. I was so excited and nervous and couldn't stop trawling the internet night after night reading lots of people's stories about their breast surgery until the day arrived when it was my turn! When I arrived at the hospital on the morning of the operation I signed all relevant paperwork and was shown to my room. I changed into a hospital gown and paper underwear and was taken for some tests to make sure I was fit and healthy! My surgeon came to visit me and explained everything to me, answered all my questions and took my 'before' pictures. About an hour later I was wheeled down to surgery. All I remember was being told in 10 seconds I would be asleep!!!! The rest of that day was a blur!!! I remember being lifted back onto my hospital bed and being in a lot of pain and feeling very out of it!! My surgery was at 11.30 am and I first got out of my bed late that evening. The nurse and my partner helped me up, I tried a few hours before but it hurt so much and the pressure on my chest was terrible so I gave up!! I managed with the support of the nurse and my partner to walk to the toilet in my room. I felt very sick and dizzy. I managed to go to the toilet and get back in bed though! Throughout that night I was restless and called the nurse a few times for more painkillers! I was brought lunch and dinner that day but I couldn't eat either, I attempted some dry bread at dinner but just drank my water instead. The following morning I managed to get up again and was given another painkiller injection as I felt in pain and very achy. late morning my surgeon came in with a nurse and took my drains out and changed my steri strips. He asked me how I felt but I was pretty out of it (they were good painkiller shots!!) then I fell asleep again. My surgeon managed to have a long chat with my partner , explaining everything, about my medication and how to look after myself etc (I was fast asleep at this point as the painkillers had knocked me out!!) A few hours later I woke up feeling much better and told basically when I was feeling ready I could leave and go to rest in my hotel, so after lunch (which I managed to eat because I was feeling rather hungry after more than 24 hours with food!)
I am now on day 9 nearly day 10 post surgery. The swelling has gone down a lot and I would say by day 6 it got a lot easier. I managed to sleep better than the usual 2-3 hour slots like the first few days and also sitting up in the morning feels so much easier now. It's still a weight to carry around and get used to. My medication ( painkillers and antibiotics) finished yesterday but I don't feel I need them anymore. My right breast is still very swollen compared to my left and has been since day 1, so the crease sits a lot higher. I am hoping this is something that just sorts itself out after the initial few months. Apart from that I'm just feeling really glad to have a big chest back!
Just to inform you - I had 500cc high profile mentor silicone implants. My incision is under the nipple and I have been informed to wear a post op surgery or sports bra for 1 month. After 1 month I can remove my steri strips and I can start massage and wear any type of bra. My stitches are dissolvable and I can contact my surgeon at any point via phone skype or email. Pic will be visiting him at the 3 month mark off my own back as is will be in the area. It's early days but so far I am happy! Let's hope it stays that way! Oh I am looking forward to buying lots of new clothes that compliment my new assets :) pre and post photos to follow!


It is now almost 6 months post op, i am very happy with my results, sensitivity is increasing around the crease where it was completely numb, the scar is healing nicely and my boobs are feeling soft! The crease worry i had was obviously just the usual post op swelling as that is no longer a problem. I've had slight itching, dry skin on aerola area but apart from that i am very happy with my decision for breast augmentation!

almost 1.5 years on

Just a quick update whilst i'm online! very happy with my boobs, they feel soft and full and natural. i can still feel the implant under my boobs but i guess its because the skin is thin there. they do not look like they are false, don't sit completely high on my chest (which is ok because i knew to expect that as i had quite saggy breasts anyway) all in all I'm very happy with the results. Just annoying that you can't fit in the dresses from when you were flat chested :)
Professor Dr Fuat Yuksel

A very clear and informative man. I felt totally at ease and he was very laid back. I am very happy so far with my operation.

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